4 3D Slash 3D printer software for free

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3. 123D Catch – easy-to-use Free 3D Printer Software

The 123D Catch APP can be used in your smartphones (both iOS and Androidoperating system), which means that you take photos within your phone and the123D Catch can turn your photography into a 3D model. This is much convenientand funny for beginners to learn 3D printing. What’s more, you can transferyour photos from digital camera to 123D Catch on your computer and print themout a high-quality product.

4. 3D Slash – 3D printer software for free

3D Slash is much different from other 3D printing softwares, it is also a logoand a 3D text maker. It means that you can turn your logo into a 3D model orimport your text to export 3D text. 3D Slash is easy to use and suitable forpeople of all ages, you can design a 3D model by using a simple building-blockconcept, which just like a modern stone-cutter. As its user-friendlyexperience, 3D Slash is a wonderful software to get you started with 3Dprinting.

7. FreeCAD – 3d slicer software

FreeCAD is a free and open-source general-purpose parametric 3D CAD modelerand a building information modeling software which is supported by FEM(finite-element-method). This program can be used interactively and itsfunctionality can be accessed and extended using the Python programminglanguage. FreeCAD is a great starting point for mechanical engineers who arenew to the 3D modeling world.

8. CraftWare – 3d printing cad software

CraftWare is a 3D printer slicer software which is developed by CraftUnique tosupport its CraftBot 3D printer. And it can be used for many other 3D printersthat accept G-Code. CraftWare is fast and easy-to-use, it allows users to seeprinting process layer by layer from any angle and modify or delete any placesbefore printing. A clean and simple user interface, as well as big andcolorful buttons on the left side, make CraftWare one of the most user-friendly 3D printing software.Sculptris is a virtual sculpting 3D printing software with a core emphasis onthe concept of modeling clay. It comes to be free and easy-to-use, whichprovides excellent rudiments for people who want to start up the world of 3Dsculpting. If you want to print statuettes such as comic characters, Sculptrisis a fantastic choice for you. It&rsquo’s often described as the mostpowerful, flexible 3D modeling software in the industrial or professionalsector.Blender is an open source and free 3D printing computer-aided design (CAD)software. It&rsquo’s an ideal software for skilled users who want to createmore sophisticated 3D modeling such as contour modeling and polygon modeling.Blender is very popular among media workers and artists for creating animatedfilms, visual effects, art, interactive 3D applications and video games.Blender gives its users enormous design freedom with nearly innumerable tools.But it isn’t a good choice for 3D printing beginners.

12. OpenSCAD – 3d printing cad software

OpenSCAD is a free software for creating solid 3D CAD models. Unlike Blender,it focuses on CAD aspects rather than artistic aspects in 3D modeling. Itmight be a good choice for you if you want to code your CAD models for it usesa programming language to create 3D objects. Therefore, it gives designer fullcontrol over the modeling process and enables designers to easily change anystep in the modeling process. OpenCAD is available for Linux/UNIX, Windows andMac OSX.AutoCAD, a software for 2D and 3D CAD, was developed by AutoDesk and firstreleased in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers. Up tonow, it has been used across a wide range of industries, by architects,project managers, engineers, graphic designers, and many other professionals.AutoCAD supports a large number of APIs for customization and automation suchas AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA and ObjectARX.The view is an online and open source way to view Stereo Lithography Files asshaded on-screen images. It is the easiest way to preview STL files. Whatusers need is just open the web page and drag their STL files onto the dottedfield. The online STL viewer allows you to display a model in one of threeviews: flat shading (for quick viewing), smooth shading (to get a high-qualitydisplay), or wireframe. It is a perfect 3D printing software for beginners whowant to view STL files.Netfabb Basic is a 3D printer slicer software with some nice features, forexample, you can analyze, repair and edit STL files before you get to theslicing stage. It is a good choice if you need something more than just slicersoftware and you want to repair STL files quickly without having to learn touse additional tools like Meshmixer or MeshLab. Netfabb Basic provides a30-day trial version. When the trial expires, the software will continue torun with the same functionality.

BlocksCAD – Software for 3D modeling with coding

The BlocksCAD software is designed to expand the application contexts ofcoding, working on the realization of solid objects and material artifactsstarting from the intrinsic computational logic in block programming. Theproject was born within the Einstein’s Workshop, a learning center based onhands-on learning, which aims to enrich the field of science and technologyeducation. BlocksCAD was developed to make it easy for beginners, includingchildren, to learn 3D modeling, but without forcing them to learn OpenSCAD.With coding, you can create and modify plane and solid objects, applytransformations and logical operations on solids, with the possibility ofgenerating an STL file that will be possible to use with 3D printers and otherdigital fabrication tools.BlocksCAD is defined as “A Math and STEM Teaching Tool” as it containsmathematical and logical functions. As for coding, it is possible to usevariables, logic functions, loops, conditional cycles, and program by draggingthe stackable blocks into the workspace (drag&drop). By clicking on the linkto the official website, we see the main screen, which is divided into threesections.The left side part where there are various colored rectangles is the BlockBar; in fact, it contains ten blocks, which include some specific objects(divided by category) in the form of code blocks. The central part is calledProject Area where the various code blocks will be inserted and the right sideis called Render Area – the area where the 3D object that was programmed willbe shown. The top bar is obviously the Menu Bar where we can change language,save our project, get help, look at some already made examples , etc.Those who know Scratch/Blockly/Code.org will find the construction logic of 3Dobjects very similar. Clicking on the relative block will display a submenu inwhich it will be possible to choose between a sphere, a cylinder, a cube andan octagon.For example, by dragging the Cube block in the Project Area and then clickingon the Render button below, the Render Area will display the selected 3Dobject. Within the editable area (X, Y and Z) of the newly inserted block, itis possible to resize the object to your liking. Furthermore, through thechoice between centered and uncentered, always present within the Cube codeblock, we can change its position. Upon opening the Transformation block menuwe will get a view of the numerous possibilities for customizing the object.BlocksCAD contains all the elements you’ll ever need, it’s enough to just takea look at the Block Bar to understand how much this software brings to widenthe horizons of beginners’ perception of coding. Finally, once the object hasbeen created on a digital level, it can be printed in 3D to give “physicality”to your imagination.VIDEO

The best free CAD software for intermediate users

Today, it is possible to design 3D objects entirely in a browser, on anycomputer, even not of the latest generation, as you would with a Worddocument. This list contains some free web applications for 3D design thatshould meet the needs of intermediate users in the field.

The best free CAD software for advanced users

Programs like AutoCad, indispensable above all for engineers and architects,require powerful computers and high costs because three-dimensional objectsuse a lot of video processing power. If, however, all the processing is doneon an external server, via a “Cloud” app, then it is also possible to use awebsite to view and even create CAD projects. Now let’s take a look atprograms chosen by professional CAD enthusiasts, who have powerful machinestuned to perform at maximum capacity, while showing the best possible quality.

DesignSpark Mechanical 3D CAD for electronic and mechanical design

Electronic system designers often encounter two major obstacles in usingmodern solutions to help manage mechanical aspects: the prohibitive costs ofprofessional 3D software and the considerable investment in terms of timeneeded to master it.DesignSpark Mechanical aims to eliminate these obstacles with the promise ofmaking electronic designers extremely competent in using the software inminutes, rather than weeks or months, as is often necessary with traditional3D CAD tools. The incredible part is that DesignSpark Mechanical has beenreleased as free software for both non-commercial and commercial use, withoutlimitations or licenses.DesignSpark Mechanical is a product of collaboration between RS-components,Allied Electronics and SpaceClaim Corporation, the developer of the program ofthe same name (SpaceClaim), which shares a part of the software interface withDesignSpark Mechanical.It is powerful free software package for solid modeling and 3D design aimedprimarily at electronic and mechanical modeling. Thanks to the possibility ofaccessing an online library of components made up of over 38 000 3D modelsavailable at no cost, DesignSpark Mechanical allows designers to ensure thecorrect execution of all phases of the design cycle. RS has also worked withTraceParts to offer access to millions of models directly from the CAD portaltracepartsonline.net in the DesignSpark Mechanical format.DesignSpark Mechanical uses a very powerful working methodology called “directmodeling”, which is very different from traditional parametric modeling-basedCAD. The software provides an interaction that uses simple gestures to performediting in real time, allowing designers and other employees not only toreceive immediate feedback, but also to create geometries and analyze ideasand prototypes of 3D products. All the elementary models can be obtained in ashort time and in a simple way through four basic tools: Drag, Move, Fill andCombine.You can start from a two-dimensional sketch and transform your idea into a 3Dobject. Then change surfaces both to modify their shapes and structure, and tocouple other shapes or surfaces, also taking advantage of the possibilities tocreate various geometries.For electronic designers there is an extraordinarily powerful additionalopportunity: the direct import of the structure of an electronic projectstarting from the data in the most common PCB design software formats.DesignSpark Mechanical allows importing STEP files, SketchUp, STL, IDF OBJ,DXF, CAD 2D/3D XAML formats; photo formats such as JPG and PNG. Since thesoftware is free, drawings can be shared in native electronic format (withRSDOC extension) for the supply of 3D models also for commercial use andsharing with other designers who use the same software.DesignSpark Mechanical is a flexible product, derived from a well-known CADused in many areas of design. It can be very useful for quickly creatingassembly diagrams for electrical panels, customized containers, assemblyschemes for boards, automatic machines and systems for measurement andtesting, all with the great advantage of being able to provide a veryattractive and professional three-dimensional representation.Even during a feasibility study or the preparation of a commercial offer, therealization of a design of the finished product or system can be very useful,with the advantage of significantly cutting investment costs. Finally, itshould be noted that DesignSpark Mechanical could also export the project inSTL format, allowing the direct export of models to 3D printers. Therefore,with a tool that is easy to use and at no cost, you can move from the idea toa realistic prototype in a very simple way.VIDEO

Best 3D Modeling Software for Mac: 3D Printing with Mac OS

The list of the most used 3D design software for Mac (see below) is based uponour list of the 25 most popular 3D modeling programs. However, we excludedsoftware that is not available or not suitable for the Mac OS. This leaves uswith the ultimate 3D modeling list for Macintosh users.

The Ranking: 3D Modeling Software for Mac Users

Download free trials of Autodesk 2D & 3D CAD software and 3D design software,including AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Maya, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Inventor, Revit, and more.3d printer design software, free download – 3D Home Design by LiveCAD, Free 3dPrinter Icon Set, Punch Professional Home Design Platinum Suite, and many moreprograms. The two most used 3D modeling software programs for Macintosh devices arefreeware program Blender (score: 80) and freemium software SketchUp (75).Blender is known for its enormous design freedom and its endless number oftools and functions – however, it’s also known for its steep learningcurve. SketchUp, on the other hand, is said to be rather beginner-friendly andgreat for architectural and geometric objects. However, it’s not suited forcreating organic structures.Next come three programs from the Autodesk family: its professional high-endprograms AutoCAD (59) and Maya (59) as well as its beginner-friendly free-to-use online app Tinkercad (51) all score well with Mac users. ZBrush (49), aprofessional 3D sculpting software, comes in 6th. Its free light version,named Sculptris (19), made it to rank 15.After ZBrush, Cinema 4D (43), 123D Design (42), OpenSCAD (38), and Rhinoceros(36) complete the list of the top 10.Screenshot of SketchUp, a popular 3D modeling software with Mac users.VIDEO

3D Design Programs that Won’t Run on Apple’s Mac

Most 3D design programs are available for Windows and Mac users alike.However, some 3D design software that is not available for Mac OS includesSolidworks (62), 3DS Max (55), and Inventor (55). While these are not many,they still represent quite popular 3D modeling software packages. In ouroriginal list which includes all platforms, these programs ranked 3rd, 6th,and 7th among the most popular.Some good news to end with: there are more and more options for Mac users. Forexample, Rhino 5 is available for Mac. Since many 3D design apps run onlinenow (browser-based), programs like Tinkercad and 3DTin are also accessiblefrom any device. With Cheetah3D there’s also a 3D design software which isexclusively available for Mac OS.Are you new to the world of 3D modeling and 3D printing? Make sure to avoidthese 5 common mistakes in order to create stunning designs. Do you alreadyknow how to create printable 3D files? Then simply upload them to our website,choose from more than 100 materials and finishes, and let us take care ofprinting your object.I bet Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%, the 3D printed marathon shoes, must’vemotivated you to build something cool. It’s only wise that you would want totry a 3D printing software before investing in a 3D printer. However, choosinga good free 3D printing software can prove to be a hassle. There are too manyoptions where each caters to a diverse range of applications.To make things a bit simpler, we’ve compiled a list of the best 3D printingsoftware for beginners. But before we take a look at the list, there’s onething you should know. If you’re already using Photoshop, then you can getstarted right away. Photoshop also lets you create 3D models from scratch andprint them using services like Shapeways 3D. Istherefreee software like quickbooks for mac.

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