1 Systweak Antivirus Solid Antivirus Choice For Powerful Protection

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Best Antivirus Software for the Price: Webroot Internet Security Complete

With Antivirus ProtectionIf you plan on securing your Windows, Mac and Android devices, consider usingthe latest version of Webroot Internet Security Complete With AntivirusProtection, which offers comprehensive internet security protection frommalware and viruses. It includes 25 GB of online storage and a SystemOptimizer to ensure your devices run better each time you use them. With manypositive reviews, this antivirus software is a must-have at a budget-friendlyprice.2

Best Free Antivirus Software: Malwarebytes Premium Security

A free antivirus program should protect your device from malware withoutreducing the efficiency of your system’s performance, but that can be a tallorder in the realm of free software. Malwarebytes Premium Security antivirussoftware is the best example of a program that pulls this off. Thisapplication offers free malware and spyware removal, but if you want real-timeprotection from adware, ransomware and phishing scams, you’ll need to purchasethe premium package. Extra bonus: It’s also easy to install and use on bothPCs and Macs.6

Best Privacy Protection Antivirus Software: McAfee Total Protection

In today’s world of growing online security threats, it’s hard to maintainprivacy when surfing the web. McAfee Total Protection aims to break this trend— and the corresponding fear — with features like a personal, customizedfirewall and sophisticated filters. The antivirus software blocks dubiousincoming internet traffic that could potentially steal your data while alsomonitoring all the information shared on the network. Buyers rate thissoftware highly, calling out features like the SiteAdvisor, True Key, mobileapp and anti-spam protection as big positives. If you’re considering thisantivirus software, it works on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS operatingsystems.8

Best Antivirus Software for Older Computers: Kaspersky Internet Security

2015If you’re in search of an older version of a premium antivirus softwareprogram, take a look at Kaspersky Internet Security 2015. It still offersreal-time internet protection, a two-way firewall, anti-banner protection andtechnical support. This program is still one of the best with advancedprotections like parental-control and anti-spam features. On the negativeside, this antivirus software is only compatible with Windows operatingsystems.9

Top 15 Best Antivirus Software 2021 (Free & Paid )

Our top antivirus picks are Systweak Antivirus, followed by Norton 360 &Bitdefender. Read on below to find what they have to offer to give all-roundprotection to your computers & other devices.

1. Systweak Antivirus – Solid Antivirus Choice For Powerful Protection

* Overall Rating: 9.8/10 * Key Highlights: Exploit Protection and USB protection * Platforms Supported: Windows Only * Price: $39.95 for unlimited devices * Current Offer: 50% OFF + Photo Studio (Award-Winning Photo Editor) * Systweak Antivirus Detailed ReviewSystweak Antivirus features all the essential tools that make it one of theBest Antivirus Software for Windows. Designed with advanced algorithms toefficiently minimize the risk as soon as possible to control any damage &finely eradicates the mess caused by a cyberattack. The top antivirus utilityhas excellent real-time protection, multiple scanning modes for comprehensiveprotection to detect malicious content & other exploitation links, & tools forsecure web browsing. The robust PC security solution can swiftly tacklemultiple types of infects that not only damages your device but alsosignificantly slow down your system.Pros: * User-friendly interface * Easy to setup & use Antivirus program * Multi-layered defense mechanism * Up to date database to fight against existing & new types of online threats * Boost system performance significantly * Capable of finding & removing PUPs * Offers browser extension to block ads * Full 24/7 Technical Assistance * 60-day money-back guarantee.Cons: * Lacks customization * Available for Windows only

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Feature Rich Best Antivirus Software

* Overall Rating: 9.5/10 * Key Highlights: Optional VPN, Ransomware protection/remediation & Safepay * Platforms Supported: * Price: $59.99 per year * Devices Covered: Three Devices * Current Offer: Up to 50% OFFBitdefender Antivirus Plus is an accurate & reliable Internet securitysoftware entirely stuffed with valuable bonus features. Bitdefender extendsits package with a Firewall, Spam Filter, Password Manager, VPN, Safepay, andParental Controls. It also offers webcam protection that simply blocksunauthorized access to your webcam & microphone. It even shows you which apps& programs are accessing your microphone. With Safepay, users can block accessto your desktop & any attempt to take screenshots of your screen. Such extrasparky features undoubtedly make it the best antivirus software!Pros: * 30-day build trial available * Anti-tracker extensions for Chrome/Firefox * Has tools like Wi-Fi security scanner, banking protecting, shredder, & more * Annual subscription includes automatic upgrades throughout the year.Cons: * May have some performance impact * Minor ransomware removing issuesGet It Here

4. Kaspersky AntiVirus – Ultimate Security Solution For All-Comers

* Overall Rating: 9.3/10 * Key Highlights: Automatic scanning, crypto mining infection prevention * Platforms Supported: Windows only * Price: $25.05 for two years * Devices Covered: Five Devices * Current Offer: Up to 20% OFFFor anyone looking for more than just an excellent antivirus protectionsolution but not an entire security suite, Kaspersky AntiVirus is a worthychoice. Rather than focusing on additional sparky features, the Internetsecurity software hones in on the basics of complete malware detection &protection. It focuses on web filtering, fastest threat removal, & findingmalicious content before it attacks your system with smart monitoringtechnology. Its other versions Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Securityare advanced & premium security suites with more features, available for30-day trials.Pros: * Easy to use Antivirus solution * Best performing security package * Real-time protection against all viruses * Improved advanced threat defense * A good score in our phishing protection test * Excellent antivirus engineCons: * The full suite offers better value

8. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus – Lightweight Best Antivirus Software

2021Although most of the top antivirus solutions claim to be the most lightweight,only Webroot is capable of living up to its claim – it’s tiny & runsexceptionally fast. It offers core protection modules, with smart behaviormonitoring, accurate real-time anti-phishing, anti-ransomware protection &other additional tools. Being one of the oldest antivirus solutions in themarket, Webroot has built a strong reputation in the cybersecurity business.One can easily rely on the product for the safety of devices (both at home &workplaces).Pros: * Quick/Deep scanning for entire protection * Offers a Sandbox to test suspicious apps * Potent at blocking malicious links * Doesn’t clash with other security programs * No time-consuming scans * Best antivirus software to protect from latest ID TheftsCons: * Certain features may be overwhelming * Lacks in customization

10. F-Secure Antivirus Safe – Best Antivirus To Safeguard Family

* Overall Rating: 8.6/10 * Key Highlights: Browsing & banking protection, Ransomware shield, Parental Controls * Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS * Price: $68.12 for three devices/per year * Devices Covered: Seven devicesF-Secure is one of the best antivirus software 2021 that holds strongpotential to take the market by storm if it didn’t have high pricing models.However, if you are concerned about your device’s security, go for F-SecureAntivirus Safe. It offers decent banking protection with advanced parentalcontrol options. Its desktop UI features a small collection of useful toolsincluding access to quarantine sections (blocked websites). F-Secure is acombination of browser extension & network-level technologies to protect frompotential web threats.Pros: * Good user interface * 30-days free trial * Speedy scans * Finder, to locate lost devices * Tools like URL filtering, banking protection, parental controls & more * Multi-platform best antivirus tool 2021Cons: * Free customer support is not worthy

15. Avira Free Antivirus – Most Reliable Free Antivirus Software

* Overall Rating: 7.6/10 * Key Highlights: Block spyware, adware, ransomware, lightweight antivirus * Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS * Price: Check hereLast but not least in terms of consideration, Avira is best known for being alightweight & most reliable antivirus solution for PC, Mac, Android & iOSdevices. It features all the essential security features; you can expect fromthe Best Free Antivirus Software 2021. After scanning with the Avira FreeAntivirus version, it was capable enough to list viruses, privacy settings,junk files, & other security issues. With Avira, you can perform & scheduletimely Rootkit scans, Local drive scans, external device scans & other activeprocesses.Pros: * Goes beyond basic free antivirus solution to offer dozens of security-related tools * Updated user interface * Password manager * Feature-limited VPN * Spam filtering, ad blocking & moreCons: * Several components require payment for access to full features * Sometimes flags valid files as malware * Slow scanning process

Special Mention – Microsoft Defender (Best Free Windows Antivirus)

To be honest, if you regularly maintain digital hygiene – – keep all yoursoftware up-to-date, use password manager, avoid clicking on suspiciousemails/attachments, turn on multi-factor authentication, review privacy &security settings on all your accounts. You can probably avoid zero-attacks &other common threats, with Microsoft Defender, acts as a safety net to guarddown. The free antivirus program is enabled by default & can cover the basicprotection!

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