3 KingRoot PC and APK Versions

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Part 1. Install ADB on Windows

It is quite easy to install and set up ADB in Windows computer. Actually, thesize of the tool is merely 4.51MB, so it won’t take up much space on yourcomputer. Here we Windows 10 as example. * Step 1. Download Platform Tools for Windows. Confirm to download on the new window and save the zip file to a folder on your PC. * Step 2. Extract the zip file after download. * Step 3. Press Shift key and right click within the extracted folder, then choose Open PowerShell window here (or Open command window here on some computers) * Step 4. A command prompt should appear.This means that ADB is set up on your Windows computer. In order tocommunicate with your Android phone, however, you also need to enable USBdebugging on your handset.

Option 2. Install APK for Android from Computer

There are already lots of methods to install apps to Android phone, includinginstalling apk files on mobile phone, but occasionally you may need to installAPK to Android phone from computer. This is especially useful if you know thatthe installation is completely silent with no need of operation on phonescreen.adb install The path should be a location on your computer system drive. Please move theapk file to the system drive if it is not. For example, adb install /MyDownloads/TitaniumBackup.apkNotes: * No need to operate on phone screen. * No prompt of permissions from the app. * No need to enable Unknown source on mobile phone. * Be care of apk files containing malware.This function may work magically when you want to install an app to your phonebut unable to control the device, like due to broken or black screen.

How does the APK editor for Windows help?

What do we know about APK files? These are the extension files for variousAndroid apps that are compatible with almost all Android-powered smartphones.These files can be edited directly on the PC. There are several APK editorsfor PC that help you edit the name and icon of the Android application. Thesetools make this process a matter of a few minutes with the simple instructionsthat need to be followed.You can easily find APK editor for PC on the Google play store that can bedownloaded on your Android smartphone too. These APK editing tools will helpyou to decompile the target files on the smartphone itself and make theprocess of changing the names and icons very easy and quick. You don’t need todownload the editing software on any other device if you just want to renamethe files or change their icon.Another time when you will need APK editor for PC is when you want to studyabout the technicalities of the APK files for your Android developmentknowledge. These APK editors for PC apps will help you to learn more aboutdeveloping ideas for newer Android apps.PS: if you are bothered with the errors of Android file transfer Mac notworking or Android App Not Installed, click to fix them now.

Seven best APK editor for PC

For all your app extension modification needs, we bring you the best APKediting software. If you are not happy with the original font of theapplication, just take the help of these solutions to change it altogether.These apps can be downloaded on Android smartphones as well for getting thepurpose done. However, to be able to access the features in their best formand get a better screen experience, you must operate this software on a PC.Getting APK editor for windows lets you decompile, sign, or recompile thefiles easily at one place itself.There are several tools available for the windows that will let you reverseengineer that Android apps. However, many best APK editing tools are onlyavailable for Android systems. This poses an obvious issue since Android isnot compatible with the windows. Well, it can with the right help.For the Android exclusive APK editing software, you can run them on thecomputer with the help of an Android emulator. There are several such emulatorsolutions available in the market. It’s time we get you through several vestAPK editor for windows that we have understood about. These tools are acombination of the window exclusive ones as well as the other who use anemulator to operate.Besides, here are the top best Android modded games and best Modded KIK foryour reference.

1. APK Studio

This is an open-source software which is available for free and helps you indecompiling the APK files and modify their resources and security codes andthen recompile them. The APK studio helps you to change anything that you wantinside the file. For professional Android developers, this app is the bestoption.The software is complicated, so if you have just begun with Androiddevelopment, then you will take some time to adjust well the variousoperations. The APKeditor has most of the tools required for Androiddevelopment that allows editing and rebuilding the applications.

Some of the features of the APK icon editor software are:

1. Modify the size of the icon 2. Change the name and icon of the APKfiles 3. Upload the modified files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Cloud storage 4. Change the version and continued version 5. Modify the color of the icon 6. Change the size of the iconDownload APK Icon Editor

3. APK file manager

This editing tool has been stated as being a full package for the Android appsthat can be reversely engineered. It is fully compatible with Windows. The APKeditors for PC tool does almost every function. It brings some interestingfeatures like direct information feed from the Google play store in the formof screenshots that can be stored offline. The software enables this featureby analyzing the APK file’s directory and collecting the basic information anddata of the icon.Some of the other features include the ability to move the old APK fileversion into a different folder for inspection before removing them. There isan option called the Customer renaming mask that is used for giving new namesfor the files, and this renaming can be done for a batch of files at the sametime. This editing tool is one of the most professional ones out of all theother APK editor for Windows and file managers.Download APK file managerThe idea of the APK editors for PC is in its name itself; it allows thereverse engineering of Android apps to be very simple. This Window program isvery lightweight, which allows all the basic management tasks for the APKfiles, including compilation and decompilation, along with signing. It worksmore efficiently because of the light user interface that it has, which ismore comprehendible.One feature of the APK editors for PC includes the drag and drop system, whichallows you to move the files easily for compilation or decompilation. Some ofthe other essential features include enabling or disabling the update checksas well as extracting the APK files from their ZIP archives. This has the bestframework management system, which also allows the user to change the tags andpaths.Download APK Easy Tool

7. APK Editor Studio

This tool for reverse engineering is a very powerful editing software butdoesn’t come in a complicated form. It allows the user to do so many thingsfrom a single platform edit, replace, or extract the resources from the APKicons or images; add more resources translations, create a unique AKO mod andthen learn about its internal functioning. It has multiple tools that come inhandy for changing the title and icon of the applications easily, sign the APKfiles automatically, and then install them on the device without any hassle.

2. One Click Root (PC & APK Versions)

One Click Root is another Android root tool that is used by numerous users allover the world.Pros: * Safe and free. * It has both PC and APK versions. * It supports thousands of Android devices. * It supports the unroot Android feature.Cons: * You need to register the APK version on your Android device for further use.

3. KingRoot (PC and APK Versions)

KingRoot is a very popular Android root software that supplies you with a goodrooting experience. It also has a high success rate. When you get thissoftware, you will discover that it has a clean interface.Here is one thing you should know: when you search for this Android rootAPK/PC software on the internet, you need to carefully identify its officialsite: https://kingrootapp.net/. Don’t be confused by other similar web pages.Pros: * Safe and free. * It has both PC and APK versions. * The operation interface is very simple. * You can perform an Android root with only one click.Cons: * It has less function compared with some other Android root tools.

4. iRoot (PC and APK Versions)

iRoot is a free one-click Android root software. You can use the PC or APKversion to root your Android device. You can also use this software to blockall of the annoying ads in your downloaded apps.Pros: * Safe and free. * It has both PC and APK versions. * You can perform a one-click root on your Android device.Cons: * You can’t use this software to unroot your Android device.

8. Towelroot (APK Version)

Towelroot APK is an awesome app to root your android device. It is a smallutility that enables you to root your Android device in just a few seconds.Till now, it only offers an APK version that allows you to root your Androiddevice without computer.Pros: * Safe and free. * The operation is clean and simple.Cons: * It doesn’t have a PC version. * You can’t use it to remove root from your Android device.The above are 8 popular Android root tools that are widely used all over theworld. Of course, there is also some other similar software like SRS Root,Magisk Root, Universal Androot, and more.After choosing and install your favored Android tool, you can use it to rootyour Android device: * If you are using a PC version, you need to connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable, allow the USB debugging on the device, and then open the software to root Android. * If you are using an APK version, you can directly open the utility on your Android device to perform an Android root.See! With one or a few clicks, you can root your Android device easily andquickly.Now, you know how to root Android and you can see it is not difficult.After rooting your Android, you can feel free to make the operations thatcan’t be achieved on an unrooted phone.We have mentioned twice about this topic in this article: recovering data fromthe Android device directly. If you are interested in this topic, you can readthis part to get some useful information about Android data recovery.MiniTool has free Android data recovery software that can help you retrieveyour lost and delete Android data from the device and the Android SD card. Itis MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android.This software has two recovery modules: Recover from Phone and Recover fromSD-Card: * With the first module, you can directly restore your data from your Android phone and tablet. As we have mentioned above, you need to first root your Android device with a PC version of Android root software and then you can use Recover from Phone to get your lost data back from the Android device. * The second recovery module is specially designed to retrieve data from your Android SD card. You can remove the SD card from your Android device, insert the card to a card reader, connect it to your computer and use this module to start data recovery.This software has a free edition that allows you to recover 10 files of onetype each time. You can click the following download button to get thissoftware to have a try.Free Download

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