3D Printing vs Traditional Jewelry Making

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Resin 3D Slicing & Printing: An Introduction

Resin 3D printing involves either Stereolithography or Digital LightProcessing technologies. They’re very similar — as is LCD 3D printing — withonly subtle differences in the use of projectors vs lasers.As with all 3D printing, the preparation can be time-consuming. You need toedit the 3D printer models, add supports, and slice the print before you canactually get going.The process can be far worse if you have to try out a bunch of differentslicers before you find one that suits you. So we put together this resourceof our 6 favorite resin 3D slicers for SLA, DLP and LCD 3D printing on yourdesktop 3D printer.The same dragon head 3D printer file is used in each resin slicer as shown inthe images below to show supports look in each program.

Best Resin 3D Slicers for printing DLP, SLA or LCD 3D printed parts

Resin Slicer Software| Price| OS| Slicing File Formats —|—|—|— CHITUBOX Free| Free| Windows 32/64, Mac, Linux| .cbddlp, .photon, .photons,.slc, .zip, .cws (by plugin), .ctb, .svgx, .lgs (by plugin), .phz PreForm| Free| Windows 64, Mac| .stl, .obj Z-SUITE| Free| Windows 32/64, Mac| .stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf PrusaSlicer| Free| Windows, Mac, Linux| .sl1, .3mf Formware| $149.95 for 1 PC license, more for multiple PCs| Windows 32/64, Mac,Linux| .stl, .slc, .obj, .ply, .amf, .photon, .photons, .cbddlp, .cws, .gcode B9Creations| Free| Windows 32/64, Mac| .cpj, .stl This list is not in order — we have just picked 6 resin model slicers we feelare good for your printing needs. It is up to you to decide which slicer worksbest for you, and for your printing needs!

CAD software and Supported 3D printing Files

There are several 3D Printing files and software which are used in 3D Printerit may be Free 3D CAD Software may be paid. Some free CAD software for 3DPrinter as we mention below :The most important thing is that 3D Printing files it may be STL File (mostrecommended but used for rending and single color printing ), CAD File, VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language – it has two more nozzles supported so wecan use it on desktop printing with different-different colors and rendering )now another 3D printing file is AMF (Additive Manufacturing File Format) it isXML based supported file used for difference printing color next 3D printingfiles is GCode according to technical it will be good because with this 3Dprinting file we can see layer by layer details instructions of 3D printingmodels.Another important thing is that 3D printer manufacture can their ownproprietary input 3D printing files which is compatible only withmanufacture’s software, Some software which is made for only one printer withone supported 3D printer files format like for zpr format used to the ZPrintand ZEdit software in ZCorp binder jet printers.3D Printing Software as we mention above printing software depends on theirfiles formats it may be free 3D printing software or paid some printing free3D printing CAD software like * TinkerCAD. * SketchUp. * FreeCAD. * Fusion 360. * Onshape Free. * Blender * Ultimaker Cura. and many more it depends on you which 3D printing and file formate you using and if we talk about 3D printing paid CAD software * CATIA * Solidworks * 3D fusion * Autocad, etc3D Printing Models Main thing is that what you want to print it can be made byyou CAD software with supported 3D printing file format with a properprototype and another thing is there are many more website from where we canfree download and use it.11 Best 3D Modeling Software for 3D Printers of 2021Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by The Soft BestHere is a selection of free best 3d modeling software for 3d printers forthree-dimensional printing: Are you looking for a software for 3D printers?Check our guide on the best 3D printing software for beginners andprofessionals.

How does a 3D printer work?

Possible to print sneakers, car parts and, basically, what we can think of astoday they print sheets of paper with two-dimensional drawings, that is notthe place where technology is found in the Nowadays, and it is mainly used forthe prefabrication of parts, and that is why it is used a lot in environmentssuch as architecture or industrial design.* * *

Printing 3D Jewelry Using a 3D Printer

There are two main types of 3D printing technologies: Fused FilamentFabrication (FFF) and Stereolithography (SLA).If you want to print metallic jewelry, you will need a stereolithography 3Dprinter that uses a castable resin. The SLA 3D printer and the castable resinwill create the mold where the liquid metal will be cast into form.3D printers can be used to create various models. If you wish to sell thejewelry, you can let your customers choose the designs they want beforeprinting the pieces.

3D Printing vs. Traditional Jewelry Making

Using an SLA or resin 3D printer to produce 3D designs is brilliant because itcombines investment casting and home 3D printing.The castable resin used to print the models does not stain when it liquefiesduring the casting process. Casting resin produces high-quality 3D printedjewelry.The traditional way of making jewelry starts by creating a wax prototype,either manually or using a CAD machine. The equipment used limits the designsthat your jewelry can be molded into. The more complex your design is, thehigher the cost of the wax would be.After building the wax prototype, a 3D printer can be used in the productionproces. With a 3D printer, it is easier, cheaper, and faster to make complexjewelry designs.After the 3D printer has finished its job, the resin mold has to be poured ina plaster mold to create the jewelry you want. You can do the casting on yourown or hire a casting company to do it for you. A typical casting job costsaround 5 bucks.

Why Use 3D Printers for Jewelry Making

Using 3D printers to make jewelry is beneficial in various ways, including:

Examples of 3D Printed Jewelry

Below are examples of jewelry designs created using 3D printers:VIDEO

Best 3D Printers for Jewelry Making

The Ultimaker 2+ is a Fused Deposition Modeling 3D printer. Instead of makinga liquefied resin strong, the printer fires up a hard plastic filament tocreate the design.FDM 3D printers are not as precise as SLA ones. However, the Ultimaker 2+ canmake designs that can compete with those made by an SLA printer.The Ultimaker 2+ can create 3D jewelry using Moldlay Filament and some uniquewax filaments. The filaments are made solely for investment casting using theëLost waxí technique. Therefore, they are excellent for creating molds formost metal 3D jewelry.

Why Use FDM 3D Printers for Jewelry Casting

a) Detailed DesignsA Fused Deposition Modeling printer, like the Ultimaker 2+, can print detaileddesigns up to 20 microns. The Ultimaker 2+ is a great choice if your jewelrypieces don’t have many fine features. This is a high-resolution 3D printerthat can also be used to make 3D models. For example, you can make 3D jewelryprints quickly to present to your clients and let them decide what they wantbefore the final design is created.b) Blended FilamentsWith the Ultimaker 2+ printer, you can print 3D jewelry using different typesof filaments. For example, you can use plastics blended with metallic andwooden substances.Blended filaments produce high quality, shiny jewelry that has similarcharacteristics and lustre exhibited by brass, silver, copper, and othermetals.Exotic filaments are a great choice if you want to create contemporary jewelryfrom materials like carbon fiber or bamboo.c) Easy to OperateThe Ultimaker 2+ is not difficult to learn or operate. The improved Ultimaker2+ version allows you to easily print CAD jewelry designs to finishedproducts.

Best 3D Printer for Jewelry Casting

With the Formlabs printer, you do not have to go through a difficult processof resin printing, like is the case with other SLA or resin 3D printers.Filling the resin into the printer is done automatically. This is easier thanwhat is required of the FFF printers.Filling the resin is all a matter of putting an airtight cartridge at the rearof the printer. The printer will receive information from a small chip on thecartridge about the type and quantity of resin that is remaining. If theremaining resin will not be sufficient to finish the build work, you will beinformed.The Form 2 Printer also has other improved features. For example, there is awiper system that clears the gunk that remains after a layer is deposited.This makes the printer to function properly. This feature is usually found inindustrial 3D printers. Therefore, it’s impressive to see it in a home 3Dprinter like the Form 2.The temperature of the resin chamber is raised to make it suitable for SLAprinting. Most SLA 3D printers lack this feature.To have a reliable SLA printing session, it is important for the environmentalconditions to be stable.

3D Printing Jewelry with Form 2 Labs

Printing 3D jewelry with Form 2 Labs is very easy. All you have to do is tofill the resin cartridge, put the resin tray in place, and clip the wiperblade down. As you do this, the screen will be showing whether you are doingthings correctly. You will also be notified if the printer is not even. Inthis case, check the information on the screen to know how to adjust theprinter to make it even.The next step is to send your print file to the printer. This can be donethrough a wireless connection, memory card, or a network cable. The screenwill show the queued tasks, which is ideal if you have multiple jobs to print.You don’t have to remember the names of the print files as each file is shownas a picture on the screen.To print, push the print button for the tank to be filled with resin. Theresin inside the tank will be heated to 30 degrees Celsius and mixed with thewiper arm before printing starts.You can configure the software to notify you through email or SMS when yourmodels have finished printing. This feature makes the printer suitable for usein a commercial setting.The Form 2 doesn’t make a lot of sounds. The only sound you will hear is asoft one that is produced when the layers and wiper arms are in motion. Thequietness makes the printer ideal for use in an office as there will be fewerdisturbances.

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