10 Unpair and pair your Watch with iPhone

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Apple Watch Paired but Not Connecting?

If you have already paired your Apple Watch with your iPhone, but it’s simplynot connecting, don’t worry, there are a bunch of things you can try totroubleshoot this error.

1. Check Apple Watch Control Center

First off, you should double check that your Apple Watch is in fact, notconnected with an iPhone. To do this, open the Control Center on your watch.If you see ‘Disconnected’ written on the top, or an image of a red iPhone witha diagonal line going through it, your Apple Watch isn’t connected to youriPhone.By the way, if you’re confused about all these icons, you should check out ourdetailed guide to Apple Watch icon meanings.

4. Restart Watch and iPhone

If a soft reset didn’t work, the next step you should try is restarting bothyour Apple Watch and your iPhone.To restart your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button together until yousee the ‘Power Off’ slider. Once your watch is shut down, press and hold theside button until you see the Apple logo.To turn off your iPhone X and later, press and hold the power button alongwith the volume up or down button until you see the “Power Off” slider appear.Once your phone shuts down, press and hold the power button until you see theApple logo.On iPhones with the home button, press and hold the power button until you seethe “Power Off” slider. Turn your phone off, then press and hold the powerbutton until the Apple logo appears on the screen.In case your power button is in a bad condition, you can also turn off youriPhone without using the power button.Once both your Apple Watch and iPhone have been restarted, check if they areable to connect.

6. Reset iPhone Network Settings

If you’re still unable to get a connection between the Apple Watch and theiPhone, it might be because of an issue with the network settings. Resettingyour iPhone’s network settings might help. * To reset your network settings on your iPhone, launch the Settings app and tap on General. Here, tap on Reset. * Tap on Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode.

7. Reset Apple Watch

After all that, if your Apple Watch still isn’t connecting with your iPhone,it’s time to reset and unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone and then redothe whole pairing process. Consider this a last resort; more often than not,one of the steps mentioned above will fix connectivity issues between yourApple Watch and your iPhone.

Fix Apple Watch Not Pairing with iPhone Using These Steps

Hopefully the fixes I mentioned above have solved your connectivity troubleswith the Apple Watch. I have mentioned the fixes from simplest to more severeso that you don’t end up having to go through unnecessary trouble to get yourApple Watch working perfectly once again. That said, if you think I missed apotential solution for this problem, let me know in the comments. Also, ifnothing seems to be working for you, try contacting Apple Support to get theirhelp with this problem, and also share with us how you finally fixed yourApple Watch.Quick Fixes : Siri Not Working on Apple Watch?If Siri is not working on your Apple Watch, you are missing on a variety ofgreat functions. From sending instant messages to finding somethinginteresting, Siri can manage all this and more. The issue could be due toquite a few reasons. For instance, it could be because of poor Wi-Ficonnection or a miscellaneous bug. If you ever find Siri not responding orjust don’t seem to function at all, follow these solutions to troubleshoot it.

1. Check If Siri is Turned ON

Before we move along and troubleshoot the issue, check if the “Hey Siri”feature is enabled on iPhone or Apple Watch or not.On the iPhone, open Settings → Siri & Search → Toggle on Listen for Hey Siri.Your Apple Watch mirrors the paired iPhone, so the setting will automaticallyturn on.

4. Turn OFF and ON Siri

If Siri is not responding on Apple Watch, a setting reset might help. The ideais to turn off Siri, force restarts the device, and then turn on Siri. Let’sstart with the Apple Watch first: 1. Open the Settings app on your Watch 2. Tap on Siri. 3. Toggle off the switch beside Hey Siri. 4. Now, restart your Apple Watch. Note: Press and hold the side button until Power Off slider appears on thescreen. Drag the slider to turn off your device. After watch turns off, pressand hold the side button until the Apple logo appears 5. Go to Settings → Siri → Hey Siri 6. Toggle On the switchOnce done, check if Hey Siri is responding to your command or not. If not, trydoing the reset from your iPhone.Go to iPhone Settings app → Siri & Search → Turn off Listen for Hey Siri →force reboot.Once the device restarts, Settings → Siri & Search → Turn on Listen for HeySiri.

7. Check Language & Region Settings

First and foremost, check and ensure Siri’s language setting. If everything isin order, then the issue could be caused due to different language & regionsettings of Siri on your iPhone and Apple Watch.So, check, manage, and change the setting accordingly. For iPhone’s setting,open Settings → General → Language & Region → iPhone Language.As for Apple Watch’s setting, open the Watch App on your iPhone → My Watch →General → Language & Region → System Language.While usually, Apple Watch mirrors these settings from the iPhone. There arechances that they don’t match, causing Siri to not respond on Apple Watch. Ifall is well here and the problem persists, skip to the next solution.

10. Unpair and pair your Watch with iPhone

If nothing else works, unpairing and repairing the watch with your iPhonemight do the trick. Don’t worry about the data as the iPhone will backupbefore unpairing.To unpair, launch the Watch App on the iPhone and go to My Watch tab. Tap the‘i’ icon → Unpair Apple Watch.Now, Enter Apple ID password and Tap on Unpair.After the backup, Apple Watch will automatically disconnect from your iOSdevice. Then, it will be restored to factory settings. Now simply, pair thedevice back to your iPhone. Once pairing is complete check if Siri is working.Signing OffHave these solutions worked for you in fixing Siri not working issue on AppleWatch? Let us know that in the comments below. Just in case none of thoseabove solutions have worked for you, contact Apple for help.You might also like to check out:Jignesh Padhiyar is the co-founder of iGeeksBlog.com who has a keen eye fornews, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around Apple products.During his tight schedule, Jignesh finds some moments of respite to shareside-splitting contents on social media.How to Fix Apple Watch Bluetooth Not Connecting ProblemsBluetooth has got to be one of the most important features of the Apple Watchbeside Wi-Fi. This functionality allows you to pair the smartwatch with youriPhone and take advantage of all the features it has to offer.When you purchase a brand new Apple Watch for the first time, it doesn’tautomatically connect to your iPhone. You will need to turn on Wi-Fi orBluetooth, or even both for data including applications from your iPhone to besynced with your Apple Watch.The use of Bluetooth doesn’t stop there. You can also pair your Apple Watch toan accessory such as a wireless headphone or speaker. This way leaving yourphone behind isn’t that bad anymore. While Apple recommends that these twofeatures should be enabled, sometimes Wi-Fi isn’t always available. Therefore,Bluetooth is the only thing that keeps the connection between your iPhone andApple Watch stable.

If Bluetooth Is Not Working on Your Apple Watch

While Wi-Fi can be limited in certain areas, Bluetooth is accessibleeverywhere. You can still use your Apple Watch even when it’s not connected toan internet connection. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t always work. Somepeople have reported poor connectivity problems, and the majority aims towardthe Activity app.In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to fix this issue so that you don’t loseconnection with whatever device or accessory your Apple Watch is connected to.Let’s first start with some basic troubleshooting tips: * Unpair the Apple Watch then re-pair it * Reset Bluetooth connection by turning it off and then back on * Update your Apple Watch to the latest watchOS versionIf you have tried those three simple solutions and it still doesn’t work, keepon reading…

Reset Apple Watch Settings

We wrote an article on how to hard reset and factory reset your Apple Watch.So far, I think putting the device back to its factory settings seems veryhelpful.To do so on your Apple Watch: 1. On your watch, open the Settings app 2. Go to the General > Reset 3. Then tap Erase All Content and SettingsNote: You should backup your device before resetting.

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