3D Printer Software Part 2 Sites to download STL files for 3D printing

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FreeCAD, free CAD software

FreeCad is a free and open source program that has evolved a lot over theyears. In the past it was a program “well-known” for its unfriendly userinterface and its complex learning curve. With the new versions and its hugeimprovements, FreeCad has positioned itself as a fairly solid alternative whenit comes to 3D design, especially for industrial parts and parametric design.One of the biggest strengths of Freecad is that being open source, there arelots of modules, created by different users, that allow us to perform manydifferent tasks. With Freecad you can read and edit lots of formats like STEP,IGES, STL, SVG, DXF, OBJ, IFC, DAE …With all these formats and modules, we can do things like: simulatemechanizations, render, simulate robot movements designed in Freecad, createbuildings with an architecture module, etc. There is a huge variety of modulesand formats that we can use with Freecad, so it is a very flexible andpowerful program.Here is a tutorial which shows the possibilities of FreeCAD for designingengineering parts for free:VIDEO🔗 FreeCad 💵 Free ✅ With many modules that add various features. Great free parametric designprogram

Sculptris, FREE organic modeling

VIDEOSculptris is an even more cut-down version of Zbrush, free and very basic,that can serve as an introduction to digital sculpture.This program lacks many of Zbrush’s most important features, such as thedynamic generation of new polygons or the wide variety of brushes and advancedfunctions. Still, it is an interesting alternative if you want to start with3D modeling oriented to digital sculpture in the simplest way possible.The features it offers are very limited, but they are more than enough toallow us to create a few models and get used to the dynamics and workflow ofthis kind of program. We can also check if we really like digital sculpturewithout having to learn how to use complex programs such as Blender or Zbrush.The learning curve is very smooth, and the program, although basic, gives usall its modeling options from the beginning and a small digital paintingmodule to add color and texture.On a personal level, we have used quite a lot of Sculptris as well as Zbrushand Blender for digital sculpture. Sculptris is without a doubt the easiestoption of all, as both Blender and Zbrush can be a bit overwhelming at firstglance if we are not familiar with this type of program. Our recommendation isthat if you don’t know where to start in digital sculpture, try Sculptris, asit won’t scare you with a lot of options and complex controls.Once you decide that you want to continue in this world, you will probablywant to make the jump to something more powerful, like the Blender sculpturemodule or Zbrush/Zbrush core.🔗 Sculptris 💵 Free ✅ Very simple and accessible. Perfect as an introduction to digital sculpture

Zbrush, Professional Digital Modeling

VIDEOZbrush is a very complete digital sculpture software targeted to aprofessional audience. It is one of the most widely used digital sculptureprograms, and the one we consider most complete.Zbrush aims to be the single solution that brings together all the tools for adigital artist to make their creations entirely using Zbrush, so it has a hugeand very varied range of options and modules, all focused on digitalsculpture.As a sculpture software, it has many features focused on this purpose, whichmake Zbrush the choice of many artists, as it makes the work much easier.One of the most interesting features of Zbrush is the dynamic creation ofgeometry. This means that Zbrush uses a proprietary algorithm that decides toadd or remove triangles to the mesh that forms our model dynamically, so thatwe don’t have to worry about this and can focus only on sculpting. In this wayZbrush seeks to make the user forget that he is using a digital program andfeel as similar as possible to the traditional sculpting.In addition, Zbrush has a complete module for painting models through what isknown as an Atlas of color or texture. In this way the model in question is“stretched” until it is flat, and colours or textures can be applied veryeasily and precisely.Other interesting features are the copy brush, which allows us to clone areasof our model, or the history recovery function to manage our versions.As for the pricing strategy, Zbrush has two packages: Zbrush and Zbrush coreZbrush is the complete program, with all its features and three paymentmodels: $39.95 per month, $179.95 per semester or the lifetime license for$895. As you can see this is a very expensive program, designed forprofessionals, so it is not an affordable billing model.The alternative is Zbrush core, which includes most of Zbrush’s features butis priced much lower at $9.95 per month or $179.95 for a lifetime license. Thebiggest difference is the maximum number of polygons allowed and the number ofbrushes available. Here you can see the complete list of differences.🔗 Zbrush 💵 $39.95 per month for the full version and $9.95 per month for the Coreversion. ✅ Extremely complete for digital sculpture. The reduced or Core version isstill very complete

🍏 3D design software for Mac

Please note that not all 3D design programs are available for Mac. The mostpopular professional CAD programs, such as Solidworks, Inventor (Inventor canbe installed with a virtual machine on a Mac) and CATIA are not available forMac. To replace all of them, we recommend Fusion 360, which is much cheaper,very powerful, and suitable for replacing them in small projects and formedium-sized companies.Other modeling programs that cannot be used on an Apple Mac are 3DS Max,DesignSpark.

☁️ 3D Design Online Software

Another way to design from your Mac is to use design programs that provide anonline interface, accessible from any browser. This is very useful if you workon different devices or computers, and it also makes it easier to share yourdesigns.

Best Free 3D Software 2021: Criteria

Here are some of the criteria we used to evaluate the best free 3D modelingsoftware tools for 2021: * Ease of use: free software tools are often used by beginners so this is important. * Depth of 3D software: being easy to use because there isn’t much you can do with the software doesn’t count as a plus. The ideal free 3D modeling software tool is not only easy to learn and use, but with a wide and deep range of tools to create professional 3D models. * Novelty: a ranking of ten 3D software tools that perform the exact same function is boring. Bonus points were given to a 3D software program that took a completely new approach to creating 3D designs.Note: these are researched opinion pieces, and are not to be taken asobjective fact. We have simply picked ten of our favorite 3D software programsyou can download for free today based on the factors mentioned above.

Top 3D Printing Software (Best 3D Printing Tools)

3D Printer Software Part 1: 3D CAD Programs to design 3D models

For any budding 3D designers who want to 3D print their creations, werecommend some 3D CAD design modeling tools below. We have sorted them frommost beginner-friendly to most advanced, and included a number of free 3Dprinter design software tools.

3D Printer Software Part 2: Sites to download STL files for 3D printing

This section features a few of the most well-known STL file download sites. * We also have a full article for every STL file site, marketplace and repository, including niche STL file repositories for NASA spacecraft, medical models, and more. Make sure to check our full article on STL file sites.

Best 3D Software: Modeling, Rigging & Sculpting Tools For Digital Artists

Resources3D Written by Josh Petty Disclosure: This post may contain affiliatelinks. That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extracost to you(learn more)Let’s face it: there’s a lot of 3D software out there. It can be toughdeciding which program to spend your time learning.Every single 3D program has its pros and cons. And unfortunately, most of thetechnical knowledge needed to distinguish the difference between programs isbeyond a beginner’s grasp.Fortunately many artists(like myself) love to experiment with new software.Plus it’s easy to meet other artists who specialize in different tools. Thisgives more experienced artists some insight into various 3D animationpackages.And for this reason most of the artists I know use multiple programs for their3D work. Combining techniques from Photoshop, ZBrush, and Maya can yieldamazing results.This article offers a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular 3D programsout there. We’ll take a detailed look at each program and compare features tohelp you decide which fits best for your needs.

The best professional 3D modeling software tool: criteria

Due to how wide the gaps in price between some of these tools, our 10 choicesare not in any kind of rank order. They were picked based on the followingcriteria: * Software feature depth: to be considered a top professional software you need a wide suite of tools to accomplish even the most technical needs. * Versatility: not only how versatile the 3D modeling software tool is, but how easy it is to work with other programs or file types. For example, can the tool create STL files for 3D printing in a 3D slicer. * Learning curve: even though you need a set of high-quality tools for professional 3D software, it doesn’t need to be unnecessarily difficult to learn.

8 – Blender – FREE professional 3D software

* Price: Free. * Company based: The Netherlands. * Accessibility: Download.Blender is an incredible tool; perfect for a wide variety of uses – anddespite being free, is still a fantastic professional 3D software tool.Though it’s definitely good enough to warrant a fee, Blender stays true to itsopensource roots, allowing users to create and modify anything they’d like to,exercising unlimited creativity. STL files can be created with ease, and ifyou’re struggling with the learning curve, there are an abundance ofinformative YouTube tutorials that will definitely help.As fans of the opensource movement, 3DSourced highly recommend Blender. It notonly has uses in 3D design for 3D printing, but also in film VFX, video gamedesign, and more. Overall, it’s a fantastic, free, and versatile professional3D software option.For a free tool, Blender is a fantastic professional 3D software choice.

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