11 Reset the Apple Watch to Factory Defaults

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4. Unpair and Re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Pairing between your iPhone with your Apple Watch isn’t always a successfulprocess, especially if you have restarted one or the other recently. Like allother things, this too can encounter bugs and glitches from the software andhardware.Unpairing and re-pairing your devices with each other will make your devicespair again like new!Here are the steps to Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone: 1. First off, hold your Apple Watch and iPhone next to each other. 2. Second, take your iPhone and open your Apple Watch app. 3. Go ahead and open the My Watch tab. Your watch should appear near the top of the screen, tap on it. 4. Now, press on the Info button next to the watch you want to unpair. 5. Tap on the Unpair Apple Watch option. 6. You might be asked if you want to keep or remove your plan. For this case since we will be pairing your devices again, keep your plan. 7. Press Confirm to fully unpair your Apple Watch. Enter your Apple ID and password if you are asked. 8. Now restart the Apple Watch and iPhone. 9. Upon restart, re-pair the watch and phone to check if the bug has been removed.* * *Next, we will be re-pairing your Apple Watch and iPhone: 1. After your devices have been restarted, open the Apple Watch app. 2. Tap on Start Pairing. 3. Your iPhone’s camera should be activated as well as your Apple Watch. Hold your Apple Watch underneath your iPhone’s camera and make sure that the watch fits in the square viewfinder. 4. Your iPhone and Apple Watch should already be paired by now. Proceed to enter your preferences and you’re good to go.After this method both your devices should be paired and working just like thefirst time, you bought your Apple Watch! Try to make a call and see if theerror persists. If it does, try the next methods listed below.

6. Unlock Your iPhone and Call Through the Apple Watch.

Another bug that has appeared time and again despite the many iOS updates isthat your watch will fail to make a call when your iPhone’s screen is lockedor off.Listed below are the fast and easy steps to make a call while your is iPhoneunlocked: 1. Unlock your iPhone with your PIN or preferred method. 2. Make a call through your Apple Watch and see if the error persists, consecutively try to make a call through your iPhone as well. 3. If this works then you can try to lock your iPhone and call using your Apple Watch again to see if the error is completely gone.This simple fix seems almost too easy to work but, funnily enough, rudimentarythings like this are often the solution. If the problem still occurs, you cantry doing the next method below.

7. Unlock the Apple Watch Using Your iPhone.

Another quick-fix that is available is to configure your settings to allowyour iPhone to unlock your Apple Watch.Instead of unlocking both gadgets separately, giving your iPhone access tounlock your Apple Watch can work as an initial signal to make sure that bothdevices are communicating correctly. This will in turn, additionally, helpclear and fix random bugs that are interfering with the connection of yourdevices. 1. First, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 2. tap on Passcode. 3. Next, enable the Unlock with iPhone option. 4. Then, restart your iPhone and Apple Watch. 5. Make sure to leave your Apple Watch alone. Don’t unlock it before anything else. When the restart is finished, unlock the Apple Watch with your iPhone and then try to make a call from your Apple Watch.Try to make a call now and see if the problem still occurs. If this doesn’tfix your issue, try the last few methods below.

10. Update the OS Your Apple Watch to the Latest Build.

The watchOS of your Apple Watch is regularly updated to receive the newestfeatures and bug fixes. If your watchOS is outdated, errors like this are onlyone of many to come. So make sure your hardware is always up to date!Updating your watchOS can involve downloading a lot of data. Hence, make sureyour Apple Watch is charged with at least 50 percent battery life as well asconnected to a stable Wi-Fi connection. Depending on the speed of yourinternet, this can take a couple of minutes to possibly an hour.Here’s how you can go about the update process: 1. Go ahead and open the Settings of your Apple Watch. 2. Then, tap on General. 3. Now, press Software Update and if an update is available, just follow the prompts on your screen to start downloading. 4. Your Apple Watch should be done restarting after your watchOS update, try to make a call and see if the issue is resolved. Make sure both your iPhone and Apple Watch are up to date on their operatingsystems. Here’s how you can update your iPhone iOS to make sure both yourdevices are using the latest software.

11. Reset the Apple Watch to Factory Defaults.

Finally, if all the above methods did not work for you then your biggestchance is to factory reset your Apple Watch back to its default state. This isprobably due to a corrupted watchOS in your watch that’s causing theseproblems.However, before you do this step you can always make sure to get your AppleWatch checked for hardware defects at any Apple Store if you feeluncomfortable with reformatting your watch. But if you’re up to it,reformatting your watch isn’t as complicated as your iPhone or laptop.So here’s how to get started: 1. First, unpair your Apple Watch from your iPhone. 2. Next, open your Apple Watch’s Settings. 3. Then, tap on General. 4. Navigate and tap on Reset. 5. After that, tap on Erase All Content and Settings. A prompt might appear regarding your data plan and since we plan on reconnecting your watch back to your iPhone, simply keep the data plan. 6. Confirm to Erase All. 7. Quickly restart your Apple Watch and iPhone. 8. Finally, re-pair the devices and try to make a call.If this final method did not work for you then perhaps a hardware error iswhat’s causing your call to fail. This is beyond any kind of software supportand we would like to encourage you to head to a nearby Apple Store and requestto have your Apple Watch examined.It’s also worth checking if you qualify for any warranty coverage for yourdevice, which will help discount the service costs.Now that you have reached the end of this article, we hope that this posthelped provide solutions that helped fix your ‘call failed on Apple Watch’issue. If you have other questions related to this article, please feel freeto leave a comment below.If this guide helped you, please share it.Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Not Working, How-To FixAsking yoruself what’s wrong with my Apple Watch’s walkie talkie app?The Walkie-Talkie feature on Apple Watch, introduced with watchOS 5 is a neatfeature to try especially when you are trying to reach someone one-on-one in acrowded place with your Apple Watch. If Walkie-talkie on your Apple Watch isnot working correctly, here are a few tips that should help you out.

Follow These Quick Tips To Troubleshoot Walkie-Talkie On Your Apple Watch

* Make sure FaceTime is on your device and that you are signed in with your Apple ID–all devices trying to connect via Walkie-Talkie must have FaceTime enabled on their paired iPhones * Verify that FaceTime includes both your phone number and Apple ID email(s) under You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At * Try making a FaceTime Audio Call from your watch * Verify there’s a checkmark by your phone number AND your Apple ID email in the FaceTime Setting for You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At * Don’t share an Apple ID–Walkie-Talkie doesn’t work with shared Apple IDs * When Contacts Not Found to Invite, try Reset Network Settings on iPhone followed by a hard reset on your Apple Watch * Toggle Available in Walkie-Talkie Off and On * Remove your Walkie-Talkie contacts, restart the watch, and invite them again * Ask Siri to FaceTime Audio Call the person you want to Walkie-Talkie with

You have to be on iOS 12.4 AND WatchOS 5.3 to restore Walkie-Talkie!

* After you update both your iPhone and your Watch, the Walkie-Talkie app and service works just like it did before, minus the security issue * To update your iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update or use iTunes if you prefer * For watchOS updates, go to the dedicated Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone and then choose General > Software Update. Remember that Apple requires your Apple Watch to have at least 50 percent battery, placed on its charger and near your iPhone in order to update watchOS

Not Finding Walkie-Talkie App on Apple Watch? Check FaceTime

Several readers tell us that if they delete (or hide) the FaceTime app on thepaired iPhone, the Walkie-Talkie app disappears!Although there is no FaceTime app for the Apple Watch—you can receive and makeFaceTime Audio calls on the watch. And it appears that Walkie Talkie isdependent on FaceTime Audio to work!

Walkie-Talkie Trying to Connect On Apple Watch? Or Showing Could Not

Connect?One of the common issues that users find that when they launch the walkie-talkie app is the message Trying To Connect, Connecting to…, or empty circlespulsating where it doesn’t go anywhere from there. And Walkie-Talkie neverconnects.If you are facing these issues on your Apple Watch while trying to use thewalkie-talkie feature, your best bet is first to make sure that you have astrong Wi-fi or cellular connection on your Apple Watch.Wi-Fi Connections on the Apple Watch require an 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz. If you aretrying to connect to a public 5GHz Wi-Fi network, it will not work.

Check the connectivity status on your Apple Watch

* Remove your contacts and try sending out invitations again * See the steps above in the section “Walkie-Talkie Invitations Not Sending or Being Received?” * Swipe up on your Apple Watch and make sure that you don’t see the disconnected status * Check that your Walkie-Talkie status is Available–and toggle on * Open Walkie-Talkie * Swipe from top to bottom or scroll up with the Digital Crown to show the current status * Toggle Available on if it’s off * When someone tries to reach you while you’re unavailable, a notification appears asking if you’d like to talk. * If Silent Mode is on, you still hear chimes and your friend’s voice. * When Theater Mode or Do Not Disturb are enabled, Walkie-Talkie is made unavailable * If you are using cellular on the Apple Watch Series 3 or WiFi (for all series) for your walkie-talkie feature, please make sure that the signal strength is excellent * Check it on the control center on your Apple Watch * If your Apple Watch’s wi-fi connection is primarily driven via your paired iPhone, try and Reset Network Connections on your iPhone and then restart your Apple Watch to see if the connection is better and if it supports the Walkie-Talkie mode * Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings * On a newer Apple Watch with GPS + Cellular, swipe up to open the control center and tap on the Wi-Fi icon * It will turn to white showing that it has disconnected * Now, restart your Apple Watch and try connecting it to the Wi-Fi network and see if that does the trick for you * Try Toggling the Cellular to OFF and then ON a few times to see if the signal strength improves and the walkie-talkie “trying to connect” message goes off * Toggle Airplane Mode on (either on watch or phone) * Wait 20-30 seconds * Tap Airplane Mode off

What’s the Range of the Walkie-Talkie App on Apple Watch?

Also be mindful that the range of the Walkie-Talkie app is about 35 feetwithout WiFi or Cellular for applicable Series 3+ watches (using Bluetoothonly).If you have a cellular watch, there is no range limit for this feature.

Call Failed: Unable To Make or Answer Calls On Apple Watch? Fix

Last updated on July 21, 2020 By Serhat Kurt 2 CommentsSeveral users have reported that they can’t make or receive phone calls ontheir Apple Watch. They are getting the error message “Call Failed” when theyattempt to make or answer a call on the Apple Watch.There could be many reasons why you cannot make or receive calls on yourwatch. This article lists several simple steps you can try to solve the AppleWatch call failed error before contacting Apple. Try these steps in order.After trying each step below, open the Phone app and try to make a call onyour watch to see if you’ve fixed your issue.See also: No Service Or Searching On iPhone? FixBefore you do anything, it is possible that there may be nothing wrong.Instead, you may want to contact your cellular carrier (T Mobile, Verizon,AT&T, etc) if there’s an outage for a service in your local region. Also, makesure that there are no billing related problems. Verify that your account isin good standing and service is active. Furthermore, it is possible that theremay be a temporary issue related to tower congestion.See also: Apple Watch Shuts Down While Exercising

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