1 Use Apple Watch with Cellular connection

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7. Finding my iPhone

I’m only slightly embarrassed to admit I do this just about every day. I putmy iPhone down somewhere in my single-story, 1100-square foot home, and 10minutes later I have no idea where I left it. Before the Apple Watch, I wouldpace around looking, getting frustrated, and eventually bothering my husbandto call the darn thing. Now I swipe up on my watch face to Glances, and tapthe magic iPhone-locating button in the Control Center. My iPhone pings. Ifind it. My family rolls its eyes at me. Everyone’s happy.Susie OchsNow Playing gets constant use, at home, at work, and when I don’t want to digout my iPhone during a commute.

10. Apple TV Remote

I don’t lose my Apple TV remote enough to stick a Tile on it, although I can’twait for Apple to release one you can “page” from your phone, or dare I sayyour Apple Watch. (My son did hide it in his toy garbage truck once, afterall.) But even when I know where my Apple TV remote is, sometimes it’s wayacross the whole entire room, so I use the Remote app on my Apple Watchinstead. It does everything but the Siri and dictation features.It’s a shame the app didn’t work with the newest Apple TV immediately atlaunch, but it does as of tvOS 9.1, and I use it all the time. I hope theforthcoming Apple TV app that Eddy Cue announced on John Gruber’s podcast backin February has an equally handy Apple Watch component too.

1. Use Apple Watch with Cellular connection

If you have Cellular features or you have already set up cellular features onyour Apple Watch and it’s not connected with your iPhone or your iPhone is notnear Apple Watch, you are able to use Siri, take phone calls, play music andmany more on Apple Watch. However, your Watch should be connected with the Wi-Fi network. To perform more features on your Apple Watch, it should be updatedto the most recent iOS update and the same carrier or Wi-Fi connection isrequired.Also Read: How To Reset Your Apple Watch And Its Passcode

2. Use Apple Watch with Wi-Fi

Image Source- Apple SupportIf your Apple Watch without iPhone is connected with Wi-Fi or Cellularnetwork, you can easily read text messages and third-party push notificationseasily. Some of the features can be used if your Apple Watch is not nearby toyour iPhone. * Easy to access any apps that support Wi-Fi connectivity. * You can use Siri and read iMessages. * You can control your Home through the Home app. * Dial and receive phone calls (Wi-Fi required) and easy to use Walkie-Talkie app.

3. Use Apple Watch to Play Music

Image Source- Mac WorldYou can easily pair or connect your Apple Watch with Bluetoothearphones/headphones, to listen to music. To perform this action, you have toopen any Music app and select Apple Watch as a source. Scroll down and selectMy Music or Now Playing to listen to your favorite music tracks.Note- You can only keep or listen to one playlist at a time while connectingto Apple Watch.Must Read: How To Use Spotify On Apple Watch?

4. Use Apple Watch to Track your Daily Movements or Fitness

Image Source- Apple SupportYou can easily track your daily or day to day activities on your Apple Watchwithout being connected to the iPhone. You can easily track your progress andexercise goals on the Activity App easily. Easy to track your daily goals,calories and break down into movements and exercises. All information will bestored and sync with your Health application.

5. Use Apple Watch for Apple Tv and iTunes

Image Source- Cult of MacNow you can easily access your Apple remote while using your Apple smartwatch.The watch will allow users to control your Apple TV and control iTunes on yourcomputer from your wrist. Isn’t that cool enough?

6. Use Apple Watch for Passbook and Apple Pay

Image Source- iPhone TricksYou can easily access your Passbook and setup Apple pay in your Apple watchwithout iPhone. However, to activate Apple pay in your watch, first, you haveto set up Apple pay through Watch but, the service will work until the iPhoneisn’t near or around. Easy to use in US shops as it requires a unique tokenthat acts as a card number (stored on Apple Watch). Simply you have to allowyour card in Apple Watch while paying in shops and you are good to go.There are many things that you can perform in Apple Watch without connectingwith your iPhone (For cellular versions). Basic things like setting an alarm,watch time, calendar events, etc. can be seen in Apple watch easily. We havementioned some of the cool features that you can perform in Apple Watch ifyour iPhone is not nearby. If we have missed any important features or if youhave any suggestions, feel free to mention in the comments section below.Editor’s Recommendation:How To Locate and Find Lost Apple Watch?Best Apple Watch Games You Can PlayApple TV not working with Harmony? Check these tipsWhile the Apple TV isn’t flying off the shelves like AirPods or the AppleWatch, it’s still a great product. This is especially true with the release ofApple’s TV+ streaming services as more try to “cut the cord”.

Pair Harmony IR Remote with Apple TV

There are two different options for pairing Logitech’s Harmony remotes withthe Apple TV.

Pair the Harmony Hub with the Apple TV using Bluetooth

Some folks have been stating that when paired to Harmony via the IR blaster,you cannot control certain aspects. In this case, you will want to switch toBluetooth pairing instead.

Can you use this with an Android phone to control your Apple TV?

The short answer here is yes and no. After setting up the Harmony app on yourAndroid device and pairing it with the Apple TV, there’s a bit of a catch. Forthe time being, it seems that the Android Harmony app is lagging behind a bit,without actually providing “remote” access.

Use Harmony to “control” your Apple TV

1. Open the Harmony app from your Android phone 2. Select the Harmony remote and tap on Devices > Add device 3. Enter Apple under manufacturer and Apple TV under the model 4. Tap the Sync icon in the top right-hand corner 5. Select Sync NowHowever, you can still use your Android phone for text input in a pinch. Theobvious benefit to this is to be able to type entries better/faster thanrelying on the Harmony remote or the Siri Remote.Instead, we would recommend finding an old iPod Touch or even iPhone 5 (oriPhone SE) to act as the remote. This will make the experience much smoother,and the iPod or old iPhone will serve as the dedicated remote for yourHarmony/Apple TV system.

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