2 PRINCE2 Agile Project Management Certifications

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What is the Role of an Agile Software Development Manager?

A lot of companies empower their teams to self-organize with an expectation ofcommitting and delivering their goals on time. While bigger organizations mayhave different agile teams, they continue to use self-organizing principles tomanage the roles of the team members.Each technique used in agile software development has a clear and defined rolethat varies. To be able to work effectively as a team, each member needs toknow what their role is as well as those of other team members.Hence, it is important to define the responsibilities of an agile softwaredevelopment manager. Generally, the manager helps the team members excel intheir specific roles while making sure that the process is up to standardsusing agile principles.Overall, the manager ensures that the team delivers excellent results.Here are some of the most important duties of an agile software developmentmanager.

What Is An Agile Project Management Certification?

An Agile project management certification is a formal confirmation of anindividual’s skills and abilities to manage projects efficiently in an Agileenvironment.Earning an Agile project management certification not only adds value to yourresume but also helps you take a step further in managing projects withagility.But what is Agile project management?In Agile project management, you develop a project in sprints.Wait… ‘sprint’ as in running?Definitely not!That’s just a clever wordplay by the creators of Agile.Unlike traditional project management, in the Agile approach, a large projectis broken down into smaller developmental cycles called sprints.At the end of each sprint, you take the customer’s feedback, implement thechanges in the next cycle, and then deliver the product.The benefit?This continuous improvement keeps the customers actively involved in thedevelopment process, helping you develop a product that fits their needsperfectly.

Why Do You Need An Agile Project Management Certification?

Jumping into something without having the proper knowledge might not alwayslead you towards your desired destination.To help you avoid that, let’s take a look at three key reasons why you need anAgile project management certification:

1. Enhance your Agile project management skills

To manage an Agile project, you need to know its core concepts, like: * Agile values as mentioned in the Agile Manifesto * Agile artifacts and ceremonies * Agile coach responsibilitiesThere are two ways to learn these: * By managing Agile projects * Enrolling in a dedicated certification programWhile learning on the job is great, it can be hard to find opportunities to dothat. After all, why would a company hire a manager with no Agile experienceto manage an Agile project?Additionally, limiting yourself to learning on the job could result in youtaking months to grasp the required knowledge.But in a dedicated certification program, you’ll learn these concepts muchfaster!The benefit?By learning these Agile concepts, you’ll enhance your skills and gain aheadstart to manage projects in an Agile environment.

The Top 7 Agile Project Management Certifications In 2020

What’s the best way to choose a certification course?Probably not the best idea here…You want to pick something that’s going to suit your needs, right?To help you find a certification that suits you best, here’s a list of sevencarefully handpicked Agile project management certifications.For each Agile certification, we’ll cover: * Which project management institute offers it * The domains it covers * What are its prerequisites * How much it costs

2. PRINCE2 Agile Project Management Certifications

The PRINCE2 Agile Project Management certifications are a combination of theAgile methodology and PRojects IN Controlled Environments 2 (PRINCE2). They’redesigned to teach professionals how to manage projects when working in anAgile environment.PRINCE2 Agile offers two levels of certifications: * PRINCE2 Agile Foundation: a foundation level certification which covers Agile techniques and frameworks * PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner: teaches individuals how to combine project structure, governance, and control with Agile methodology and techniquesThe PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification exam consists of 50 objective typequestions with a time limit of 1 hour. For the Agilepm Practitionercertification exam, it’s a 50 question open book exam with a time limit of 150minutes.

6. Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM)

The Certified Agile Project Manager certification is for managers who want toenhance their knowledge and skills in Agile project management.To take the certification exam, you need to register with the InternationalAssociation of Project Managers. Upon successful payment and registration,you’ll receive an email with the login credentials to take the exam.Note: These credentials are valid only for six months.

How To Put Your Agile Project Management Certification To Use

You picked the right certification for you and have now become a certifiedAgile project manager.But is that enough?Why?Managing an Agile project is no easy task.You have tasks, meetings, milestones, documentation, and quite a lot more.While a certification prepares you to handle these, you also need a platformfor seamless execution.All you need is a powerful tool like ClickUp that can make managing Agileprojects a breeze!But what’s ClickUp?ClickUp is the highest-rated Agile Scrum project management tool in the world.Widely used by 100,000+ teams in companies ranging from startups to giantslike Google, Uber, Nike, and Airbnb, it’s the only tool you need.Whether it’s managing projects and collaborating with your Agile team,ClickUp’s got e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g covered!Here’s how ClickUp makes managing projects super easy for you:A project’s status helps you determine what stage your project is in.But when you’re limited to only a set of default statuses, you can end up withquite a few irrelevant ones.That’s why ClickUp lets you create Customized Task Statuses which helps youreflect your project stages accurately!For various projects, you can create various statuses. “Bug Testing”,“Document Review”, and“Grammar Check”! You can get as detailed and creative asyou want!The best part?All you’ll need is a glance at a task’s status to know what stage it’s in!Each ClickUp task comes with a dedicated comment section.This cool space helps you: * Discuss your tasks’ approach * Easily share relevant files and links * Address concerns and questions within the right context * Tag project team members for definite follow ups * Convert comments into action items and assign them to specific team membersWith ClickUp’s Comments, you can avoid miscommunication and boost yourteamwork.Nope, think again.As ClickUp saves all your comments, mentions, links, and attachments, you caneasily access them later.In ClickUp’s Chat view, you can review those important conversations later toclear any confusion or disputes. It provides a full view of all theconversations you’ve had with your project team.

Agile: All You Need to Know about Agile Software Development. Team and

Project Management using Scrum. by Alex Campbell – eBook DetailsBefore you start Complete Agile: All You Need to Know about Agile SoftwareDevelopment. Team and Project Management using Scrum. PDF EPUB by AlexCampbell Download, you can read below technical ebook details: * Full Book Name: Agile: All You Need to Know about Agile Software Development. Team and Project Management using Scrum. * Author Name: Alex Campbell * Book Genre: * ISBN B08F7SMLG6 * Edition Language: * Date of Publication: — * PDF / EPUB File Name: Agile__All_You_Need_to_Know_about_Agile_So_-_Alex_Campbell.pdf, Agile__All_You_Need_to_Know_about_Agile_So_-_Alex_Campbell.epub * PDF File Size: 3.2 MB * EPUB File Size: 1.9 MB

Why you need Agile project management software

To be successful with Agile project management, you must have the software andtools to track your workflow, sprint progress, and available projectresources. In addition to managing a backlog, having Agile project managementsoftware allows you to create a storyboard where you can see all your currentuser stories and break them down into smaller subtasks that can be assigned tospecific members on the team.As you look at the various Agile software options out there, here are somequestions to ask: * Will the software automate a repetitive task? * Does the software have a backlog, timed sprints, storyboard, and burndown chart functionality? * Does the software allow you to clearly see where your team has allocated time? * Can you pull reports quickly that are accurate and easy to read? * Does it allow for cross-functionality within the company? * Will the software integrate with other systems? * Does it provide good ROI?Are you reading this and thinking, I’m not sure if we really need Agileproject management software? Then you may find the following points to behelpful during your decision-making process: * Drive greater productivity by automating repetitive manual tasks * Increase collaboration and transparency through social-style updates and dashboards * Reduce project failure with real-time views into project progress and resource workloads * Provide data-driven insights for constant improvementA key factor to remember: Agile is all about being more transparent andproactive in dealing with situations as they arise. Having project managementsoftware with Agile functionality not only allows for this, but provides youwith tools and resources to measure and evaluate your progress so you canserve your clients better, update executives and project stakeholders withcurrent information, lead your team with clarity, and ensure work will becompleted by the deadline.* * *Whitepaper: 5 Things You Hate About Your Project Management Tool* * *

Agile software improves processes

While you take steps towards tracking your project management process, now isthe time to also look at your own strategy and reflect on what changes you canstart implementing—what’s working and what isn’t. As you establish the bestcourse of action for your work, use the Agile software you’ve installed tohelp you determine how to proceed with your next sprint.Is there someone on your team who has some extra time to work on a new task,who is taking time off and what tasks need to be completed before they leave,or is someone on your team being assigned too many hours and is headed towardsburnout? As a project manager, all of these factors are important to considerwhile you’re moving forward.

Agile software features

An Agile way of thinking is only one component of managing our professionalpaths. We also need Agile software and tools that allow us to turn an Agilemindset into a way of getting things done.Let’s look at four Agile components that your Agile project managementsoftware needs to have to fully put the methodology into practice. 1. Work in Progress (WIP) limits 2. The backlog 3. Daily reviews 4. Burndown chartsA Work in Progress (WIP) Limit is a tool from the Kanban methodology thatrestricts how many pieces of work can be in a column of the Kanban board atany one time.When used on Agile teams, WIP limits help maintain a consistent flow andregular releases, but they’re also extremely valuable for individuals who wantto avoid the bane of the modern knowledge worker: multitasking.By forcing yourself to finish something before moving on to the next task, youcan structure your day to avoid context switching. Your WIP limit for your“Doing” column doesn’t have to be one, but it definitely shouldn’t be morethan three, and if you can keep it down to two that’s even better.By setting a strict WIP limit with your Agile software, you force yourself tofinish something completely before moving on to the next thing. After all,doing half of something is the same as doing nothing.

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