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What is antivirus software?

The good news is that even as scary as computer viruses sound, and there arethings that you can do to prevent your device from being infected.Antivirus software is designed to protect you against being infected by avirus. The software itself will have a scan function so you can scan yourfiles and folders to ensure no malicious code of the software is present.If it is present, the program will delete it, and most antivirus software alsocomes with preventative measures to help stop your computer from beinginfected in the first place.There are differences between antivirus software and wider internet securityprograms but there is often a crossover in terms of features.

Signs that you have a virus on your computer

Some computer viruses are very easy to spot – ransomware, for example –because they are designed to be intrusive and obvious.However, not every type of computer virus is immediately noticed, and theyoften work in the background of your computer. There are some signs that youcan look out for to see if you have a computer virus before you run anantivirus scan.

What is important with antivirus software?

Antivirus software varies greatly in terms of the features it offers and howgood it is at detecting threats.You may only need an antivirus scanner to find out if your computer isinfected, however, it is worthwhile exploring some of the additional securityfeatures this type of software can offer.

Best antivirus brands

If you search for antivirus software, you’ll find a vast amount of differentbrand names and programs.I’ve chosen some of the best antivirus brands that have consistently put outreally good software to help protect people against computer viruses.

Best antivirus software to protect your computer

What is the best antivirus software you can get to enhance your safety?I have come up with the top 5.

Key antivirus statistics:

* Antivirus and firewall software market is worth over $37 billion. * Over 350,000 pieces of malware are detected every day. * There were a record-breaking 10.52 billion malware attacks in 2018. * ESET holds the biggest market share among Windows antivirus solutions.

7. More desktop users have antivirus software installed than laptop

users.(Statista)In the United States, desktop PCs tend to be better protected against virusesthan laptops. Around 89% of desktop users use antivirus software, while 80% oflaptop users have installed antivirus software on their portable computers.* * *

10. Avast’s antivirus statistics show that 55% of PC software around the

world is outdated.(Avast Press)Having antivirus protection on your PC is just one cog in the finely tunedcybersecurity machine. Apps also have to be up to date to avoid potentialsecurity holes that cybercriminals can take advantage of. Unfortunately, manyusers still haven’t got into the habit of updating their software. A recentstudy conducted by Avast found that Skype, VLC Player, and Adobe Shockwave arethe least-often updated apps, with over 90% of computers still using theoutdated versions.* * *

14. RiskTool is the most common mobile malware, accounting for 54.06% of

all infected devices.(Statista)Although it’s not completely malicious by itself, RiskTool opens up yoursmartphone to further breaches and makes it easier for hackers to access thesystem’s sensitive files. That’s why it’s so widespread. The second-mostcommon mobile malware is Trojan-Dropper, which is present in 17.21% ofmalware-affected devices, followed by AdWare at 8.4%.* * *

20. On average, antivirus software is only 25% successful at detecting

malware.(Brian Krebs)Statistics on computer viruses and antivirus software show that,unfortunately, the malicious apps are winning the battle. Currently, “popular”malicious programs are having a field day, even against top-of-the-lineantivirus software. There’s no such thing as a fully impenetrable wall; someviruses and trojans pass through completely undetected during the initialencounter with the antivirus.* * *

How effective is antivirus?

No antivirus is 100% effective against all forms of malware. That said, havingsome of the most common antivirus software installed on your computer ormobile device is always better than having nothing at all. Protection frommost threats is always better than no protection, after all.

What free antivirus is best?

Avast and AVG are among the most popular and reliable free antivirus programscurrently on the market. It’s also worth looking into the free versions ofotherwise premium antivirus programs like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and ESET,although the latest antivirus statistics show that paid solutions are muchbetter at detecting malware than the free ones.

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