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How to choose the best Android VPN app

Obviously, a dedicated Android app helps to make things as hassle-free aspossible and so the app should be user-friendly. Ensure it supports yourversion of Android, with most going back at least to PieYou’re probably going to want to use your Android VPN on loads of otherdevices, too – so make sure you get one that also works with your computer’soperating system and has enough licences to cover all your gadgets.Other considerations are tight security – a kill switch is handy, so thatyou’re not left exposed if your internet connection drops – and of course aprivacy policy and terms of service that make it clear what logs and detailsare kept by the provider. And a word of warning: make sure you avoid the dodgyones on Google Play as quite a few free VPN players promise to provide freeprivacy but don’t mention the strings attached. Instead, go for one of thebrilliant Android VPN apps that we’ve listed below.Today’s top 3 Android VPNs:1. ExpressVPN – 1 best Android VPN app ExpressVPN has the speed, security and simplicity of use that really makes itstand out from the crowd. That’s no different on Android, which makes using aVPN on your smartphone an absolute doddle – plus, it comes with a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee and 3 months extra free. View Deal2. NordVPN – VPN’s biggest name is ace on Android Nord’s popularity (counting over 10 million Android users) is not unfounded.It may be a tad clunkier to use than Express’s, but it really brings the goodswhen it comes to security and speed. Grab it in February and Nord will throwin some extra months free as well! View Deal3. Surfshark – simple to use and affordable Android app This could well be your VPN of choice if you’re after something a bit moreaffordable. Go for its multiyear plan and get the price down to less than$2.50 USD per month. That doesn’t prevent it from being a really strong andsimple-to-operate Android VPN though, with a very friendly interface. View Deal

1. ExpressVPN

Best all-round Android VPN – and for pretty much everything elseDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 10million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices: 5 |Play Store review: 4.4Delightfully designed Android appExcellent speedsNow with added kill switchSuperb support and Lightway protocolWould like more device connections (if we’re being picky)Best Android VPN 2021 – Get 3 months free with an annual planThere are so many things to like about ExpressVPN and its Android offering.The dedicated app is extremely user-friendly and straightforward, but alsooffers lots of advanced options.Get started by grabbing it from the Play Store or simply via the ExpressVPNwebsite with a dedicated setup link, QR code or APK download.Once installed, using the Express Android app is ludicrously easy to do – it’sreally no different to the desktop version. So that means a nice, obviousOn/Off button and an easy-to-navigate list of servers – over 3,000 in all,across 94 countries ranging from Albania to Venezuela. What’s more, the app isnow available in a mix of 16 languages.The app itself has some neat options like an excellent location picker,insecure network detection, split tunneling, specialist privacy tools menu anda kill switch to improve security. Indeed, on the security front, it boastsAES 256-bit encryption, while the speeds we witnessed using the mobile VPNwere consistently fast. They’ll only get faster, too, now that Express’sproprietary Lightway protocol is available.If the main reason you’re downloading an Android VPN app is for streaming,then once again Express excels. It flew through our tests with ease when weused it for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more, as well asletting us watch our domestic sports coverage when abroad.If you run into any difficulties at all with this VPN – whether that be whenyou install the ExpressVPN Android app or during use – its website features awide array of handy content and video guides, as well as 24/7 customer supportby live chat.ExpressVPN is definitely not the cheapest VPN out there, but it may be worththe price for those who want the best Android experience. ExpressVPN offersthree price plans, with the 12-month plan offering the biggest saving as youwould expect and you get an extra three months free. And its 30-day money-backguarantee lets you test Express 100% risk free.Get the best Android VPN 2021 with 3 months FREE Look at the Android phone users among the TechRadar staff and you’ll see thatmany of us have as ExpressVPN in use. And the good news is that you readerscan get a little perk when you sign up, too. ExpressVPN has agreed to givereaders three months extra free when they sign up – and don’t forget about the30 day money back guarantee. View Deal(Image credit: NordVPN)

5. IPVanish

Nice set of features on this Android VPN appDedicated Android app: Yes | Integrated kill switch: Yes | Downloads: 1million+ | Also available for: Windows, Mac, iOS. Linux | Maximum devices:Unlimited | Play Store review: 3.6Some unusual extrasReliable kill switchUnlimited device supportLogging audit requiredUser rating down recentlyThe IPVanish app is good overall with some unusual (but great) options, likeobfuscation or split tunnelling. And it’s finally added that previouslymissing kill switch, a standard feature which instantly shuts down theinternet connection in the event the VPN drops (to prevent your true IP frombeing revealed).In fact, spend even a quick few minutes with the IPVanish Android app andyou’ll begin to feel safer already. We like that the app displays genuinelyuseful status information (e.g. IP address, server name, location, etc) by wayof some really striking visuals.There were some impressive download speeds achieved during our testing.Furthermore, there’s no logging of the user’s activity here (although we’dlove to see IPVanish’s policy being audited like its competitors now do), plusyou get 256-bit AES encryption with the OpenVPN protocol, along with 24/7customer support.IPVanish has now got rid of all limits on how many devices you can connectwith your sub, so there’s added value there.We have noticed recently that the average user review rating has fallen quitedramatically. with quite a few users reporting issues. We couldn’t replicatethose generally in our testing, but it’s certainly a bit of cause for concern.Today’s best IPVanish deals* * *

Which is the best Android VPN?

When it comes to the best Android VPN, ExpressVPN tops the lot. It’s abeautifully presented app that’s super simple to set up and operate, but isstill jam-packed with handy features. Split tunneling, dedicated kill switchand access to over 3,000 servers are all included, as well as the ability tounblock websites and get access to overseas Netflix shows.

What can I do with with an Android VPN?

First thing’s first, they act as an excellent first line of defence alongsideAndroid antivirus in protecting yourself when online. As referenced above, thenature of their encrypted tunnelling and ability to keep your IP addresssecret makes them a wonderful way to keep cyber criminals at bay – no moreworrying about online banking and shopping while using unfamiliar networks.But it’s their shapeshifting, geo-spoofing abilities that have made thepopularity of Android VPNs explode. The fact you can log into a server inanother country elsewhere in the world means that you don’t have to miss outon the stuff you’d usually stream to your mobile/tablet when abroad on holidayor business.And they’ve proved a great way of getting around blocked websites. Wheremobiles are concerned, a fantastic example is using WhatsApp in China, as wellas other sites and service. The state may have blocked some of the bighitters, but they can’t do anything about it when you use your Android VPN appto make it look like you’re in another country entirely!

How do I setup a VPN on my Android phone?

First thing’s first…it’s reeeeeally easy. And you even have two options tochoose from.The first involves you scrolling back up this page, choosing the app that youlike the look of best (and don’t forget, all these VPNs have free trials, soyou really don’t have to worry too much about committing) and click the linkto go through to the website. From there, you’ll be able to select your plan,sign up, download and install. Away you go!Alternatively, get yourself over to the Play Store and search for your chosenVPN app. But it’s worth noting that if you go down this road, you might end upmissing out on some of the awesome exclusive pricing and VPN deals that onlyTechRadar readers can get by clicking through to the provider from our pages.

Should I get a free VPN app for Android?

Even a quick dip into the Play Store menu will show that there are ridiculousamounts of available free apps that you can download. Some will be fine, somewill be far from fine, but none will really be excellent.We’d suggest only going for a freebie if you really don’t tend to use your VPNapp very much at all. Otherwise, you’ll soon bump in to annoying usagerestrictions and realise pretty sharpish that free versions only tend to havea handful of servers each (unlike the 5,000+ odd like providers such asNordVPN offer). And when you consider that downloading Surfshark costs lessthan $2.50 USD per month, you may as well put your hand in your pocket for oneof the very best Android VPNs around.^ Back to topRead more:Round up of today’s best dealsREST API Architecture – Best PracticesThis blog post has been featured on Tyk.io.SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) has become a foundation for the most of theapplication that are developed today. A service oriented architecture is anarchitectural pattern which enables collection of services to communicate withexternal/internal parties to pass data or for services coordinating. Let’sstart from what’s a service.

4. API Versioning

In any given API API version is mandatory to maintain consistency. It can bedone in many way but below is the preferred methods by me.Method 1 You can use the letter ‘v’ in the URL to denote the API version as below. https://dasunhegoda.com/api/v2/dog/1234Method 2 You can use the addional parameter at the end of the URL. https://dasunhegoda.com/api/dog/1234?v=2.0Different people have different opinion on API version. You can read morehere.

1. Put your app on a diet

No one likes to download a large app, especially when they are on a slownetwork like 2G or Edge (Yes, it still exists.) It is highly likely that auser lands on your app’s page on Play Store, decides to install it, but thencancels it later just because it took ages to download.An APK (Android Application Package) is simply an archive containing yourapp’s classes, resources, assets and several other files. You would want tokeep it as small and tight as possible. There are several ways you canoptimize your app size: * Always use available tools (like ProGuard or DexGuard) to shrink the size of your app by removing a plethora of unused methods. This step itself can show you a significant reduction in app size. Also compressing the resources (like images, audio files, etc) included in the APK is a no-brainer. * If your app needs to store several assets (like images, video clips, audio clips, etc.), then it is always better to off-load them to your server and load them on-demand. * Before releasing your app, spend time analyzing what’s actually going on inside your APK. Android Studio 2.2 has an APK Analyzer built-in just for this purpose.Bonus: Use tools like TinyPNG or ImageOptim to significantly reduce imagesize, losslessly. You are welcome.

2. Make your app speak several languages

This is probably the best time to prepare your app for localization. Your appwill run on a variety of Android devices in different regions, and youabsolutely want to make your app usable to everyone.Suppose you have made a simple note-taking Android app supporting only yournative language, English. But it doesn’t mean that a French or a Spanish userwouldn’t want to use your app or buy its premium version maybe. You canmassively increase the target audience of your app by supporting multiplelanguages.Before releasing your app, make sure that all the strings are properly placedin the strings.xml file and nothing is hard-coded anywhere in your code. Checkhere for detailed guidelines on this.You can either pay for professional translation services or find a bunch ofinterested users who would like to translate your app for free. You can giftthem the premium version of your app as a token of appreciation.Pro tip: Localization is not just translating. It’s much more than that. Usetools like Crowdin or Weblate to professionally manage your translators.

5. Protect your app from tampering

Hackers can always try to tamper an app by reverse-engineering it in every waypossible. Theoretically, it is impossible to hack-proof an app, but you can doyour part and make the hacker’s job far more difficult.The best time to take steps is just before releasing your app. If you do theselater in a subsequent update, hackers can still get hold of a previous APK ofyour app and exploit loopholes from the older versions.There are several things you can do to prevent tampering (to some extent),like preventing your production app to run on an emulator. It is almostimpossible that a real user will use your app on an emulator.You can make your app silently fail if it is debuggable (release APK anddebuggable, sounds fishy?) or if it’s certificate doesn’t match with yoursigning certificate. The term “silently fail” is important here. Don’t let thehacker know that you are trying to prevent a tampering attempt.Put highly sensitive business logic of your app in Android NDK, making itsignificantly difficult for hackers to understand and crack it. I am notclaiming that NDK code can’t be cracked, but its far more difficult than plainold Java code.Pro tip: Check out this detailed guide on tamper detection. And this library,which can make your life a bit easier.

7. Test your app on different devices

You probably have been using one or two devices to develop your app and havethoroughly tested on them. You have squashed all bugs and crashes and is readyto release, but wait, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.You need to test your app thoroughly on various Android platforms and also onvarious device models from at least some popular manufacturers like Samsung,LG, HTC, Motorola who hold a considerable amount of market share in Android.There are several minor to major API changes in every version of Android whichneeds to be dealt specifically. If you are doing heavy file-handling, then youmust test properly on various platform versions (remember what Google did withKitKat) and also on devices from various manufacturers.Almost all OEMs customize their ROMs in an attempt to create an uniqueexperience for their users which makes it even more important to test your appon them before making a final releasing.Buying a lot of devices for an individual developer can be a real pain. I wishI had an arsenal of devices to test on, but Santa keeps on ignoring myletters.Bonus: Testing on emulators like Genymotion can help you cover the basic teststo some extent, but there is nothing that can replace a real device.

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