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Solutions to fix iOS 14/13 App Store not working

If iOS 14/13 App Store not downloading or working, then you need to diagnosethe problem and come up with a fix. We recommend following these solutions.

1. Turn on the App Store access via Cellular Data

Chances are that your App Store access can be switched off for cellular data.It has been observed that by default, users can access App Store only whenconnected to Wifi. This prevents them from accessing App Store by usingcellular data and causes the iOS 14/13 App Store not working problem.1. To fix this issue, go to Settings on your device and visit its “MobileData” section.2. Look for the “App Store” option.3. If it is off, turn it on by sliding the toggle option.4. Restart your phone and try to access the App Store again.

2. Check if your device is outdated?

After completing the iOS upgrade, the date and time of a device can be set ina wrong way. This leads to the iOS 14/13 cannot connect to App Store problemfor many users. Luckily, it has an easy fix. You can set the date and time onyour device as automatically to resolve the iOS 14/13 App Store cannot connectissue.1. Unlock your device and visit its Settings > General option.2. You can access the “Date and Time” feature under General Settings.3. Turn on the “Set Automatically” option and exit.4. Try accessing the app store again.

3. Reset your Apple account

Most of the times when the iOS 14/13 App Store not downloading problem occurs,it is resolved by resetting the Apple account. After signing-out of your Appleaccount and signing back in, you can easily resolve this issue without muchtrouble. Needless to say, it is one of the easiest solutions to iOS 14/13cannot connect to App Store issue.1. To start with, unlock your device and go to its Settings.2. Visit the “iTunes & App Store” section.3. From here, you need to tap on your account (Apple ID).4. This will provide several options. Choose to sign out of your Appleaccount from here.5. Wait for a while and sign back in using the same credentials.

4. Force refresh the App Store

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and quickest fixes for the iOS 14/13App Store not working issue. Even though App Store refreshes automatically,you can forcefully do the same and make it work. In this way, you would beable to reload the App Store forcefully and access any app of your choice. Tofix the iOS 14/13 App Store cannot connect issue, follow these steps:1. Launch App Store on your device and allow it to load.2. Even if it won’t be able to load, you can still access its basicinterface.3. On the bottom, you can see various options (like Featured, Top Charts,Search, and more) at the navigation bar.4. Tap on the App Store navigation bar ten consecutive times.5. This will force refresh the App Store. You can view it reloading again andaccess it afterward without any trouble.

7. Check if Apple’s server is down

Even though the chances of this are pretty bleak, it can happen that Apple’sserver for App Store might have some issue. Before you take any added measure(like resetting your device), it is recommended to visit Apple’s SystemStatus page. It provides a real-time status of all the major Apple servers andservices. If there is a problem related to App Store from Apple’s end, thenyou can diagnose it from this page.Check Apple system status: https://www.apple.com/uk/support/systemstatus/Account Management

Managing Your App Store Connect Account

Once you’ve completed your enrollment in the Apple Developer Program, you cansign in to App Store Connect with the Apple ID you used to enroll. App StoreConnect is a suite of tools that allow you to submit and manage your apps forsale on the App Store, distribute beta versions of your app using TestFlight,accept legal agreements, enter your tax and banking information, viewanalytics, and more.Learn more about App Store Connect

Can I transfer my app to another account?

Yes. Use App Store Connect to transfer qualifying apps to another account incase of an acquisition, asset purchase, or other similar situation. When youtransfer an app, it will remain available on the App Store, all ratings andreviews will carry over, and users will continue to have access to futureupdates. Learn more in App Store Connect Help.* You can use Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager where available. View supported countries and regions.How to fix apps that won’t update on your Apple iPhone XS Max, apps updatingerror?Updating apps on iOS devices such as the iPhone XS Max is imperative as ittends to bring in new features and UI changes while strengthening the app andthe overall system against intruders and bugs that could kick off a string ofproblems and issues with the phone. Updating apps is a simple easy-to-do joband takes a few minutes to do the same but it isn’t always easy. The apps mayface issues when updating by itself or via manual intervention. Well, here’s atroubleshooting guide on how to fix apps that won’t update on Apple iPhone XSMax or if you are facing apps updating error. Read along to know more aboutit.Before proceeding, you need to check a few things if in case any of thesefunctions or components are causing the issue. First of all, check if you havea working internet connection or not which includes both mobile data and Wi-Ficonnection depending upon which one you use to update apps. Next, check if therouter is working properly or not as it is quite common for routers to stayactive but suffer overload due to constant use without giving it a rest whichis only possible if you turn it off for some time. Luckily, any temporaryissues with the router or modem or the firmware crash on its end or anytemporary internet outage can be solved simply by rebooting the router ormodem once. You can also check if the problem is due to any intermittentissues with your ISP or the mobile carrier if you are updating apps on mobiledata.Furthermore, check if you have agreed to allow app updates on either mobiledata or Wi-Fi connection since the apps won’t update if you have set it oneither of them and using other services to update an app probably. You need toverify if the storage is not the problem as inadequate storage can cause appsto stay outdated. If that’s the case, you can free up some internal memorythat will enable the apps to update freely. These are several things that youneed to take care if you are encountering issues regarding apps that won’tupdate on your phone or are showing any updating error, etc. If neither ofthese tips helped you in your endeavor to update the apps, proceed with thedetailed troubleshooting guide prepared by GetDroidTips that must come handyin fixing the issue once and for all.

Third Solution: Manage App Restrictions

You can tighten the restrictions on permissions that app secure oncedownloaded or you can loosen the restriction parameter based on yourrequirements. You need to check if the app restrictions are inducing the appsto fail to update further so here’s how you can disable it. * Open Settings app and navigate to ‘General >> Restrictions’. * Here, enter the device passcode to gain access to the said section and toggle OFF the ‘Installing Apps’ section. Verify the same by going to the App Store to update an app or proceed with the next methods.

Fourth Solution: Log out and then, log in to the App Store Account

If the apps won’t update on Apple iPhone XS Max is due to complications withthe App Store Account or ID, you can give it a tweak by logging out of it andthen logging in again and here’s how you can do it. * Firstly, navigate to the Settings app from the Home screen. * Tap on ‘iTunes & App Store’. * Click on your Apple ID that you set using your email address and select ‘Sign Out’. * Wait for a few seconds and then launch the Settings app and proceed to ‘iTunes & App Store’ and use the email address to sign in to the Apple ID and hopefully, it goes through. Clear all the background apps and try updating the apps again to see if this method did help or not.

Fifth Solution: Clear cache memory of the App Store

Apps can create a tonne of problems on their own let alone the bugs and otherintrusions. Although your iPhone XS Max is made to handle plenty of apps andservices at once without any hassle, with time, the performance tends to takea dip which is why app updates and firmware upgrades came into play byoptimizing the system and facelift the performance of the device as well.Cache memory can add a lot of pressure on the system as it is created andaccumulated by apps over time and with their susceptibility to bugs and otherissues, it is highly recommended that you clear cache memory of all the appsand especially the App Store which is currently the center of attraction here. * First up, clear all the background apps by dragging from the mid-bottom to the center position which launches the cards containing previous of all the apps you have used and hadn’t exited. * Simply swipe up each card to exit and repeat the procedure for all apps. * To clear app cache for App Store, you can proceed to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage and check out the App Store and clear the concerning cache files right away. * I would recommend doing the same with other downloaded apps and observe if there’s any difference or not.

Sixth Solution: Upgrade to the latest iOS version

It may not be always but outdated iOS firmware has its own sets of issues thatit has been handled. First up, you’ll see a slight drop in the performance asthe firmware gets older and you don’t upgrade even though Apple releases a newiOS firmware update every other month or so. It also reflects by the virtue ofbugs which are now truly powerful without any apparent protection againstnewer malware and viruses while hackers find it easy to penetrate and hackinto a system with an outdated firmware compared to a stealthy upgradedfirmware. Also, one of the reasons why you are facing trouble updating theapps because the outdated firmware might be obstructing the process or there’sa bug causing the system to dwindle whenever you try to update an app andthus, follow this procedure. * First up, launch the Settings app which contains everything you need to check, toggle, and configure. * Proceed to the General >> Software Update section and check out if there’s any update available. * Is there is an update available, download and install it and if there isn’t, wait for a few days since a new firmware update might be on its way.

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