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16. Codiant Software Technologies:

CODIANT is a YASH technologies company pioneering in Mobility and Custom WebProduct Development. CODIANT is an ISO 9001-2008 & ISO/IEC 27001: 2013Certified Company. Till date, we have delivered more than 700+ projects andhave served 120+ clients worldwide and still counting! With an extensiveportfolio and global clientele, the company is surpassing a span of industrieslike Healthcare & Telemedicine, Fitness, Travel & tourism, Ecommerce andMcommerce, On-demand App Solutions, Insurance, Social networking, , DigitalWallets, Crypto currency, Bit Coin, Augmented Reality and ArtificialIntelligence, Big Data and IoT and other globally changing industries. Withmore than 15 years of cumulative experience in deploying cutting-edgesolutions to clients from diverse business verticals, the company specializesin providing solutions to Startups, SMEs, Public sector and Global Enterprisesand helps them address emerging market challenges by defining, designing andbuilding applications tailored to meet their specific business requirements.Services Provided by Codiant:Mobile app development, Web Design & Development, Enterprise Mobility,Blockchain Solutions, Cloud Solutions, UXD Development, Ecommerce Development,Internet of Things, Wearable app development.Key Clients: TaxiApp UK, Brilliant Move, Six Taxi, Careclix, 247 Fitness ,HomeSwapper, Bodyboss, Labayh, Mendzy, Autism West Midlands, Camio, Bolt,Fantopias, Trackter, RiezeoClient’s Review:“Codiant team did a great job on helping us build our presence on iOS, Androidand Web. The Codiant team is skilled and dedicated to delivering a productthat exceeds requirements.” –Michael Patchen

App Development Toolkit

We are a team of experienced senior engineers specializing in the latest andgreatest in technology services. We pride ourselves in mastering our craft andthis starts with being well-versed in today’s most utilized technology stacks.Our mobile app engineering team specializes in everything from web and mobileapplications to cloud-based services. See a few of the technologies our teamhas expert knowledge in, below.

Top Austin App Developers

Our team has been delivering elegant solutions to complex technology problemssince our conception. We have been continually ranked as a top softwaredevelopment company and top app development company. Enola Labs has domainexpertise in:As a full-service custom app development company, you get more than code fromour team – you get a true technology partner. Our strategy and architectureexperts work with you in the early stages of your project to help define andcoordinate every piece of the puzzle. From there, we bring our designers anddevelopers on board to make your idea a reality. Should you need productdelivery coordination or maintenance, we will be right by your side helpingpave the way for user acceptance and engagement. Enola Labs is proud to be atop-rated app development company in the U.S.

Our App Development Process

Whether we are working with startups or Fortune 500 companies, we provide someof the best app development services Austin has to offer. Every new projectstarts with our typical process which includes the following:

App Discovery

The first step in both web and mobile application development servicesinvolves exploratory and collaborative meetings with clients in order todiscover exactly what product they are looking for and which of our Austin appdevelopment services team members are the right fit for the job. We believesuccessful apps are conceived through well thought-out goals and strategiesduring the discovery phase. During our discovery meetings we work to: * Define a product backlog, user stories, and roadmap for the application * Identify major dependencies, strategy, and APIs * Distinguish existing artifacts, scope, ownership, reviews, and vision * Explore technical unknowns and determine a solution * Identify the stakeholders and contributors * Create an app delivery plan including team, duration and scope outlines * Begin the project interaction and visual design collaborations * Define the project blueprintOur application development company experts work with clients to go in-depthto determine not only the product but also the specific details of the projectthat will set the application up for success and reduce risk.

App Design

As an experienced mobile app development company in Austin, we approachapplications by focusing on the goals, needs, and expectations of the endusers. Leveraging the principles of user-centered design, we construct journeymaps, user stories, and user personas. Our app design company experts thentranslate all this data into the UX (user experience) requirements andwireframes. Once the wireframes have been fully vetted against the goals andrequirements of both the users and project stakeholders the visual design ofthe application begins. Our visual design process works to: * Create a style tile that allows the app stakeholders to approve the look and feel * Design all icons, assets, screens, and transitions used in the application * Construct a visual prototype for the client to interact with on a mobile device * Prototype with Proto.io platform which allows us to enable rapid iteration of the design, make all preferential edits and correct any UX issues before the application coding beginsOur Austin app designers have experience creating beautiful, user-centereddesigns for large enterprise clients all the way to newly founded startups.

App Development

Our web and mobile app development phase operates around sprints or time-boxediterations where our team will create a potentially shippable product by theend of each two-week sprint. The development stage includes: * Sprint Planning Meetings * Daily Stand-Up Meetings * 2-week Development Sprints * Sprint Reviews * Sprint Retrospectives * Backlog Grooming * Release Planning * Quality Assurance TestingOur development expertise is unmatched in our industry. Whether our clientsare in need of top iOS, Android or Web engineering talent in Austin, we havethe team ready to fit their needs.

App Deployment and Maintenance

We make deployment of our clients’ products easy. Our deployment process forour mobile app development services is managed through our git repository anddeployment system. This allows us to quickly deploy code that has beenvalidated as working.Typically, our team’s job isn’t finished after the app is launched. A projectmaintenance proposal can be created prior to the deployment of the applicationwhich typically covers bug fixing and minor feature improvements in order toensure that we continue to do everything possible to help support for ourclients and their end users.

Hybrid App Development

While Native applications are developed for a specific platform, such as iOSor Android, a Hybrid app is web-based. A native application would have to bedeveloped for each specific native platform it would be needed on, whereas ahybrid app can essentially be utilized on any platform. Hybrid apps aredeveloped in a similar manner to a website, while still allowing it tofunction on a user’s mobile device. Hybrid apps are a bit more versatile, andthey can be developed at a fraction of the price of a native application.Enola Labs, a top hybrid app developer in Texas, has engineers skilled in bothhybrid app development and native app development to meet the needs of anyproject.

Find an App Developer Near Me

There is surely no shortage of mobile and web app developers in Austin, whichcan make it difficult to discern which team will work best for your specificproject. If you are wondering how to find the right team for you, start bymaking sure you have a solid idea of the type of app you are looking todevelop as well as a budget in mind before reaching out to app developmentcompanies. Find teams that have worked on similar projects to what you areseeking and who have experience that can augment your team’s existingcapabilities. Finding the right app developer in Austin also has a lot to dowith team makeup. It is always better to work with an app development companyfilled with highly skilled in-house engineers, rather than a company thatoutsources their work and has less control over the technical engineering. Inthe end, experience and how the company describes their approach for yourproject is what matters most.

Mobile App Developers in Austin

Mobile applications are continuing to dominate the majority of user’s timespent on a mobile device. In fact, 87% of user’s time spent on a mobile deviceis in apps. Mobile app developers, such as the experts at Enola Labs, canguide your business in developing a mobile application to best fit the needsof your organization.If your business is in need of custom app developers in Austin, Texas, now isthe time to get started. Enola Labs is the leading Austin app development firmin the area and prides ourselves on our in-house team of expert engineers andarchitects. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and to learn moreabout how we can make your app a reality.Top Software Development Companies of Bangalore IndiaBangalore continues to be the undisputed leader of the IT sector in India.Suffice to say, Bangalore can be crowned as the technology and technologicalhub of India. Therefore, it’s crowned as the Silicon Valley of India as it isthe workplace of a gazillion of IT and software companies in India with manyof the major IT corporations and software multinationals having theirheadquarters in Bangalore. Moreover, the leading application developmentcompanies in Bangalore are some of the best app development companies in Indiaas well. India is now worlds’ second largest hub for Tech innovation whileBangalore is deemed ninth on the list of ten top most cities in the world fortechnology, as per a global survey. Bangalore is not only the Tech Hub or hubof tech innovation or Silicon Valley of India but it’s also coined the startuphub of India today.If you are seeking out one of the best software development companies inBangalore to give life to your innovative mobile app idea, then this articlewill surely assist you in your search. We know and understand that only havingan innovative business idea is not enough, budding businesses need to have theright mobile app for it as well. If the mobile app is designed and developedaccording to your perception and specifications then only it will assist youin your business and help you attract, acquire and retain customers. Hence,building a mobile app requires the best app development companies. As statedthere are innumerable app development companies in Bangalore. The top appdevelopment companies in Bangalore are stated below:

19. Vyshnavi Information Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.

VIT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified software development company which wasestablished in 2001 and since its establishment they have been providingtechnological services who are largely into product development. The range ofservices offered by VIT are- * Offshore Product Development- High Level Architecture Design, Development, DevOps, Testing, Technical Writing, Customer Support and Professional Services. * Enterprise Application Development- GPS Tracking, Inventory Management, IoT Development, Process Management, Black Box Delivery for Customers * Oracle/ PeopleSoft Solutions – End to End Services with Business Consulting, Technology Innovation, Systems Integration, Managed Services, E- Business Suite Implementation, Database Services, Mobile Services, Enterprise Service Bus Implementation, LDAP Service Implementation, Enterprise Portal Implementation, Fusion Middleware Implementation * People Soft Solutions- Services that enable Businesses to Automate Processes across the Enterprise with Rich Industry Specific Functionality Incorporating Campus Solution Human Capital Management, Finance Management, Enterprise Service Automation, Asset Life Cycle Management. * Testing Services – Web App Testing, Mobile App Testing, Mobile Compatibility Cloud Testing, Performance and Load Testing, API Testing, Continuous Integration, Profiling Tools, Scripting, Build Tool.The various solutions offered by VIT are Mobility solutions, Share pointsolutions, BPM solutions, Content management systems and IoT solutions.Various products manufactured so far are DocPoint, DepoSoft, CitizenDirect,XVarisity, InTrak, GPS Fleet management, VITMobile framework and many more.

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