23 Name some of the popular Agile estimation tools and techniques

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What Is an Agile Workflow?

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to agile. The concept of working withinan agile framework is different than traditional project managementmethodologies. A traditional methodology like waterfall is structured,sequential and linear. It goes in phases, one following the other only afterthe previous one has been completed.But what happens when there is a change in requirements? Often the team willhave to go back to the drawing board. Starting a project again from thebeginning is time consuming and costly.The agile workflow is in response to that rigidity. For one, it works in shortsprints that are usually no more than two weeks. It is continuously deliveringsmall tasks and getting feedback on that work from end-users. This allows forteams to respond quickly as changes occur and creates value for end-users.

Assemble an Agile Team

Before you can pick and choose those agile tools that work best for theproject, you have to create a team that is open to working within an agileframework. This means finding a team by looking beyond their resumes. Agile isoften thought of as almost a philosophy of working.You’ll want to interview them and get a feel for how they work and even theirpersonalities and temperaments. If they’re not open to workingcollaboratively, in short bursts of activity and constantly pivoting as needsrequire, then no matter how many agile workflow tools you provide them, itwon’t work.Team leaders need to be open to an agile workflow, too. You must appreciateeach team member for what they bring to the team and give them a platform onwhich they can freely express themselves. That doesn’t mean you relinquishyour position as team leader. Be part of the team, show them where they haveto go and be an agile workflow model for them.

Team Collaboration & Management

With ProjectManager.com, collaboration is at the task level. Teams can commentor tag any team member and bring them into the conversation. They get notifiedimmediately by email, so everyone on the project team is working closelytogether.Work on tasks and collaborate with your team in real time.Agile workflows need monitoring, too. It allows teams to respond quickly toany issues that arises. ProjectManager.com’s real-time dashboard is a windowinto track task progress, team workload, costs and more as it happens. This isperfect for sprint reviews and project evaluation.Agile teams are self-directed. They need the control that ProjectManager.comgives them to manage their work, create their own tasks, even ones that arenot attached to a specific project. This makes them more agile, no longertethered to a rigid project plan.ProjectManager.com helps teams with an agile workflow that is supported by ourflexible project management tools. Being cloud-based means teams have accessto these tools anywhere and at any time. Use ProjectManager.com to work inwaterfall, agile or a hybrid methodology: it’s that flexible. Get agile bytaking this free 30-day trial today.A Power Project Workflow Software

25 Best Agile Interview Questions with Detailed Answers

It’s the time to prepare yourself with the best agile interview questions andanswers. We have categorized the Agile interview questions in a role-specificmanner like agile interview questions for scrum master, agile interviewquestions for project manager, agile interview questions for business analyst,behavioral interview questions for scrum master and of course generic and mostpopular agile interview questions and answers. Hope it will help you to chooseand prepare with latest Agile Interview Questions as per your specific roles.

2. What is the basic difference between Scrum and Agile?

Answer: Scrum is a lightweight framework which comes under the umbrella termAgile that consists of principles and values. Agile involves a number ofprocesses, methods, and Scrum is also an approach involved in Agile.

4. What are the different roles in a Scrum Agile model and their

functionalities?Answer: The different roles and their responsibilities are explained below:

7. What is Scrum of Scrum?

Answer: Scrum of Scrum refers to the meeting that happens after the dailyScrum call. The main purpose of this meeting is to coordinate between theteams. Hence, one representative from each team attends the meeting anddiscuss on the matters like : * The progress of that particular team since the last meeting * What is a particular team supposed to do and accomplish before the next meeting? * The obstacles that a team has faced or facing to complete the task * If any team is planning to allot some of their work to the following team> Also Read: Top 40 Agile Scrum Interview Questions and Answers

8. How do you perform Agile?

Answer: Agile is performed using a process called Scrum. In an agile project,we follow the INVEST strategy for every user stories. Once the agreement isfinalized regarding which user stories to begin with, the PM initiates thesprint which is a definite work period for the task.It may last a few weeks toa month. During the sprint execution the team meets in daily scrum call and ifnecessary in a scrum of scrum to discuss requirements and developmentprogress. These calls also handle any obstacles that the respective teams arefacing.Once a sprint is over the features are verified by the Product Owner foracceptance. The overall process gives the team a scope to learn what has beendone best and how to improve the next iteration further. The product backlogis maintained and prioritized by the team for future features andrequirements. As the project gets the scope to see the result at the end ofeach iteration hence business waits less time to see business value.

14. What are the indications that Agile is working in a team?

Answer: Few signs that convey that Agile is working good in a team are * Increased velocity of the team with continuous improvement * Enhanced software quality with less technical bugs and better maintainability * Increased interest and participation of stakeholders in agile meetings like in the sprint demo. * Frequent software delivery (weeks rather than months)

20. What are the important attributes of an Agile project that you use

during estimation?Answer: There are three main attributes of an agile project team – * Backlog: List of activities “to do” for a delivery team which includes design, development, build and testing. * Cost: Iteration based cost of a team. * Velocity: In an agile world velocity defines distance over time. Here distance means the size of the backlog and time means iteration length.                Velocity = Story points * Team capacity

23. Name some of the popular Agile estimation tools and techniques.

Answer: Some of the popular Agile estimation tools are techniques are: * Story points * Poker estimation * Delphi * Elative sizing

24. What are the project management tools we use in an Agile project?

Answer: Some of the new breeds of PM tools commonly used in the Agile projectare – * Rally Software * Version One * XPlanner> Also Read: Why Agile Career is a Good Option?

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