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About Acronis:

Acronis unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated,automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy,authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world.With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers andIT professionals, Acronis provides superior cyber protection for data,applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup,disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions. With award-winning AI-based antimalware and blockchain-based data authenticationtechnologies, Acronis protects any environment – from cloud to hybrid to on-premises – at a low and predictable cost.Founded in Singapore in 2003 and incorporated in Switzerland in 2008, Acronisnow has more than 1,500 employees in 33 locations in 18 countries. Itssolutions are trusted by more than 5.5 million home users and 500,000companies, including 100% of the Fortune 1000, and top-tier professionalsports teams. Acronis products are available through 50,000 partners andservice providers in over 150 countries in more than 40 languages.* * *


For service providers (SPs), Acronis developed Acronis Cyber Cloud, a cloud-based platform that offers a suite of integrated cyber protection services,spanning backup, disaster recovery, malware and ransomware protection, plusother capabilities.When it comes to data protection and disaster recovery, the Acronis CyberCloud platform offers the following services:- Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud — the number-one hybrid cloud BaaS for anyvirtual, physical, and cloud environment, with built-in artificialintelligence (AI) -based ransomware protection- Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud — turnkey DRaaS for virtual andphysical workloads, built on top of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud- Acronis Cyber Infrastructure — a brandable, scale-out, cost-efficient, andmulti-purpose software-defined storage (SDS) solution for the edgeAdditionally, service providers can easily upgrade their data protection anddisaster recovery services to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, a groundbreakingnew service that offers the only AI-powered integration of data protection andcybersecurity on the market today. Acronis Cyber Cloud Dashboard

Five reasons service providers choose Acronis Cyber Cloud over StorageCraft

Acronis Cyber Cloud offers support for all small-to-medium business (SMB)devices and applications via a single console; the best level of security onthe market; better deployment, backup, and licensing flexibility; much greaterefficiency when it comes to a service provider’s daily operations and largerbusiness needs; and fast, reliable backup and recovery. Here’s a more detailedlook at these five key advantages.

1. Minimal solution juggling – protect all SMB devices and applications

from a single pane of glassService providers (SPs) are looking for a unified data protection solution forall SMB devices, enabling them to deliver services more efficiently andincrease ARPUs. Unfortunately, StorageCraft has separate — not integrated —tools for server infrastructure, Windows workstations, and for Microsoft 365and G Suite. It lacks critical endpoint support for cloud VMs, Mac machines,mobile devices, some virtualization platforms, and business applications.Meanwhile, using multiple backup solutions hinders SP efficiency and addsadministrative overhead — especially for the numerous service providers whocater to SMBs (rather than enterprises).In comparison, Acronis not only provides better endpoint support — protectingnumerous systems — but also empowers SPs to manage all of them through asingle pane of glass. Supported systems include:- Workstations: Windows, Mac- Physical servers: Windows, Linux- Hypervisors and VMs: VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, CitrixXenServer, Linux KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Oracle VM Server,Nutanix Acropolis- IaaS: Azure VMs, AWS EC2 VMs- SaaS: Microsoft 365, G Suite- Applications: Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory,Oracle Database, SAP HANA- Mobile devices: iOS, Android

2. Integrated cybersecurity defenses — next-generation, full-stack

protection against modern threats like malwareStorageCraft does not have malware and ransomware protection built into itsproducts. With cyber threats emerging as the fastest-growing threat to datatoday, service providers need a reliable, effective way to safeguard data.With Acronis’ cyber protection capabilities — an approach that combines robustbackup with proactive, AI-based antimalware technologies — service providerscan deliver the level of protection that clients require today.Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud offers the most secure data protection on themarket:- AI-based ransomware protection with Acronis Active Protection:- Machine learning-based detection of known and unknown ransomware strains,with models trained continuously in Acronis Cloud AI infrastructure- Automatic stopping of ransomware processes upon detection- Self-defense mechanisms to prevent modification of backups and disruptionof Acronis software processes- Automatic file restore — all encrypted files are automatically restoredfrom cache, should ransomware manage to penetrate the defenses- Data authenticity is ensured via automatic blockchain-based backup filenotarizationWhen upgrading to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, service providers and theirclients get even more in terms of cybersecurity:- AI-based antimalware protection of systems- Antimalware scanning of backups- Data protection maps and compliance reporting- Unified policies for data protection and cybersecurity- Patch management- Automatic endpoint backups before patching- Safer recovery: automatic antimalware backup scans, patching, and antivirusdatabase updates integrated into the recovery process, to protect againstthreat reoccurrence.- Continuous data protection (CDP) — back up changes to criticalapplications’ data between scheduled backups- Windows Defender Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials management- Forensic data backup- URL filtering

Flexible backups

With StorageCraft, SPs have to make a local backup first, and only thenreplicate that backup to the cloud. This means that with StorageCraft, userslack direct-to-cloud backup. On the other hand, Acronis partners stay incontrol, backing up as desired via:- Local backups, with replication to any cloud- Local backups, with replication to any secondary local storage- Cloud-only backups- Cloud-to-cloud backups- Cloud-to-local backups

4. Superior SP operational efficiency and service differentiation

Operational efficiency will always be a key priority for service providers:ideal solutions minimize ongoing maintenance and usage costs, not to mentioneveryday management, startup, and proof of concept (PoC) costs. SPs shouldhave the ability to customize, extend, and brand the vendor’s solutions. It’salso important for service providers to be able to easily deliver multiplemanaged services via a single platform for increased ARPU and less ITmanagement overhead.Moreover, to enable easier custom product integrations, service providersrequire broad API support. StorageCraft Cloud Services, unfortunately, offeronly a REST API for requesting information about a specific cloud account,retrieved in JSON format.Unlike StorageCraft, Acronis supports service providers with:- Additional RMM and PSA integrations, including ConnectWise Manage,ConnectWise Control, and SolarWinds MSP (coming soon), in addition toAutotask, ConnectWise Automate, and Kaseya- Hosting control panels and billing system integrations: cPanel, Plesk,WHMCS, HostBill- Marketplace-provider integrations: CloudBlue, AppDirect- Multiple services ready for delivery via a single portal: Acronis enableseasy upsell/cross-sell for increased ARPU and seamless switching betweensolutions with just a single sign-on- Modern, intuitive web-based portal: Beloved by partners for its ease ofuse, Acronis Cyber Cloud makes bulk task management seamless- Reseller management capability: SPs can turn themselves into value-addedresellers, allowing them to sell beyond their traditional end client market- White-labeling: SPs can stand out from the competition with flexiblebranding options- Broad API support: Acronis Cyber Cloud supports custom integrations with abroad set of APIs:- Account Management API automates provisioning and billing of Acronis CyberCloud services for your customers and serves as an identity and accessmanagement framework.- Software in 25 languages: Acronis offers user-based settings and easyswitching between languages- A set of APIs provides the common functionality for Acronis Cyber Cloudservices: 1. The Alerts API enables activation, inspection, and removal of alerts generated by Acronis Cyber Protection. 2. The Tasks API enables inspection of tasks and activities performed by Acronis Cyber Protection. 3. The Agents API provides information about agents registered in Acronis Cyber Protection and their endpoints. 4. Software in 25 languages: Acronis offers user-based settings and easy switching between languages

5. Fast, reliable backup and recovery

You may have seen that some service providers chose Acronis over StorageCraftdue to the improved storage consumption and faster recoveries offered byAcronis. While you’ll have to conduct PoC tests yourself to see if this provestrue for you, it’s helpful to know that Acronis uses top-notch archivingtechnology — the result of 15 years of ongoing research and innovation — toensure reliable, high-speed backups. This approach allows users to:- Avoid corruption of backup files, even in case of power failure in contrastwith StorageCraft that supports Windows Resilient File System (ReFS) to detectand respond to data corruption automatically only in Windows environmentswithout protection against data corruption due to power failure.- Pause/resume back up jobs at any time, picking up where the process leftoff — even if the system is restarted- Use data compression to reduce the amount of storage space needed forbackups and enable faster recovery- Back up and recover systems and files quickly — up to two times faster thanthe closest competitor

Leverage automatic data recovery in the event of ransomware attacks

In addition, Acronis Universal Restore facilitates quick and reliable recoveryby allowing users to swiftly recover Windows and Linux systems to bare metal.It does so by detecting the systems’ hardware and auto-installing appropriatedrivers, thereby removing incompatibility issues and reducing recovery-relatedcosts.Upgrade to Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and receive integrated data protectionand cybersecurity, enabling service providers to deliver safer recoveries withintegrated antimalware scanning of backups, automated installation of thelatest security patches, and antivirus definition updates.

Do I need a local backup appliance?

Acronis plans to release a local backup appliance in late 2020. Even withoutthis appliance, however, you can use Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud to cover thesame data protection needs by:- Using it as a middle ground, leveraging third-party virtualization softwareand hardware as well as Acronis Instant Restore to run VMs directly frombackups in seconds.- The Agents API provides information about agents registered in AcronisCyber Protection and their endpoints.- Leveraging the Acronis CyberInfrastructure Appliance, a ready-to-use solution that integrates proven andtested hardware and software in one easily installed and operated unit. Youcan instantly deploy it as backup storage for Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud anduse it as shared storage for general needs like documents, graphics, and videofiles.

Vetting Acronis Cyber Cloud for your needs

Our pros are available to discuss your unique challenges and show you how ourservice provider-first solution can help. Schedule a demo.2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Data Center BackupAcronis is honored to be featured in this year’s Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrantfor Enterprise Datacenter Backup and Recovery Solutions. (Get complimentaryaccess to the full report here.) Admittedly, we’re disappointed to see ourposition on the quadrant – especially given our unique vision and successfulpractical execution of fusing cybersecurity with backup in order to establisha new standard of comprehensive protection: Cyber Protection.Then again, visionaries and innovators rarely fit existing metrics – insteadwe influence the standards that drive the future of their industries. This isalso the strategy behind the Acronis Cyber Platform, which is furtherincreasing our leadership when it comes to the edge. The fact is that ourdominance at the edge has opened the door into the enterprise data centerarena – where we are currently witnessing rapid growth – so earning a spot asa Niche Player in the Enterprise Datacenter Backup and Recovery space may beunderstandable for now.

Five Vectors of Cyber Protection

In reality, Acronis was the only vendor featured in the Magic Quadrant whosesolutions address all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection within the EnterpriseBackup and Recovery category. Those Five Vectors are also known by theiracronym, SAPAS: * Safety – Ensure that a reliable copy of your data is always available * Accessibility – Make data easily available from anywhere at any time * Privacy – Control who has visibility of and access to your data * Authenticity – Create undeniable proof a copy is an exact replica of the original data * Security – Protect your data, apps, and systems against malicious threatsLet’s take a moment to provide some additional perspective on Acronis’position in the Enterprise Backup and Recovery sector.

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