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Software EngineeringThe Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering (ACSSE) is proud topresent both South Africa’s and the world’s growing IT industry with superiorgraduates in the fields of Computer Science and Informatics.​​​The Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering of the University ofJohannesburg is the first University in the southern hemisphere offering a BScHons (IT) degree which was formally accredited since 2003 by the highlyrespected and professional BCS: The Chartere​d Institute for IT​. Thisaccreditation confirms the international standard and quality of thiscourse.​​ ​​Find us now on Facebook​​.

Extra Curricular Courses

The Academy presents the following additional three extra curricular courses: * Higher Certificate in Information Technology * Certificate in Cyber Security * Certificate in Digital Forensics Click herefor more information. Applications for 2021 are still open. Fees, Duration, Eligibility, Scope & JobsDo you want to become a mobile application developer? Do you want to createcool mobile apps and build a decent career in this sector? If yes, this postwill be of help to you. Here, I’ve listed down some of the best mobile appdevelopment courses available in India.Article Overview and ContentsHere, you will find the following details – * Names of mobile app development courses * Course details (duration, eligibility, fees, syllabus etc) * Training institutes/colleges * Scope and career prospectsBoth students and parents may use this guide to find an ideal app developmentcourse. Students hailing from different walks of academic life – 10th pass,12th pass, Graduates, Master’s Degree holders – will benefit from this post.I’ve managed to list training programs and courses belonging to differentacademic levels in this post. As a result – 10th pass, 12th pass, Graduates,PG candidates – everyone will find a relevant course here!Candidates who are passionate about technology, internet technology andprogramming will benefit from this list. Before checking out the list ofmobile app development courses, let us take a quick look at the domain (appdevelopment). You may also check – web designing courses, digital marketingcourses and computer courses in India.What is this domain all about? What is it like to become a mobile appdeveloper? Will I get a good job in this sector (after completing relevanttraining program)?You will find answers to these questions in the next section. Let us start –

Mobile application development: Basic Details

We are living in the Digital Age now! We rely on internet technology, computersystems and smartphones for various purposes.Smartphones play an important role in our day to day lives. We use them forsimple tasks such as watching videos to performing more serious tasks (such asbanking).These smart devices have simply changes the way we – communicate, play games,bank, learn and shop! In India, you will find different types of smartphones.India is a popular market among smartphone manufacturers around the world!Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, One Plus – the list of manufacturers vying formarket share is quite long!Broadly speaking, smartphones sold in India usually use one of the followingOS (Operating System) – Android OS, iOS, Windows OS. What is an OS (OperatingSystem), some of you may ask. Here is everything you need to know about an OS–An OS is a system software. It supports computer hardware and softwareresources and provides common services for computer programs.Each OS has its own characteristics, technical aspects, features and UI.Android smartphones are very popular in India. They are cheap, have excitingfeatures and are highly customizable.Apple uses its iOS on iPhone. Windows phones use MS Windows OS. Irrespectiveof the OS, a smartphone will have an app store and hundreds of thousands ofapps in this store! These apps simply boost the functionality of the phone!For example, a document scanner application can turn your smartphone into aportable document scanner! A video streaming app can turn your smartphone intoa little entertainment hub! A banking app can help you send/receive money andtake care of banking tasks!In simple terms, a mobile application is a computer program or softwareapplication designed to run on a mobile device such as – smartphone, tablet,smartwatch etc. Mobile applications are also known as mobile apps or simply asapps.Mobile applications can be classified to different types on the basis ofmultiple parameters. For example, based on the niche/sector that an app iscatering to, mobile apps can be termed as – banking apps, video streamingapps, photography apps, games, productivity apps, communication apps, socialmedia apps etc.As I mentioned before, a mobile application is a computer program or softwareapplication. Programming is involved in software development. In other words,programming/coding forms an integral part of mobile app development.Yes, programming forms the backbone of a mobile app. But there’s more to appdevelopment than just programming. Other popular aspects of mobile appdevelopment includes – UI (User Interface) design, adaptive design, app safetyand security, app design, functionality etc.Let us check out the types of mobile app development courses available inIndia. Here it is –

Types of mobile app development courses

In India, you will be able to find different types of mobile app developmentprograms. Some of these programs specifically focus on app development. Someother courses can be termed as ‘relevant courses’.These ‘relevant courses’ do not specifically focus on app development. Butthey do deal with programming, UI and internet technology (for example – B.Sc.CSE or B.Tech. CSE). These skills will help you enter the world of appdevelopment though! As a result, I’ve decided to include both specific andrelevant courses/training programs in this post.Mobile app development courses can be classified into different types on thebasis of factors such as – course format, level of difficulty (or coursecontent) and academic level. Based on the academic level, these courses can bebroadly classified into the following types – UG, PG and Doctoral Degreecourses.Based on the format of the course, these programs can be classified into thefollowing types – informal training programs, certification programs, diplomaprograms, Bachelor’s Degree programs, Master’s Degree programs, PG Diplomaprograms and PG Certificate programs.Let us check out the list of courses now. In the next section, you will findthe following details – name of the course, duration, eligibility criteria,course content, fees and more. Let us start –

List of top mobile application development courses in India

Here is the list of top mobile app development as well as relevant courses inIndia –

1 Informal mobile app development courses

You will be able to find informal app development training programs in theinternet. As I mentioned before, programming forms an important part of amobile app. If you are good at coding, you will be able to develop mobileapps.An informal training program basically deals with basics of programming, UIdesign and app development. Such programs can be easily found on the internet.Many blogs, programming portals, YouTube channels and educational websites areknown to offer informal app development courses in India.

2 Certificate in Mobile App Development (Android, iOS or Windows OS)

On completing a certification program, a candidate will obtain a certificateof completion from relevant certifying body. Certificate in Mobile AppDevelopment course can be classified into different types on the basis of theOS that the program deals with. For example, if the course focuses on AndroidApp development, the course will be named – Certificate in Android AppDevelopment. Similarly, Certificate in iOS/Windows App Development program isalso available in India. Bundled-up programs (combining two or more OS) arealso being offered by many institutes.

3 Diploma in Mobile App Development (Android, iOS or Windows OS)

On completing a diploma program, a candidate will obtain a diploma certificateof completion from relevant certifying body. Diploma in Mobile App Developmentcourse can be classified into different types on the basis of the OS that theprogram deals with. For example, if the course focuses on Android Appdevelopment, the course will be named – Diploma in Android App Development.Similarly, Diploma in iOS/Windows App Development program is also available inIndia. Bundled-up programs (combining two or more OS) are also being offeredby many institutes.

4 B.Voc. Networking and Mobile Applications

B.Voc. stands for Bachelor of Vocation. It is a vocational training program.Technically speaking, it is a Bachelor’s Degree course. This program belongsto UG academic level. UG stands for undergraduate level.B.Voc. Networking and Mobile Applications program deals with two main modules– networking technology and mobile app development.

5 M.Voc. Mobile Phone Application Development

M.Voc. stands for Master of Vocation. It is a Master’s Degree vocationaltraining program. This program belongs to PG academic level. PG stands forpostgraduate level.Looking from academic level’s point of view, M.Voc. program succeeds B.Voc.course. This program specifically deals with mobile application development.The program covers topics such as – programming, UI design, app testing, appsafety, internet technology, performance analysis etc.

6 PG Diploma in Mobile App Development

It is a PG level Diploma certificate program. PG stands for postgraduatelevel. It is an advanced level mobile app development training program.

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