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The best antivirus – our curated list

Below you will find our best antivirus programs for 2021. All of them have thenecessary tools to provide maximum protection and bonus features that you mayfind useful. Once again, don’t just pick 1 – I recommend investing a littlebit of time to find the service that best suits your needs.

1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – best virus protection in 2021

Firewall:| Yes —|— Free version:| Yes Platforms:| Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Customer support:| 24/7 email, phone, and live chat Running for almost two decades, Bitdefender has earned its place among thebest antivirus providers. It has over 500 million users, mainly because of itsgreat free version, but the premium options are well-worth your money. Andwhen you add a password manager and a VPN, Bitdefender Antivirus becomes afull cybersecurity suite. No wonder you will find it at the top of most bestantivirus lists.

3. Kaspersky Anti-virus – superb performance and protection

Firewall:| Yes —|— Free version:| Yes Platforms:| Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Customer support:| 24/7 live chat, phone, and email Before I move on, I have to inform you that in 2017, the US government bannedKaspersky Anti-virus from its institutions, citing ties with the Russiangovernment. However, putting Putin aside, Kaspersky has an excellentreputation and is always at or near the top in independent antivirus tests.

5. Avira Antivirus – best free plan on the market

Firewall:| Yes —|— Free version:| Yes Platforms:| Windows, macOS, Android, iOS Customer support:| 24/7 live chat and community support 500 million users have done a right choice by choosing Avira Antivirus – it’sone of the best antivirus software available in both free and premiumsegments.

6. BullGuard Antivirus – best option for gamers

Firewall:| Yes —|— Free version:| Yes (Android-only) Platforms:| Windows, macOS, Android Customer support:| 24/7 email, community forum, and live chat

How we curated our best antivirus software list

Naturally, most antivirus software offers a similar set of features, such asreal-time scanning or defense against ransomware. For most users, solid basicscan be enough, and they don’t have any reason to pay more for something theydon’t want. On the other hand, unique features are what make an antivirussolution stand out from the others.Here are the criteria that we used to determine the best antivirus programs in2021: * Independent antivirus testing. Does the company even invest in such testing? What are the results? We take a look at results from AV-Test Institute, SE Labs, AV-Comparatives, and others. * In-house antivirus testing. This one is mostly for spyware, adware, and other types of malware. It’s one thing to launch an antivirus that scores highly and another to retain the position throughout the year * What is its record with false positives? New malware examples come out each day, and even the best antivirus software can’t catch it all 100% of the time. But how does one solve the problem of false positives? I look at which antivirus solutions don’t overreact and let you browse freely. * Bonus features. I check which antiviruses offer firewalls, spam filters, secure browsers, and other extras. Then I compare the number of features you get and the asking price. * Supported devices. If you’ve found the best antivirus for Windows 10, that doesn’t mean it will work on your iPhone. * Performance. If you don’t have the latest hardware, an antivirus scan can hamper your device’s performance. * Ease of use. No matter how sophisticated the best antivirus software is, any user should be able to scan their device. * Reputation. It’s hard to stay clean, but only clean antiviruses can reach the top. And that’s why you won’t see AVG or Avast at the top of our list. * Price. You shouldn’t be trying to save on protecting your devices. On the other hand, there’s no reason to choose overpriced antivirus software. In any case, the majority of best antivirus software developers offer different packages for individuals, families, and businesses. * Customer support. Is there 24/7 support? If so, is that via email or a live chat? These are important questions that say a lot about your provider’s outlook on its clients.

The best free antivirus software

Good antivirus software doesn’t have to cost much. Actually, it doesn’t haveto cost anything at all. Four out of five antivirus solutions mentioned abovehave either good or great free versions. If that wasn’t enough, there areother highly-rated brands to check out. We already picked the best freeantivirus services in our top list here.

How to choose the best antivirus software?

Choosing the best antivirus software depends on the following factors. First,you have to see if you’re already using some kind of online protection. Maybeit’s a VPN or a password manager?If so, you can look for a cheaper option that doesn’t include these features.If not, then I advise taking an all-in-one bundle – most antiviruses havethem, including our Top 5.The next question is about the users – is it only for you or also your familyand kids? Some providers have solid parental control features while othersprotect your whole home network and alert about possible dangers.Another factor is your budget. Not all antivirus programs offer the same bang-for-the-buck ratio. That’s why spending thirty dollars on Kaspersky instead ofAvira might be a good idea.Finally, you have to like the software because most companies sell one-year orlonger subscriptions. However, the majority offer a 30-day money-backguarantee, so testing before buying will save you both time and money.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

> Get Bitdefender Free AntivirusBitdefender, the Romanian internet security solutions company, doesn’t needany introduction in the world of cybersecurity. The company offers top-notchproducts for home and business use and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition isno exception. It gives a tough competition to Avast’s solution. It’s a no-nonsense, free computer antivirus software that has all the major featuresyou’d expect from a top rated and free virus protection program. Its chieffeatures include: * “On-demand virus scanning” that ensures the removal of different kinds of worms, trojans, viruses, ransomware, rootkits, spyware, etc. * The “anti-phishing feature” lets you protect yourself and take control of your online accounts in the best manner possible. * With “behavioral detection,” your apps are actively monitored and instant action is taken. * “Anti-fraud” feature warns you when you visit the sites that try to scam you.In the tests of different independent security labs, Bitdefender AntivirusFree Edition has excelled. This free virus scanner keeps running in thebackground all the time and comes with an easy-to-use interface. This topantivirus protection for 2018 is also quick to install and light on theresources of your device.When it comes to Bitdefender free vs paid comparison, the paid version comeswith features like a password manager, browser hardening, specializedransomware protection, webcam protection, social networking protection, etc. Afeature named Bitdefender Autopilot is available to take care of the entirecybersecurity on its own. The plan also comes bundled with a VPN protectionfor added security and safety while browsing the web. If that sounds like whatyou need, give it a go as it also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Avira Free Antivirus

> Get Avira Free AntivirusFirst appearing on the horizon of PC protection in 1986, Avira has also beenperforming well in the test of different independent cybersecurity labs. Whileit might not be as feature packed as Avast Free Antivirus, Avira is known toturn out to deliver a solid performance with a clean user interface. The new2018 version of this one of best free antivirus isn’t any exception. Some ofthe most noticeable features of Avira’s free solution are: * Avira’s “Protection Cloud” is an early warning system that analyzes the unknown files in clouds and protects the community in real-time. * Its antivirus scanner takes care of most types of malware, including virus, worm, trojan, ransomware, etc. * With the help of Avira Browser Safety extension, you get added features like Browser Tracking Blocker, Safe Browsing, and Price Comparison. * The “PUA Shield” stops the unwanted apps from harming your system.The Protection Cloud of Avira uploads the digital fingerprint of the maliciousfile to the cloud and check the same against company’s database. Based on thedetection results, further actions are taken.It’s worth noting that Avira also ships a software suite named Internet TotalSecurity Suite, which has Free Antivirus and Avira Phantom VPN. The VPNbundled with this suite has a data limit. However, for VPN, I’ll recommend youto choose from these best solutions. Avira also ships a SafeSearch Plusextension for Chrome to take care of your privacy and informs you about fishylinks right in the search results page.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

> Get Kaspersky Free AntivirusIt wasn’t long ago when Russian cybersecurity leaders Kaspersky Labs launcheda full-fledged free cybersecurity suite. The company’s home and enterpriseproducts are frequently featured on the annual top 10 antivirus software listsof different websites and experts. The free and lightweight antivirus fromKaspersky Labs is a basic program that doesn’t come with any fancy featuresand promises to do its job with diligence.Talking about its features, you get the core protection of this not-so-heavyantivirus, which includes protection against dangerous malware, viruses,phishing attacks, spyware, etc. Its web protection also makes sure thatnotorious websites aren’t able to fool you. You also get email protection aswell, so it’s not a bad deal as it uses the same antivirus engine used bypopular and paid Kaspersky Internet Security. You can go for the paidversion’s trial if you need advanced features like cross-platform protection,safe online transactions, kids security, password manager, etc.In the past, there have been some reports of tussles between the US governmentand Kaspersky. But those allegations haven’t changed anything when it comes toreal-time scanning and security features shipped with Kaspersky. So, at theend of the day, it’s your choice.

adaware antivirus

> Get adaware antivirusadaware antivirus was earlier known as Ad-Aware from Lavasoft. This freeantivirus software for PC has undergone an overhauling and rebranding. Whileit might not be the best virus protection you can get for your PC, a fewhighlight features of adaware antivirus are worth mentioning: * Protects your PC from popular threats like spyware, viruses, worm, trojans, etc. * Download protection scans all the files that you download from the web. * The files and processes are scanned and blocked in real-time.While most of the free computer protection software on this list had somebonus feature to offer, adaware antivirus 12 doesn’t have any. As it’s free,you can give it a try. Still, I’ll recommend you to go for the top picks likeKaspersky, Avast, or Bitdefender.

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