2 Check your Apple Watch and iPhone Settings

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Fix Activity App on iPhone Not Syncing with Apple Watch

Fortunately, we have found a method to fix this problem of Activity app oniPhone not updating in the Apple Watch, which is pretty straight forward.For most of the users, this method has worked to solved this annoying problem.All you need to do is to turn on Airplane mode on your Apple Watch using stepsbelow: 1. On Watch face, swipe up to access control center. 2. There, look for Airplane button and enable it.Once airplane mode is turned it, your Apple watch will be disconnected fromyour iPhone. Now, restart your Apple Watch and then connect it again with youriPhone.That’s it. Now the activity app will start syncing data with iPhone app andthe problem should be gone.Did disconnecting and reconnected resolve the sync issue with your AppleWatch? Let us know in the comments section below.

Apple Watch won’t update

Some users have been unable to update their Apple Watches to the latestversion of WatchOS. This has become such a common problem that Apple haspublished official steps outlining what you should do.

2. Check your Apple Watch and iPhone Settings.

Apple Watch and iPhone communicate with each other via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Itmight be the case that these settings are accidentally disabled in either ofthe devices. Run a thorough check to see if this is the culprit behind theApple Watch, not pairing.Airplane mode on Apple Watch – The mode disables all communications. Bring upthe Control Centre and check if the Airplane icon is highlighted in orange. Ifyes, turn it off to re-establish the connection between your watch and iPhone.WiFi on Apple Watch – When the WiFi icon in the Control Center is blue, thewatch is connected to a network. In case your Apple Watch is not connected,tap on that WiFi symbol and initiate pairing with the iPhone.Airplane mode on iPhone – Access the Control Center on your iPhone and see ifthe Airplane icon is orange; disable Airplane mode if it’s active.Bluetooth on iPhone – An essential tool for pairing Apple Watch and iPhone.Ensure that the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center is highlighted in blue.Note: Sometimes, a simple reset of these network settings could resolve thepairing issue. Before we move on, turn the Airplane Mode On and Off on bothiPhone and Apple Watch to see if the connection is established.

Update to the latest iOS and watchOS

A rather simple solution is to get the most recent iOS upgrade for both youriPhone and Apple Watch. This update often solves any existing problems thatcause your iMessages app to not work in sync with your watch.If you recently upgraded to a new iOS, there may be bugs that cause theseproblems. If this is your situation, make sure you provide Apple feedback onyour particular problem(s.) Usually, a new version with bug fixes is quicklyrolled out (that’s the . versions) so routinely update your iPhone and AppleWatch when a new update becomes available.Go to Setting > General on your iPhone and check if there’s an updateavailable in Software Update. If one is available, install it. Do the same foryour Watch by launching Watch app on the phone then clicking on My Watch taband proceeding to settings. When updating, make sure your iPhone and yourApple Watch are both connected to their respective power chargers.These upgrade usually solve any remaining bugs and fix the problem either inyour phone or watch. Test your Apple Watch, iPhone, and iMessage app to see ifthe problem resolved.If you believe your Apple product is defective, then take your product to anApple Store or use the Contact Apple Support webpage. Check the status of yourApple Care+ on Apple’s Support Site before visiting a store or calling Applesupport.

7. Update your iOS or watchOS

Confirm that both device’s software is up to date, if not, update your iOS andwait for the notification of a new update for your Apple Watch. Once youreceive the message, retry pairing.This issue occurs more frequently than we care to mention. However, should theabove fixes not suffice in resolving the Apple watch not connecting to iPhoneproblem, consider visiting a local Genius bar.Common Apple Watch Problems And Their FixesApple Watch is one of the great wearable accessories available in the marketwhich comes equipped with excellent features. It is important to mention thatApple Watch is designed in a smart way to perform, but still, it is not freeof bugs. And users will be required to go through various workarounds to getrid of the issues faced on their Apple Watch. We have listed here the mostcommon Apple watch problems including that apple watch not connecting toBluetooth headphones issue as well. So, keep reading to know more.See Also: 5 hidden Apple Watch features

Problem 10: Apple Watch refuses to update

Updating any device with the latest software version available is highlyneeded so that the watch works properly. However, if you have tried and theupdate failed to download then follow the fixes mentioned here.Solutions: * Restart the device by pressing the side button and swapping the Power Off option to the right. * Delete the Update file and try to install it again by going to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

WatchOS 6.x or Later Version, Directly install on Apple Watch

Apple’s biggest update on WatchOS 6 included a redesigned settings app onApple Watch. Now We can manage all the Settings only from Apple Watch –Without iPhone. in this, Apple Watch users update Apple Watch Without iPhoneor With iPhone. There are very few chances to get “Unable to Verify Update”Error on Apple Watch Update. Now follow the below steps, 1. Unlock Your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown Button to Move Apple Watch Apps home screen. 2. Find the Settings app and Tap on it. 3. Next, Tap on General option > Software Update. 4. Now, Put your Apple Watch on Charging mode – Use Original Charging cable. 5. During the time of installation of software updates on Apple Watch, Your apple watches reboot several times with the Apple logo. So, Don’t interrupt or stop the process. Until you see Charging screen Or Home screen on Apple watch. 6. That’s it.

Quick Troubleshooting on Apple Watch Unable to Update from iPhone

1. Make sure your WiFi is connected to iPhone and Working. Browse something on Safari. 2. Not Enough Storage on iPhone, Settings app > General > About > Avaialble. 3. Hard Reboot your iPhone and Apple Watch. Then try to Update apple watch. 4. Reset All Settings on iPhone – Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, Now Connect your WiFi again. Settings app on WiFi > WiFi > Select WiFi and Enter password. 5. WiFi is Turn on Apple Watch [Swipe up finger on Apple watch to access control center on Apple Watch, Enable WiFi that’s it]. Bluetooth must be turned on iPhone.

Steps to fix software update error of Apple Watch Unable to Verify Update

* Step 1. Now on your Apple Watch, Erase All Contents and Settings, this step is basically for the get back apple watch it came when it first time arrived from Apple. Then go to Step 2. * Step 2. Now, Pair the Apple Watch again to the iPhone. * Open the Watch app on iPhone and Pair it to Apple Watch. * Step 3. If you’ve watch backup then, you can be restored it from the backup. * Step 4. Put your Apple Watch on the Charger in the proper way [Keep at least more than 50%]. * Keep always this Best Apple Watch Power Banks * Step 5. Now, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap the Update button for your Apple Watch.For more information watch this youtube video.

Part 2. How to Fix It When Your Apple Watch Won’t Update

Once you have learned the reasons why your Apple Watch will not update, thesecond thing to do is find a fix to your problem. Since there could be variousreasons for the issue, you will need to try the following fixes one by one andsee which one works for you.

Fix 1. Update iOS on Your iPhone

As said above, one of the reasons that can cause the system updates to fail onyour Apple Watch is your iPhone’s iOS version. If you are using an obsoleteversion of the operating system on your iPhone, that may be why you are unableto download and install an update on your Apple Watch.An easy way to fix this issue is to update iOS on your iPhone. You can dothis as follows.Step 1. Launch the Settings app from the main screen on your iPhone.Step 2. Tap on the option that says General followed by Software Update.Update iPhone’s SoftwareStep 3. Select the Download and Install option to download and install theavailable iOS update on your iPhone.Then you can update your Apple Watch.

Bonus Tip: How to Fix it When Your iPhone Won’t Update

Occasionally, you would find that your iPhone will not update for somereasons, If this happens too often, you might want to look into a permanentfix to this issue. Fortunately, there is an app that helps you fix many issuesincluding the ones related to updates on your iOS devices.Fix your iPhone Do Not Updating with AnyFix – iOS System RecoveryThis app is called AnyFix – iOS system recovery and it helps fix any kind ofissues on your iOS-based devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You canuse the app’s system repair feature to repair the very core of your device.It will repair all other problems including the one that affects your iOSupdates.

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