18 How would you perform Scrum a sprint planning so that you can assure

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Assemble an Agile Team

Before you can pick and choose those agile tools that work best for theproject, you have to create a team that is open to working within an agileframework. This means finding a team by looking beyond their resumes. Agile isoften thought of as almost a philosophy of working.You’ll want to interview them and get a feel for how they work and even theirpersonalities and temperaments. If they’re not open to workingcollaboratively, in short bursts of activity and constantly pivoting as needsrequire, then no matter how many agile workflow tools you provide them, itwon’t work.Team leaders need to be open to an agile workflow, too. You must appreciateeach team member for what they bring to the team and give them a platform onwhich they can freely express themselves. That doesn’t mean you relinquishyour position as team leader. Be part of the team, show them where they haveto go and be an agile workflow model for them.

14. What are the indications that Agile is working in a team?

Answer: Few signs that convey that Agile is working good in a team are * Increased velocity of the team with continuous improvement * Enhanced software quality with less technical bugs and better maintainability * Increased interest and participation of stakeholders in agile meetings like in the sprint demo. * Frequent software delivery (weeks rather than months)

18. How would you perform Scrum a sprint planning so that you can assure

that your team is working only on most important user stories?Answer: The best possible way to implement such planning is to * Involve Scrum team members in the product discovery process from the early phase. * To ensure both the product owner and the scrum team is clear about the backlog refinement process. * The user stories must be created as a collaborative effort of the scrum team and the product owner.

20. What are the important attributes of an Agile project that you use

during estimation?Answer: There are three main attributes of an agile project team – * Backlog: List of activities “to do” for a delivery team which includes design, development, build and testing. * Cost: Iteration based cost of a team. * Velocity: In an agile world velocity defines distance over time. Here distance means the size of the backlog and time means iteration length.                Velocity = Story points * Team capacity

24. What are the project management tools we use in an Agile project?

Answer: Some of the new breeds of PM tools commonly used in the Agile projectare – * Rally Software * Version One * XPlanner> Also Read: Why Agile Career is a Good Option?

What is Agile project management?

Agile project management is a modern project management methodology thatboosts your project’s efficiency and success rate.It does this by: 1. Breaking your project into smaller individual cycles 2. Actively involving customers in the product development process and continually implementing their feedback

A. The Agile manifesto and the 12 key agile principles

The Agile manifesto is a simple summation of what the Agile methodology is allabout. It’s a blueprint for what all your projects should aspire to be!It contains 12 key Agile principles that you must follow to achieve success.Here’s a look at those principles of Agile development:

The Agile workflow process

Here’s a breakdown of what an Agile workflow looks like.Note: As Agile software development methods are the most popular forms ofAgile, we’ll be focusing on the software development workflow process.However, the workflow process largely remains the same – regardless of thekind of project you’re working on.

The Agile software development cycle

Here’s a breakdown of the typical software development methods in the Agileprocess:

The Sprint development cycle

While the software development cycle highlights the development process as awhole, it’s important to breakdown the Agile development workflow for eachsprint.Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the Agile development workflow for eachsprint:

How to create an Agile workflow

Here’s a simple four-step process to create your own Agile developmentworkflow.

2. Track your sprints with sprint lists

Here’s how you keep track of your sprints in ClickUp:ClickUp can add checklists to all your projects, tasks and subtasks. Thishelps you create sprint lists that can break down the deliverables for eachsprint. You can easily check these items off as you progress and move on tothe next iteration.You can even add Scrum points to each list to keep a check of your productbacklog items.Additionally, a scrum manager can use these checklists as references whendiscussing developments during their scrum meetings.Learn how to set up an Agile-Scrum workflow in ClickUp!

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