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1. Dr.Fone Root

Dr.Fone Root is one of the best software for rooting Android devices. It isvery straightforward to use and you can get your device rooted in just a fewclicks. This Android root software is compatible with over 7000 phones andtablets from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Google and more.Pros: 1. Complete free to root your Android phone. 2. Fully compatible with Android 2.1 and later. 3. 100% safe and secure, doesn’t void warranty. 4. Enables you to unroot the device.

2. One Click Root

One Click Root is also one of the best Android root tool for PC, alsoavailable in APK version. It provides one-click root solution for those userswho don’t have much experience in Android rooting.Pros: 1. High success rate in rooting Android phone. 2. Provides 24/7 customer support to ensure safe rooting of Android devices. 3. Offers backup and restore service for free.Cons: 1. You can’t uninstall this tool, once you root your Android device with it.

3. Kingo Root

Kingo Root is another one-click Android root software for PC which has a highsuccess rate in rooting. It offers the most efficient way to root majority ofAndroid device and is widely known due to its simplicity in operation.Pros: 1. Root Android device quickly. 2. Easy to use interface to carry out the rooting process. 3. Enables you to remove root at any time.Cons: 1. Doesn’t support some Android devices.

4. iRoot

iRoot is also a useful tool for users to root their Android devices. This freeAndroid root tool can quickly and safely root your devices, without riskingturning your device into a useless brick.Pros: 1. Supports thousands of Android phones. 2. Able to root Android device without internet. 3. Free to use.Cons: 1. There is no unroot function. 2. High chances of messing up the Bootloader while rooting Android phone. 3. A bit confusing for beginners to understand the rooting operations.

How to Prepare Your Android Device for Rooting

After choosing the best Android root tool, you will need to fully prepare yourphone for rooting: 1. Back up important data on your Android phone before start rooting. 2. Ensure that your Android device is fully charged before you begin. 3. Turn on USB debugging on your Android phone. If you have no idea to do it, please refer to: How to enable USB debugging. 4. Download and install Android SDK Tools from Google’s developer site. 5. Download and install the appropriate USB driver for your Android device.Once the preparation is done, you can proceed to root your Android phone withsoftware. If you accidentally lost your data during the rooting process, werecommend you to try Fucosoft Android Data Recovery, which helps to recoverdeleted text messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp, photos, videos, etc.from Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 9, HTC U12+, Huawei Mate 20Pro, Google Pixel 3 XL, LG G7, OnePlus 6T, Sony, Moto, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc.* * *

Usability and interface

This tool has a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface. It’ssimple to navigate, so you can easily access and recover your important dataquickly.The first step is to connect your Android Device to your Windows PC with itsoriginal factory-made USB cable. You’ll want to double click to run TenorshareAndroid Recovery; it won’t open automatically.After that, you’ll enable USB Debugging. This mode can be enabled in Androidonce you connect the device directly to the computer with a USB cable. Thefunction of this setting is to facilitate the connection between your deviceand the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).On Android 4.2 or newer, you can enter ‘Settings’ > ‘About Device’ > ‘BuildNumber’ 7 times. You’ll get a note that will let you know that you are indeveloper mode. You can return to ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Developer options’and you’ll see an option for USB debugging.The best thing is that the app allows you to recover data from SD cards andinternal storage. No matter how you lost your data, whether it was a virus ora power failure, Android Data Recovery offers a solution for getting all thedeleted or lost data back, even if your SD card is corrupted.This process is complicated for many users, especially if they’re unfamiliarwith the android system. If you manage to connect successfully, you’ll be ableto access the tools that you need to recover all of your data.

Call logs and SIM data recovery

Data in your call logs such as names, phone numbers, call types, and durationsare all restorable with an HTML file. You can access this through your PC andreview the information seamlessly. If it suits your needs, you can also printthese files.Any information that you have recorded on your SIM card or the internal memoryof your device can be recovered. This data includes your phone number, name,email, home address, company, job title, and website URL. All of this will berecovered in a VCF/CSV/HTML File.

Find lost multimedia

You can recover any photos, videos, or documents that you accidentally deletedas well.All photos that are saved on your Android devices can be recovered. This caninclude photos that you’ve taken and images that you’ve saved from the web.All of your pictures are recoverable in .jpg,.png,.bmp,.webp,.tiff, and even.gif.Android Data Recovery can also find any lost videos and films with ease. Theprogram will locate the clips from your SD card or internal memory. Theoriginal files won’t be modified, and the process occurs within just a fewminutes.The important work documents that you accidentally deleted can also berecovered. This program will locate any of your lost documents in Word, Excel,PPT, PDF, HTML, RAR, and even more.

1. Wondershare TunesGo for Android (Mac)

Just jump ship from iPhone, iPad or iPod to an Android device, like GoogleNexus 5, but have stored tons of songs, movies in iTunes which you don’t wantto leave behind? Like using iTunes to manage all your media files and eager toimport playlists and videos from your Android device to it for playing? Ifthat’s what you want, Wondershare TunesGo for Android (Mac) is the bestsoftware for you. It’s easy-to-use software, which lets you sync media filesbetween iTunes/Mac and Android device without any hassle.Features: * Sync entire iTunes library to Android with a single click * Sync or drag and drop selected songs, playlists, movies and more from iTunes to Android. * Transfer Android media files to iTunes as easy as pie. * Copy music, videos, document files and photos from Mac to Android by dragging and dropping. Connection way: It lets your Android device connected to Mac with an AndroidUSB cable.Pros: * It has a brief interface. * You are skilled at using it even at your first try. * It supports 2000 + Android devices, including Samsung, Sony, Google, HTC, Motorola, LG, HUAWEI and more. * It’s fully compatible with Android (from Android 2.1 to Android 7.0). Cons:

2. Android file transfer

Android file transfer is created by Google, mainly used for you to manage yourAndroid device on Mac freely. It can mount your Android device as an externalhard drive, so you can transfer data from Android to Mac and vice versa.Features: * Mount your Android device as an external hard drive. * Open any folder or file saved on the SD card of your Android device. * Transfer music, video, photos and document files to and from Mac. Connection way: It allows connecting Android to Mac via an Android USB cable.Pros: * It’s free. * You have easy access to the SD card of your Android device. Cons: * It can’t be used when Samsung Kies is installed. * It often fails to detect your Android device. * It only support Android 3.0 and up.

3. Samsung Kies 3 for Mac

Samsung Kies 3 for Mac is created by Samsung, to help you manage your Samsungdevice on Mac for free. With it, you can transfer contacts, music, video andcontacts to and from your Android device, backup and restore phone data andupgrade firmware.Features: * Import and export music, video, contacts, photos and podcasts. * Backup contents on your Samsung device to Mac and restore safely. * Purchase apps from Galaxy Apps to your Samsung Galaxy device. * Upgrade the latest firmware for your Samsung device. Connection way: It connects Android phone to Mac with a USB cable.Pros: * It’s totally free. * It has many salient features for you to manage your Samsung device. Cons: * It only support Samsung device. * It often fails to connect your Samsung device.

Part 2. Step-by-step Guide for USB Tethering of Android to Mac

You can tether your Android device with your Mac and for that you will have touse third-party application. Here I used HoRNDIS as the third partyapplication. You can download the latest version of HoRNDIS.After downloading it, you should install it on your Mac and then connect yourAndroid phone to the Mac using data cable. Now from the notification menuenter Settings on your android device.Then go to Wireless & Networks on your device as shown on the left side of theabove picture where you will have to touch on Tethering & Portable Hotspot.Then a new menu will appear as the picture on right side. As shown thereSelect USB TETHERING and then your Android device will be tethered with Mac.Remember, you must be connected to a data or wifi network to make this work.

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