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Get Help Choosing The Best Nonprofit Accounting Software

Knowing how much money is coming in, where it’s coming from, where it’s going– this may not seem like too daunting of a task, especially at first. When youstart trying to manage your donations, maintain your budget, your payroll, andinvoices, plus keep accurate records for both your donors and for taxpurposes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and start making mistakes, especiallyif you’re relying on DIY spreadsheets or free fund accounting software toolsthat simply doesn’t offer what you need.That’s where a quality nonprofit accounting software solution can be a gamechanger, saving you time, reducing your stress, and most importantly,improving your accuracy and record keeping by having everything in one placeand not having to rely on multiple tools. To help you choose which software isright for your organization, we’re providing an in-depth look at some of theleading choices, including features and what type of organization may benefitthe most from each one.

Tips for Choosing the Right Nonprofit Accounting Software

Before choosing your permanent accounting solution, it’s best to have clarityregarding exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Consider making a listof the following factors and compare your list with the overviews of youroption. * Scalable – As your organization grows, can your software keep up? * Size – Will you need a robust solution designed specifically for large organizations or, if you’re a small or local NPO, will a lighter option work best? * Cloud-based or desktop accounting– If you’re the only one doing the accounting and it’s only at the office, this may not be a factor, but cloud-based functionality allows any approved user to access it from anywhere. * Features – Think about what you absolutely have to have from your software and make sure any one you choose comes with that. * Price – How much can you comfortably afford to spend? Also, is it a one-time fee, monthly, or annual fee? Feel free to list anything you think of that you need to consider when makingyour decision. It’s important to note that many fund accounting softwareoptions offer tiered levels, like basic, standard, and premier, so whenlooking at features, see which package it’s in and how that affects price.

Best Nonprofit Accounting Software Solutions [2019]

The software solutions in this guide are listed alphabetically, and we tookcare to include software designed for all different types of nonprofitorganizations.

1. Best Accounting Software Overall: Botkeeper

Botkeeper represents the future of accounting. This software providesautomated bookkeeping support to organizations using a combination ofartificial intelligence (A.I), machine learning, and skilled accountants.The software comes with 24/7 support and gives incredible insights tobusinesses. You get access to a beautiful dashboard with unlimited reports tohelp you make the right decisions for your business.Botkeeper works for both small businesses and Fortune 5000 companies acrossall industries. The software combines all your data sources and appliesprocesses, rules, and calculations to give you insightful reports. Iteliminates costly and error-prone manual accounting.✅ PROS: * Excellent support * Customizable * Easy to use * Beautiful dashboards * Insightful reports⛔️ CONS: * Difficulty editing dashboards * Problems with syncing * Setup can be laborious* * *Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based accounting and invoicemanagement software for small businesses. The software comes with coreaccounting, expense management, project accounting, and compliance management.You’ll get the tools you need to manage all documentation and processes forbusiness payments such as estimates, price quotes, invoices, and statementsall in one package. You can also integrate Sage with major banks across theUnited States. This makes it possible to import all payment transactionsseamlessly into accounting software. Sage also allows you to process paymentsfrom various payment services including PayPal.Xero has some shortcomings as well. It lacks some features you might considerimportant such as time-tracking and purchase orders. The software comes withtwo plans. The entry-level plan for businesses that want to manage their cashflow. It will set you back $10 per month. The higher tier package comes withinvoicing, cash flow management, and accrual entries. It costs $25 per month.Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a great choice for small business owners whodon’t need unnecessary bells and whistles in accounting software.✅ PROS: * Excellent setup tools * Flexible user permissions * Excellent inventory tracking * Sales tax rates automation * Great mobile app⛔️ CONS: * Dated user interface * Rigid reports * No time tracking, payroll, purchase orders, or dedicated expense tracking * Slow * No add-ons* * *

3. Best Free Accounting Software: Wave

We get it – every penny counts when you’re a small business owner. It’s thesame when you’re a freelancer or a soloprenuer. It’s not that you can’t affordto pay for accounting software, it’s that you don’t want to have to pay. Ifyou still want the luxury of using best-in-class bookkeeping software, thenyou might want to give Wave a shot.Wave is a free accounting software tool that enables you to have your cake andeat it too.It’s a smart choice if you need a personal accounting software tool that givesyou a little room to grow. You don’t have to pay anything for the coreaccounting features. However, the lack of a time tracking tool may be a turnoff for some freelancers.✅ PROS: * Free. You only pay for payments and payroll * Feature-rich for small businesses * Excellent management of invoices and transactions * User-friendly * Multicurrency * Instant Payouts⛔️ CONS: * Lack of time-tracking features * Lack of a comprehensive mobile app * Payroll is not as robust as the competition* * *

6. Best Accounting Software for Online Businesses: ScaleFactor

This is a cloud-based accounting software meant for small and mid-sizedbusinesses. It helps with the automation of complex accounting workflows andthe translation of financial information into actionable insights.The key features of ScaleFactor include bookkeeping, audit and compliancemanagement, invoicing and billing, expense management, and others. Thesoftware allows you to capture expense details and categorize them undersuitable headers. ScaleFactor helps you to keep track of cash flow and sendsalerts whenever there are anomalies.You can use the bank reconciliation feature to process paper checks and ACH inrealtime. The software provides excellent integration features. You canconnect it to existing CRM, HR systems, and credit card accounts. This allowsyou to sync transactions across your applications in real-time.✅ PROS: * Great user-interface * Feature-rich * Hassle-free onboarding * Seamless data entry⛔️ CONS: * Not enough training material * Can get glitchy* * *

7. Best Accounting Software for Online Sellers: GoDaddy Bookkeeping

GoDaddy – does it sound familiar? Yep, it’s the world-renowned domain nameprovider. Many people don’t realize that they also provide businesses withtools for balancing their books. With GoDaddy Bookkeeping, the company offersaffordable and reliable accounting software. The tool is perfect if you’relooking for a bookkeeping tool that’s not too sophisticated. GoDaddy Bookkeeping is a cloud-based solution that users can access fromanywhere. All you need to get started is a GoDaddy account. There’s also amobile app for iOS and Android for those who want to record and refer to theiraccounting records on the go.The software integrates seamlessly with online retailers like Amazon and eBay.It’s one of the best accounting software for e-commerce. Some of the keyfeatures include invoicing, a dashboard, estimates, expense tracking, contactmanagement, reports, time tracking, and others.GoDaddy Bookkeeping has 3 plans – Get Paid at $4.99 per month, Essentials at$9.99 per month, and Premium at $14.99 per month.✅ PROS: * Inexpensive * Easy to use * Good dashboard and invoicing tools * Integration with PayPal, eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. * Calculates tax estimates⛔️ CONS: * No bill payment or project tracking * No multi-currency support * No-individual log-in for users* * *

What is the best accounting software for small business?

The best bookkeeping software is what works best for your needs. You can pickone from our selection above.

Can accounting software help reduce costs?

When accounting software is fully-integrates with other departments, it canhelp reduce costs significantly. Invoices are generating and sent to customersand payments recorded automatically. This eliminates costly manual processes.

What’s the best nonprofit accounting software?

QuickBooks for nonprofits (QuickBooks Premier) is one of the best accountingsolutions for charity organizations.Conclusion Accounting has changed. It’s no longer the grubby affair your grandpa had tograpple with. Our list of best accounting software tools is ideal for bothentry-level and small business accounting. You’re bound to find the right fitfor your business.Launchberg editors pick and review products independently. We may earnaffiliate commissions when you purchase an item via our links—it helps supportour testing.List of Top 10 Online Accounting Software in India 2021Accounting displays the financial health of a business. For any small or bigbusiness- ascertaining profits, and maintaining books of accounts supports inkeeping a tab on the financial position of the business. Financial accountingmaneuvers involve complex scenarios, huge operational budget, more customers,and gigantic ledger records. As the business grows, it faces shortcomings inhandling enormous books of accounts and fiddle with adequate tools. Practicinggood financial bookkeeping and engaging right accounting software provides astraightforward, initiative and powerful accounting solution.So, how does a business manage financial accounting and get rid of maintainingmammoth ledger entries? Accounting Software is an answer to all businessprobes! Accounting is an integral part of a business organization and helps inlearning the insights of profitability and losses. A simple accountingsoftware system enables the business to keep records of expenditures andincome and automate reporting tasks by eliminating consolidated manualentries.Software Development companies have introduced simplified accounting softwarethat eases out the tiring task of manual ledger entries and eliminating humanerrors. The accounting software has come as a reform in the businessmanagement world. The software is used by all types of business indispensableof their size and type. What’s more remarkable is that even the start-upcompanies are integrating accounting software in the system for the basicfunctionalities the software has to offer.India, one of the most glorified countries for its 7% projected economicgrowth, has seen reforms in its tax structure. Recently, Indian law replacedvarious indirect taxes with one indirect tax- GST for the entire country. GSThas been updated in 4 different slab rates and requires extreme calculations.Performing bookkeeping the process and keeping a tab on varied GST rates isnext to impossible for manual operators. Hence, software development companiesin India have introduced simple accounting software incubated with GSTfeatures to make the accounting process compatible with the latest taxstructure.In this article, we present you top 10 accounting software for small and mid-size business in India. This accounting software is feature-ready to satisfyall the obligations of the current Tax structure of India. The software isscalable, supportive, reliable, and have standardized features to host generalaccounting process.* * *

Key Benefits of myBooks Accounting Software

» GST Compliance Made Easy : Send professional-looking GST Compliant invoicesand delivered to your customers by email in just a few clicks. Generateinvoices in less than 60sec with your customized logo. File GSTR1 to GSTR9from a single platform, find your error and fix the mismatches for finalsubmissions.» Easy Bank Reconciliation : myBooks designed for SME’s, you can generateinvoices base currency of their customer needs and connect with SME’s bankaccount transaction tracking features. Further, you can do multicategorization of bank statements with just a click. You can easily categorize20 business meal receipts to respective categories with a single click. Youcan select 20 of them in go and categorize meal receipts. This willautomatically create 20 expense for you and balance your books.» Backup & Security : Daily backups are maintained in myBooks cloud. You canalso request the backup of your data anytime. myBooks uses bank-level securityon servers and for data transferred between your systems so 100% data securityfor your data.» Free Mobile Apps : myBooks comes with a free mobile app for Android and iOSPlatform. Create your client invoices from smartphone & get paid on time fromyour mobile apps. Invoicing to your customer from mobile is very easy andsimple.» Financial report & Dashboard : myBooks dashboard charts and reports at yourfingertips whenever you need it. You can track your business financialseasily. myBooks accounting software load within seconds. myBooks is hosted onthe next generation cloud systems, make it easy to process millions oftransactions.Busy is an integrated Windows-based accounting software that has been createdto bring a reform in the computerized accounting system. With the primaryobjective of providing digitalization and offering a computerized softwaresolution, Busy has become one of the top online accounting software in India.Busy was curated by a group of IT professionals with a motive that focused onthe development of business accounting. The software has received anoverwhelming response from the Fortune companies in India. Busy AccountingSoftware caters a range of accounting software apps that cater to the need ofdifferent business segments. The software is available in three differentsegments that suit micro, small, and medium scale enterprises.

Key Benefits of Busy Accounting Software

» Financial Accounting (Multi-Currency) : Busy is one of the top accountingsoftware that features multi-currency accounting. This opens up the option forglobalized companies that have branches worldwide. Centralizing financialaccounting has become much easier with this advanced feature.» GST Invoicing and Reports : Since the time GST was introduced, onlineaccounting software has come as a handy tool for error-free tax filingreturns. Busy is featured packed with advanced tools that assist business infiling tax returns easily and analyze profit reports. Busy showcases relevantdetails and GSTINs for contacts.» MIS reports & Analysis : Top level management can rely on MIS reports andanalysis of everyday management activities. Busy Accounting Software providescomplete MIS reports that helps in keeping a track on work progress and makequick decisions relying on the reports generated.Logic is an online accounting software in India that satisfies the demand ofhaving a strategic ERP system in the accounting and financial module. Businessmanagers look forward to grabbing an insight into financial reports that alignin quick decision making. Logic is advanced computerized software whichfacilitates error-free financial management, budgeting, and planning, assistsforecasting, renders efficient performance analysis and integrates generalledger and accounting data. Business management can hold cross-communicationwith different departments and facilitate collaborations across businessdelegates using comprehensive data offered by Logic. The software enlightensbusiness success with its powerful consolidated tools that manage Humanresources, inventory, and accounting.

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