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Apple Watch doesn’t turn on when wrist is raised

One of our readers, Sarah, kindly contacted us to explain this issue and howto fix it, and there’s also a discussion of this one in the Apple supportforum. The issue is that the Apple Watch screen is not coming to life as itusually does when people raise their wrist or do a flicking motion with it.

Notifications don’t appear on Apple Watch

You’re used to seeing and checking notifications on your iPhone, and they’llcontinue to appear there when your iPhone is unlocked, but when it’s locked orasleep you should get those notifications on your Apple Watch. If you’rewondering why you aren’t getting notifications on your Apple Watch, it’sprobably because your Apple Watch is locked, Do Not Disturb is enabled orWrist Detection is off.

How to Pair Your Apple Watch to an iPhone

To pair your Apple Watch and iPhone, first make sure both devices are chargedand on. Place them near to each other. Wait until you see a dialog box appearon the iPhone that says Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch. And thenpress Continue to begin the process.A screen will appear on the iPhone and an animation will be shown on the AppleWatch. Align the viewfinder of the iPhone screen with the Watch on your wrist.You can also pair the devices manually by selecting Pair Apple Watch Manually.Once the Apple Watch is paired to an iPhone, you’ll continue the process andcustomize settings, sign in with an Apple ID, create a passcode, select apps,and more.

1. Confirm Your Apple Watch Isn’t Connected to an iPhone

To confirm that your Apple Watch isn’t connecting to an iPhone, slide up onthe Watch face to view the Control Center.If you see a red X with the word Disconnected or the image of a red iPhonewith a diagonal line through it, your watch isn’t connected to an iPhone.While on the same screen, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.Next, head to your iPhone and confirm both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on as well.

4. Reset Your iPhone Network Settings

Another step you can take when your Apple Watch won’t pair is to reset theNetwork settings on your iPhone. On your iPhone, head to the Settings section.Select General > Reset. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ResetNetwork Settings.

5. Reset Your Apple Watch

As a final, and more drastic, step, it’s time to unpair and re-pair your AppleWatch with an iPhone. To start the process, go to Settings > General on theWatch. Scroll down to the bottom and select Reset. Then select Reset AllContent and Settings.To complete the process, you may need to deactivate the Activation Lock. Ifyou need additional help with this step here are the Apple Watch security tipsyou need to know.After the Apple Watch has been wiped, you can hopefully re-pair it with youriPhone. If that’s successful, you can restore the Watch as a completely newdevice or by using a previous backup.

Helping to Fix Apple Watch and iPhone Communication Problems

Hopefully one of these fixes will help solve the problem of why your AppleWatch isn’t pairing or communicating with your iPhone. If, after followingthese troubleshooting tips, you are still having problems, the best course ofaction is to contact Apple support and discuss your options.If you’re new to Apple’s wearable device, be sure to read our articleexplaining how to lock and unlock your Apple Watch to help protect yourpersonal data, and then how to manage the Apple Watch activation lock.The 10 Best Paid Software for Windows Worth BuyingHere are the best paid software for your Windows PC. While free apps aregreat, sometimes it’s worth spending money on premium options.About The AuthorBrent Dirks (172 Articles Published)Born and raised in sunny west Texas, Brent graduated from Texas TechUniversity with a BA in journalism. He’s been writing about technology formore than 5 years and enjoys all things Apple, accessories, and security.More From Brent Dirks

Check Your Apple Watch’s Connection

The first thing we should do is make sure the Apple Watch is disconnected fromthe iPhone. It’s possible to have a problem with the Apple Watch that mimicsnot being paired with the iPhone.You can check the connection status of your watch by swiping up on your AppleWatch display while on the clock face screen. This will bring up the AppleWatch’s control center which, in addition to having a lot of great shortcuts,will show the watch’s connection status in the upper-left corner.Apple, Inc. * A green icon that looks like an iPhone means your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone. If you’re having problems, it’s not because the Apple Watch unpaired from the phone. * A blue Wi-Fi symbol means the Apple Watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network. This Wi-Fi symbol is the same as the first button on the control panel, which should be highlighted in blue. You can tap this button to turn off Wi-Fi on the Apple Watch, which will force the Apple Watch to attempt to pair with your iPhone. Make sure your iPhone is nearby. If the Watch doesn’t pair, continue with the rest of these troubleshooting steps. * A red icon that looks like an iPhone means the Apple Watch is disconnected from the iPhone. You should make sure your iPhone is on your person or nearby. If you get far enough away, the iPhone may have problems connecting to the Apple Watch.

Make Sure Settings Aren’t Preventing Your Apple Watch Being Paired

It is not always a software glitch or hardware failure that causes your AppleWatch to unpair from your iPhone. An Apple Watch not connecting to the iPhonemay be caused by something as simple as a setting on your watch or on thephone, so we’ll take a look at a few of these that can cause problems.Apple, Inc. * Airplane mode on the Apple Watch — Airplane mode shuts down all communication, which includes the ability for the Apple Watch to pair with the iPhone. Open the Apple Watch’s control panel by sliding up on the clock face screen. If Airplane mode is on, the Airplane button at the top of the control panel will be highlighted in orange. Simply tap it to turn Airplane mode off. Your Apple Watch should connect shortly after turning it off. * Airplane mode on the iPhone — This acts the same as on the watch; it prevents all communication. You can access the control panel on an iPhone by swiping up from the very bottom of the iPhone’s display where the bezel meets the edge of the screen. The button for Airplane mode is at the upper-right corner of the screen, and as with the watch, it will be highlighted in orange if activated. * Bluetooth on the iPhone — Bluetooth is essential to pairing an iPhone and an Apple Watch. You can also check the Bluetooth settings via the iPhone’s control panel. Bluetooth is in the same square as Airplane Mode in the lower right corner of the square (in your iPhone’s Control Center). If it is off, the Bluetooth button will be highlighted in white. Tap it to turn it back on and your Apple Watch should pair within a few moments.

Reboot Your iPhone If Your Apple Watch Won’t Pair

Now that we’ve checked some of the basic settings, we’ll fall back on theoldest troubleshooting step in the book: rebooting the device. If your AppleWatch won’t pair, there may very well be a problem on the iPhone side of theequation. A quick reboot may help you get back up and running in no time. 1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the iPhone until the slide to power off button appears. (Alternatively, you can launch the Settings app, choose General and then select Shut Down from the bottom of the general settings). 2. After you slide the button to the right, the iPhone will power down. 3. Once it has been powered down for several seconds, hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. 4. When your iPhone finishes booting up, check your Apple Watch connection.

Reboot Your Apple Watch If It Still Isn’t Pairing

While you can do these two steps in any order, generally it is better toreboot the iPhone and then reboot the Apple Watch. This helps ensure there areno lingering problems on the iPhone when the watch boots up. 1. First, hold down the button on the Apple Watch just below the crown. 2. When prompted, slide the Power Off button to the right. Apple, inc. 3. After the display is dark for a few seconds, click the digital crown to power the Apple Watch on again. The Apple logo should immediately appear on the screen. If not, wait a few more seconds and click the button again. Rebooting the devices should solve most problems when your Apple Watch won’tpair. If you are still having problems, it is time to dive into some deepertroubleshooting steps.

Check Your iPhone’s Operating System for Updates

It’s a good idea to make sure you’re on the most current version of youriPhone’s operating system, especially before troubleshooting steps thatrequire deleting information from the device.You can check your version of iOS by launching the iPhone’s settings app,choosing General and tapping Software Update. You will be prompted to Downloadand Install if there is a more recent version of iOS available.Unfortunately, you cannot check your version of WatchOS when the Apple Watchisn’t pared with the iPhone.

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