3 One Stop Solution for App Development and Management

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The Benefits of Outsourcing a Mobile App

Although businesses are constantly adjusting to evolving trends in mobile-onlyand mobile-first approaches, retaining an in-house mobile app development teamas compared to outsourcing it to an app development company is possibly stilla contentious point, and for a good purpose.The rewards of having leverage over a campaign with an in-house mobile appteam come with multiple undesirable costs, including costs as high as amillion dollars for just one application. Although using an in-housedevelopment team entails less budgetary risks, the contracting out of themobile app development and maintenance to a specialist app development companyhas many advantages. The following are three of them.

3. One-Stop Solution for App Development and Management

By outsourcing to an app development company for all your development needs,you can partner with an outsourced app developer that stays with you for thelong-term. Ultimately, this will allow you not just to develop flexible,mobile applications but also get access to long-term maintenance solutions.This is how a bond of trust is developed with the outsourced app developers.When outsourcing mobile app development, the best way to go would be to hire amobile app development company with a full stack of experts. This will helpcreate a hypermarket-like experience for you. This means that one singlecompany would be able to meet all your application development needs and youwon’t need to switch between multiple developers for different services. Isn’tthat great?* * *

How Much Time Does It Take To Build an App?

Determining the time period for building an app will vary depending on anumber of variables. However, in our experience, the time period for buildingan app is a matter of determining which tools you’ll have accessibility to,the complexity of what you’re attempting to develop, and what ability levelsyou’ll be able to utilize during the development cycle.Despite the above, there is a standard timeframe in which an app is developed.The standard reply we give to people questioning us about how the time periodfor creating an app is four to six months. However, this isn’t to say that youcan’t create the first iteration of an app quicker than four months, or thatit can’t take more six months to develop. We have done both at the InfoSystemHyperlink. Like every creative endeavor, there are several variables that mayaffect the timeline of app development, including your specific requirementsfor app functionality.* * *

The Cost of App Development

There’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty around the real cost of creating anapp, as you might have imagined. In fact, it may shock some prospective appinvestors to find out how much time and money goes into building one –particularly the investment that is needed before you can see a decent return.App pricing is generally dependent on a lot of variables that gives an overallexperience-so it can vary greatly.Research indicates that the average price for a basic application ranges fromforty to sixty thousand dollars. The price of the medium difficultyapplication ranges from sixty-one to sixty-nine thousand dollars. Asophisticated app could cost between seventy thousand dollars and a 100k.So, providing a rough response to how much it costs to build an app: it wouldcost about twenty-five thousand dollars to create a simple app. Smalldifficulty applications range from fort thousand to seventy thousand dollarswhich complex applications usually cost more than seventy thousand dollars.* * *

Importance of Signing an NDA for Your App Development Project

Lack of confidence in business will cause you a serious loss. Your partner maysell your computer programs or your employee can steal your sensitive businessinformation. These are just some of the reasons we have a non-disclosureagreement (NDA).NDA is a legal contract that all parties involved—the consumer, its employeesand the company developing the app has to abide by. This arrangement helps tosecure the proprietary details relating to the concept of the application. Nomatter what the scenario is, the details are not to be revealed to any thirdparty.* * *

The APP Solutions Mobile Development Process

So, how to estimate app development costs?Let’s go through the step-by-step development process to make clear whatamount of money is needed.We develop applications according to Agile methodology. A system developmentlife cycle is composed of defined work phases. We use them to plan, design,build, test, and deliver the final product to the client.

What are global mobile developers’ rates?

Consider that you can receive an excellent result even from low-priceddevelopers and that a high developer hourly rate does not guarantee a high-quality outcome.Developer location is one of the essential factors that influence pricing.For example: * Developers from Canada and the US charge from $50 to $250 per hour * Australian mobile app developers hourly rates vary from $50 to $150 * UK-based and Western European agencies offer their services from $35 to $170 per hour * Eastern European mobile developers charge from $30 to $150 per hourWith this in mind, let us continue.

Simple apps

Simple apps include essential functions without third-party API integrationand back-end development. Apps with basic functionality may usually consistof: * Standard UI components * Social login * Push notifications * Personal profile * Feed list * Map markersThe estimated cost of a simple mobile app varies from $10,000 to 25,000according to the APP Solutions rates.Our example is the RecruitPitch app, a free pre-interview tool for recruiters.With this app, HR managers set and check tasks for candidates using audio.

Medium complexity apps

Apps in this category include the integration of a third-party solution. Forinstance, for providing an app with payment features or real-time chats.Medium complexity apps may consist of: * Customized UI features * Integration with APIs * Simple hosting serverAccording to the APP Solutions rates, this would be estimated from $35K to$50K.One example is All Square, a social media platform for golfers. To learn more,read the case study.

Complex apps

Complex applications include advanced functionality such as: * Audio/video streaming * Online chats * Real-time data synchronization * Custom design and animation * Third-party services integration * In-app purchases * Complex back-endand as many more features as you wish.The estimated average cost of app development of complex applications startsat $60,000.An example is our project Spotnews, an advanced streaming platform integratedwith Spotify API. See the full case study on the link.

How to reduce the app’s cost?

The creation of an MVP or minimum viable product is a way how to save youmoney and time in the initial stages of your project. It is a version of yourfuture product with initial functionality and fewer features. MVP helps makethe process faster and identify possible problems. Also, MVP allows you toprove your theories or change some of the app’s functions (even productstrategy.)Below is an example of an MVP Agile model:

Developing Your App

We have finally reached the step where you actually develop your app. Forthis, you can approach this in a number of ways: either through a custom appdevelopment company, freelance developers, or mini teams to help create youridea into a tangible money-making mobile app.Now everything boils down to the app and its level of functionality. If youare going for a complete mobile app experience with extensive features, thenyou need to invest heavily as well. However, if your app has basicfunctionalities then you approach a small company that would do the job foryou with basic skill-set.Nonetheless, when you pay a high price for higher skills then you are bound toreceive better quality and impeccably developed apps by some of the finestdevelopers in the market.However, if you are still confused as to who to approach, then we wouldrecommend outsourcing your app development needs to a reputable softwaredevelopment company. Not only the charges will be reduced considering thecountry and its economy, and you will derive maximum value at a cheaper rate.The only obstacle that arises when you are looking for an outsourcing firm iswhich one to choose? Here’s what you need to look out for: * Their clients and their feedbacks. * The projects they have undertaken and completed. * Their reputation within the market. * Their services. * Their portfolio. * How they communicate and assist you. * Will they provide an MVP? These few points will help you to determine the best outsourcing form forbuilding your app from scratch.

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