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30 Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019

So we have stated 20 apps that are not available in Google Play store but arereally very good. And using these apps, you will have great experience in yourAndroid device. So have a look on these apps below.

4 Amazon App Store

25 Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019The giant shopping network has their app store too, where you can find a hugecollection of free apps that you may not get in the Google Play store that iswhy it is also known as the best alternative to Google Play Store. Must tryout this app on your device. Surpisingly, you won’t also find many bettingapps on Play Store.

16 Amazon Appstore

Best Android Apps Not on Google Play Store of 2019If you are looking for best Google play store alternative, then AmazonAppstore will be a great choice. However, you won’t find Amazon Appstore onGoogle play store. The best part is Amazon gives you many paid android appsfor free.

Best iOS App Store Alternatives

Apple may have you fooled that its App Store is a one-stop destination for iOSapps, but iOS app owners have more options than they might think. Thesealternative iOS app stores not only charge lesser app store submission feesbut also invest more in advertising your app than the Apple app store.

Best Android App Store Alternatives

Google Play store alone hosts millions of apps, which means app ownerssubmitting an app on the Play Store have to compete with hundreds andthousands of competitor mobile apps released on an annual basis. Even then,not all Android apps are approved upon their first app submission.But since Google follows the approach of an open app marketplace, Android appowners can use the policy to their benefit by submitting their app to the nextbest alternatives of Android app stores, as mentioned in the list below.

1. Amazon App Store: Android App Store Alternative

Everyone reeling from the industry buzz knows of Amazon’s e-commercedisruptions, including the latest expansion of its famous Cashierless AmazonGostores. But what most (including app owners) forget is that this e-commercegiant also has an App Store that’s just as good as Google Play Store.Released on March 22, 2011, the Amazon app store offers plenty of free andpaid apps and exclusive gaming apps with a clean and easy to navigateinterface. In fact, the Amazon app store even offers its own currency systemto buy games and in-app purchases, making it a perfect alternative to theGoogle Play Store.To know more about this alternative app store click HERE

2. SlideMe: An App Store for Android

SlideMe, a US-based Android mobile app store alternative, first made its debutin the year 2008 as a marketplace catering to different types of audiencepreferences. As SlideMe rightly puts it, ‘one app store alone can’t reacheveryone and everywhere with the apps they want’.It quickly rose to fame as the 2nd best app store alternative to the GooglePlay Store. The Android app store alternative also makes app security apriority as all applications on SlideME are scanned for viruses and exploits,including the Master-Key exploit before they are reviewed and approved bytheir editors.To top it all, SlideMe has a robust community of app developers and advisorsthat help developers with code snippets, bug fixes, etc. and app owners withhow to target, price and sell your application.To know more about this alternative app store click HERE

3. 1Mobile: Alternative Android App Stores

Besides hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, web apps, andeven videos, 1Mobile makes app search for end users extremely simple.Meanwhile, developers can test out betas and free versions of paid apps onthis Play Store alternative.Once they meet the security criteria, they can publish their apps. And appowners need not worry about app promotions, 1Mobile has a built-inrecommendation system that helps apps attract an audience as soon as they hitthe marketplace.To know more about this alternative app store click HERE

Best Chinese App Store Alternatives

Ever since Google Play Store was banned in China, Chinese tech giants Tencentand Xiaomi, came up with their own Chinese app stores. This led to the rise ofa third big app marketplace that caters to the world’s biggest population andfastest-growing economy.For app owners, this presents a whole new audience that’s yet untapped. Thelist below includes some of the top Chinese app stores that app owners canutilize.

1. MyApp: Chinese Android Apps Store

Holding about a quarter of the entire Chinese Android apps market, MyApp byTencent is currently one of the biggest online app stores. The Chinese appstore hosts a variety of certified apps and offers a unique customizedexperience to app developers, making it a booming platform for app owners.Unlike other Western mobile app stores where the developers may not receivecertifications, apps on MyApp are reviewed by the Copyright Protection Centerof China after the app owners and app developers submit a Software CopyrightCertificate.To know more about this alternative app store click HERE

4. Oppo Software Store: Chinese App Stores Alternative

The Oppo Software Store, designed and developed by BBK Electronics, offersboth mobile hardware as well as software to its users. The Chinese app storeeven has a dedicated OPPO Game Center that offers secure game downloads andmassive game benefits.The basic mobile app submission procedure in the Oppo app store signifies thesubmission process done via Software Copyright Certification.To know more about this alternative app store click HERE

Best Cross-Platform App Stores

A cross-platform alternative app store is a wholesome app ecosystem where appusers can find applications for various operating systems such as Android,iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc.Considering that app stores for Windows and Amazon cover a significant portionof the market (400,000 and 340,000 mobile apps), this list of alternative appstores can help app owners tap on that unexplored user base.

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