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Get Help Choosing The Best Nonprofit Accounting Software

Knowing how much money is coming in, where it’s coming from, where it’s going– this may not seem like too daunting of a task, especially at first. When youstart trying to manage your donations, maintain your budget, your payroll, andinvoices, plus keep accurate records for both your donors and for taxpurposes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start making mistakes, especiallyif you’re relying on DIY spreadsheets or free fund accounting software toolsthat simply doesn’t offer what you need.That’s where a quality nonprofit accounting software solution can be a gamechanger, saving you time, reducing your stress, and most importantly,improving your accuracy and record keeping by having everything in one placeand not having to rely on multiple tools. To help you choose which software isright for your organization, we’re providing an in-depth look at some of theleading choices, including features and what type of organization may benefitthe most from each one.

Why Choose Accounting Software Specifically Built for Nonprofits?

This list will include fund accounting software specifically designed fornonprofit organizations or offer specific features necessary for NPOs. Inaddition to the standard features found in for-profit business accountingsoftware, like accounts payable and receivable, budgeting and forecasting,these options often feature tools specific to the needs of an NPO, such astools to accept and record donations, managing grants and trusts, andmaintaining compliance.

Tips for Choosing the Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

Before choosing your permanent accounting solution, it’s best to have clarityregarding exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Consider making a listof the following factors and compare your list with the overviews of youroption. * Scalable – As your organization grows, can your software keep up? * Size – Will you need a robust solution designed specifically for large organizations or, if you’re a small or local NPO, will a lighter option work best? * Cloud-based or desktop accounting– If you’re the only one doing the accounting and it’s only at the office, this may not be a factor, but cloud-based functionality allows any approved user to access it from anywhere. * Features – Think about what you absolutely have to have from your software and make sure any one you choose comes with that. * Price – How much can you comfortably afford to spend? Also, is it a one-time fee, monthly, or annual fee? Feel free to list anything you think of that you need to consider when makingyour decision. It’s important to note that many fund accounting softwareoptions offer tiered levels, like basic, standard, and premier, so whenlooking at features, see which package it’s in and how that affects price.

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software Solutions [2019]

The software solutions in this guide are listed alphabetically, and we tookcare to include software designed for all different types of nonprofitorganizations.

1. Abila MIP Fund Accounting

Abila MIP Fund Accounting is ideal for organizations who need scalablesoftware that’s easy to customize with 25 different modules to choose from.Ideal for small, medium, and large organizations, Abila MIP is supported bothon-premise and through a cloud based platform, plus there’s a mobile app.This nonprofit accounting software offers the following core features: * General ledger * Accounts payable/receivable * Bank reconciliation * Budgeting and forecasting * Reporting Optional features include: * Payroll * Timekeeping * Human resources * Grant management * Allocation management * Fixed assets * Multi-currency tracking Best for: Small, medium, and large nonprofits who need accounting softwarethat grows with them.Free Trial: N/ARegister here to schedule a personalized, 30-minute demo!

2. Accounting Suite by AccuFund

Accounting Suite by AccuFund offers a comprehensive accounting solution forboth nonprofits and government agencies. Providing both on-premise and cloud-based deployment options, you can use this anywhere, and it offers a widevariety of features along with robust reporting capabilities.Core features include: * General ledger * Accounts payable * Financial reporting * Bill payment and tracking * Managing cash receipts * Bank reconciliationOptional features include: * Accounts receiveable * Fixed assets tracking * Requisitions * Grants management * Position control * Loan tracking * Client invoicing * Allocation management * Payroll suite * Budget and forecasting * Client accountingBest for: Government agencies and nonprofits who need a flexible, yetcomprehensive solution.Free Trial: N/ARegister here to watch a free demo!

10. Fastfund Nonprofit Accounting Software

Fastfund Nonprofit Accounting Software is a cloud-based accounting solutionthat provides affordable, yet comprehensive bookkeeping and accountingsolutions for small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. The ability toimport data saves time over traditional data entry and copy/pasting and thereis cross-platform integration for their fundraising and payroll services.Core features include: * General ledger * FASB compliant statements * Bank reconciliation * Cash receipts and disbursements * Asset management * Donor management * Budgeting and forecastingOptional features: * Accounts payable/receivable * Cost allocations * Fundraising management * Volunteer management * Donation processing * Campaign management * PayrollBest for: Small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations and churchesFree trial: Yes, contact for length of trialDemo: Connect to an online, 60-minute demo here

12. GMS Accounting and Financial Management/Reporting System

Designed for nonprofit and public organizations who rely on grants andcontracts, GMS Accounting and Financial Management/Reporting System is a bitdifferent than the fund accounting management software programs listed. It isdesigned for activity accounting and written specifically for grants,contracts, and activities tracking and reporting. While the basic accountingpackage is indeed basic, there are all types of add-ons to provide a customexperience.Core features include: * General ledger * Cash receipts * Budgeting for multiple grants and contracts * Processing * Cost allocation * Compliance management * Grant management and tracking * Bank reconciliationAdditional features include: * Purchase orders * Accounts payable/receivable * Billing and invoicing * Payroll * Time processing * Direct deposits * Security featuresBest for: Nonprofit and public organizations of all sizes who rely on grantsand contracts rather than needing fund accountingFree trial: N/ADemo: Register for a 60-minute, personalized demo here.

2. Breeze Church Management Software

For churches who use QuickBooks Online for their accounting needs includinginvoicing, general ledger functionality, and budgeting, Breeze is an excellentway to integrate nonprofit-specific features, including donation management,online giving, pledges, and reporting. Additionally, this is an all-in-onecloud-based platform that allows churches to operate children’s ministrycheck-in and maintain contacts, volunteers, and directories all in one placewhile still offering an affordable price with an easy-to-use interface.Core features include: * QuickBooks Online integration * Donation management * Pledges * Online giving * Contribution reporting * Year-end statements * Volunteer management * Event managementBest for: Small to medium-sized churches who already use QuickBooks Online fortheir general accounting needs.Free trial: N/AWatch an instant demo here!

10 Best Free Antenna Design Software For Windows

Here is a list of best free antenna design software for Windows. Through thesesoftware, you can design various types of antennas like Yagi, J-Pole,Parabolic, Quagi, Super Scanner, etc. Each antenna design software is slightlydifferent from each other as each software design some specific types ofantenna. There are also some similarities between software as all requireoperating frequency as input to design an antenna. In some of these antennadesigners, you can also input antenna diameter, number of antenna elements,etc. According to input parameters, you will get all essential antenna shapeand design parameters. Some of the parameters that you get as output arenumber of antenna elements, separation distance, antenna dimensions, antennagain, SWR, Impedance, etc. Through obtained results, you can easily design anoptimum shaped antenna.In most software, you can either directly Print the final result or save theresult as PDF format.

My Favorite Antenna Design Software For Windows:

Yagi Calculator is my favorite software because it provides more detailedresults compared to other software. Plus, its ability to calculate gain for asingle as well as for two Yagi antennas is also impressive. Besides gain, youcan also calculate Stacking distance, SWR, and Impedance with it.You can also check out lists of best free Aircraft Design, Track Designer, andCabinet Design software for Windows.

Antenna Design Calculator

Antenna Design Calculator is the next free antenna design and analysissoftware in this list. Using it, you can estimate antenna size required for agiven frequency and gain. Along with antenna size, you can also determine thefar field range of the antenna.The interface of this software is divided into two parts named Upper nomogramand Lower nomogram. * The upper nomogram relates antenna diameter and frequency with gain and beamwidth. By setting up the diameter and frequency values, you can get the corresponding gain and beamwidth values. By using the gain and beamwidth values, you can determine the antenna size. * The lower nomogram relates antenna diameter and frequency to the far field distance (the distance at which the antenna beam is properly formed). To get the far field distance, you need to set the antenna diameter against the frequency.In both upper and lower nomograms, you get a slider to set antenna diameterand frequency values to get the corresponding output. The final result canonly be viewed as there is no option to save the result.

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