3D Mapping Drones Software And Consultancy

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The best professional 3D modeling software tool: criteria

Due to how wide the gaps in price between some of these tools, our 10 choicesare not in any kind of rank order. They were picked based on the followingcriteria: * Software feature depth: to be considered a top professional software you need a wide suite of tools to accomplish even the most technical needs. * Versatility: not only how versatile the 3D modeling software tool is, but how easy it is to work with other programs or file types. For example, can the tool create STL files for 3D printing in a 3D slicer. * Learning curve: even though you need a set of high-quality tools for professional 3D software, it doesn’t need to be unnecessarily difficult to learn.

How To Create 3D Maps And Models

To create a 3D map of a land mass from aerial photos, a camera is mounted on adrone or aircraft and is usually pointed vertically towards the ground. Tocreate a 3D model of a monument, statue or even a face, the camera is mountedhorizontally.The drone camera will capture hundreds, even thousands of overlapping photosof the ground, structure or model. The photos will overlap each other, with anoverlap of 80 to 90%. The 3D map or 3D model is then created using aerialimage stitching photogrammetry software.The drone will fly using autonomous programmed flight paths called waypoints.To overlap photos of an object or land mass by 80 to 90% would be impossibleto complete accurately by pilot navigation. It is essential to have a drone,which has waypoint navigation technology.Each photo captured will also have it’s GPS coordinates (Geotagging) saved,which also assists to build the 3D map. A geotagged photograph is associatedwith a geographical location. Usually this is done by assigning at least alatitude and longitude to the image. Other fields may be optionally includedsuch as altitude and compass bearing.

Sectors Using 3D Maps And Photogrammetry Software

Here are some of the best uses of aerial 3D mapping. These sectors benefitmassively through having precision 3D maps of their projects. They alsobenefit with increased efficiency and reduced costs over using traditionalaircraft. * Forestry Management and Planning * Flood Modelling * Pollution Modelling * Mapping and Cartography * Urban Planning * Coastline Management * Transport Planning * Oil and Gas Exploration * Quarries and Minerals (Volumetrics and Exploration) * Archaeology * Cellular Network PlanningYou can read further about what photogrammetry is in this article entitled,“Introduction to Photogrammetry and Lidar Mapping Basics“.Another terrific article is the Drone Pilot “Beginners guide to Drone MappingSoftware“.

Top Photogrammetry Software For 3D Map Generating

Below, you are quick reviews along with videos of the top 3D mapphotogrammetry software on the market.

Maps Made Easy For 3D Maps

Maps Made Easy process your aerial images into Orthophoto Maps and 3D Models.They also host your maps rather than you having to save and process themlocally.This is how Maps Made Easy works. Fly any drone or aircraft and capture theaerial images. Maps Made Easy processing works with images taken from anyaerial platform. You capture the images, upload the images to Maps Made Easy.They will stitch the photos into 3D maps using powerful processing servers andtheir own 3D photogrammetry software. They also take care of the storage ofthe data and 3D maps with their hosting solution.The Maps Made Easy free version is great for small jobs. There is noresolution limits or subscriptions required.Here is just some of the key outputs from the Maps Made Easy photogrammetrysoftware;3D model-based stitching – Maps Made Easy use the most cutting edge methodsavailable for creating maps. Combining multiple looks of an area as an droneflies over, allows the software to create a 3D model from which stunninglyaccurate orthophoto maps are produced. The textured 3D model can be downloadedand previewed online.Stockpile Volume Measurement – The Maps Made Easy web based volumemeasurements make measuring and tracking stockpile volumes quick and easy.There is no expensive software to buy and the measurements can be madedirectly from your web browser. Volumetric measurements are easily shared withothers and are stored to track progress over time.NDVI Processing – The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is asimple graphical indicator which can be used to analyze remote sensingmeasurements and assess whether the target being observed contains healthyvegetation or not. Maps Made Easy is the Internet’s easiest way to stitch,catalog and annotate NDVI maps.Multi-visit Management – Multiple geo-referenced visits to the same mappingsite can be combined and arranged with the Maps Made Easy drag and dropinterface. You can build and quickly view a history for every point on themap. This feature is especially useful for construction monitoring,agriculture, pipeline documentation and solar array inspection.Full Online Processing – Map processing is complicated. It takes a lot ofcomputing horsepower and processor time. If you were to attempt to do the sameprocessing that Maps Made Easy are doing on their purpose built server, youwould likely not have the system resources or not be able to use your computerfor hours on end.Share with iFrame Embed Codes – Any map you create on the site can easily beembedded in your own website or blog. The service of the imagery is backed bythe Maps Made Easy reliable servers and gives you control over when a map ispublicly viewable and when it isn’t.You can find the full list of Maps Made Easy guide videos here. You can alsoview some Maps Made Easy photogrammetry samples here.

Open Drone Map Photogrammetry Software

OpenDroneMap is an open source toolkit for processing aerial drone imagery.Drones use simple point and shoot cameras, so the images from drones, whilefrom a different perspective, are similar to any pictures taken from point andshoot cameras, which are non-metric imagery.OpenDroneMap turns those simple images into three dimensional geographic datathat can be used in combination with other geographic datasets.In a word, OpenDroneMap is a tool chain for processing raw UAS imagery toother useful products such as; 1. Point Clouds 2. Digital Surface Models 3. Textured Digital Surface Models 4. Orthorectified Imagery 5. Classified Point Clouds (coming soon) 6. Digital Elevation ModelsNow, you will find plenty of Open Drone Map YouTube videos to help you withthe installation, configuration and using this aerial drone mapping software.Here is an introduction video to Open Drone Map.VIDEO

ESRI Drone2Map For ArcGIS Photogrammetry Software

The ESRI Drone2Map photogrammetry software turns your drone into an enterpriseGIS productivity tool, allowing you to create orthomosaics, 3D meshes, andmore in minutes.Drone2Map works with the following ArcGIS products;How Drone2Map For ArcGIS WorksDrone2Map for ArcGIS streamlines the creation of professional imagery productsfrom drone captured still imagery for visualization and analysis in ArcGIS.Drone Support – Use the drone and camera which meets your needs and performin-field image processing to verify the coverage and quality of your imagerycollection.Ground Control – Simplify and streamline your ground control workflow by usingCollector for ArcGIS to capture high-accuracy points that are ready forintegration into your Drone2Map for ArcGIS project.Drone2Map Highlights – Automate your image processing routine with theindustry’s easiest-to-use drone image processing software. In a few clicks,produce stunning 2D and 3D products that your entire enterprise can use foranalysis and visualization.

3D Mapping Drones, Software And Consultancy

The below 3 products consist of the following;The DJI GS software works with most of the above photogrammetry softwarepackages.The SenseFly eBee which is a full 3D mapping solution where you get everythingin one full package.Last of all, we have Arcadis which is an example of an PhotogrammetryConsultancy solution, which may be the best option if you don’t want to investin buying a drone or photogrammetry software.

3D Map Area

Automatically generates efficient flight paths after the user has set theirrequired flight zone and camera parameters. The drone will then follow thisroute throughout it’s mission. The image data captured during these flightscan be input into 3D reconstruction photogrammetry software mentioned above,to generate 3D maps, while the mission can be saved for reuse.

3D Map Points Of Interest

Generate detailed maps of tall structures using 3D Map POI. Simply choose thesubject and set a distance between it and the aircraft.GS Pro will then provide relevant parameters including speed and time requiredto circuit the structure.Images captured can be exported into 3D reconstruction software to createaccurate 3D models of the entire building.

3D CAD Software

Microspot Interiors Professional is a professional interactive 3D modelingapplication and 3D CAD software for Mac that makes it simple to create andrender your model and view the results as you are working.

3D CAD Software for Mac

Microspot Interiors Professional is the award-winning software which enablesprofessionals and novices alike the ability to create 3d interior designs inlittle time and without a steep learning curve. With Interiors Professional,you can create your own furniture, accessories, lights, shading, interactivevideos and more. Interiors Professional comes with a powerful modeler thatallows you to create items, or you can use the ever expanding Microspotlibrary that comes packed with different items – just drag an item into yourcreation and save it.

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