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Best Free Antivirus Software

According to Statista, cybercrime has directly caused annual losses over $525million to businesses in the United States, with most of these attacks arisingfrom DOS and malware.The following graph shows the losses incurred by businesses due to reportedcybercrime during the period 2001-2019.Besides DOS attacks and malware, cybercrimes that are contributing to theannual losses mentioned above include breaches of data and their implications,that have a significant impact on consumers whose credit details and personaldata are being stolen.It is an enormous threat that needs to be dealt with on a war-footing basis.While regulatory authorities and individual businesses are doing their best toovercome this problem with the help of cybersecurity agencies andprofessionals, individual users or small business owners may not have thatluxury.For small business owners, it is the lack of finances that prevents them fromusing cybersecurity agencies and professionals, while individual users areunlikely to trust a stranger with their sensitive data.How then can these Internet users protect themselves against cyber-attacks?They can safeguard themselves by installing one of the best antivirusavailable today. In the past, if you wanted a quality antivirus for your PC orlaptop, you had to pay top dollar for it.While some antivirus still costs money, you don’t have to go with them simplybecause there is a plethora of free antivirus with prominent featuresavailable today.In this tutorial, we will review the 10 best antivirus software, including thecomparison of the top free software based on some key factors. We will alsolook at some industry/market-related statistics and frequently askedquestions. We will also provide a pro-tip to choose the right option for youfrom the software we have reviewed in this article.Let’s begin!!Fact Check: As mentioned earlier, the annual losses incurred by businesses inthe United States are directly due to reported cybercrime during the period2001-2019. Here, we will provide a breakdown of the reported cybercrime tohelp you determine the type of cyber-attack you need to be most vigilantabout.Types of cybercrime most frequently reported during 2019:From the above graph, we can find that Phishing is the most prevalent type ofcybercrime that needs attention. Installing a good antivirus on a PC or laptopwill help to prevent phishing emails from reaching your email inbox.Additionally, a lot of other cybercrimes, such as identity theft, extortion,harassment, etc often arise because of malware compromising the network orcomputers of businesses and individual users to steal sensitive information.An antivirus will prevent this by dealing with all kinds of malicious softwareincluding worms, viruses, and Trojans.So, it is clear that an antivirus can protect phishing, malware, and othertypes of cybercrimes to prevent theft of sensitive data and loss of money.But what is the best or most used antivirus software today? According toStatista, Symantec Corporation is leading the anti-malware market with amarket share of just under 14 percent. McAfee Inc., ESET, Bitdefender, andAVAST software make up the top 5.The below graph illustrates the Global market share held by Windows anti-malware vendors 2021:As seen in the above image, Symantec Corporation is the most widely used anti-malware vendor today. Norton Antivirus—the antivirus program offered bySymantec Corporation—makes our list, as do the antivirus programs of McAfee,Avast, Bitdefender, and more.Pro-Tip:Installing an antivirus program on your PC or laptop is critical. However, youmust not go around experimenting with different free antivirus software totest which one can protect you best. Instead, you can determine the bestantivirus program for you by looking up the statistics of theAV-TEST Institutewhich regularly tests the best antivirus available free to find out which oneamongst them is the best. You can visit their website for further informationto compare the best antivirus programs today stack up against one another.

List Of Best Antivirus Software

Here is a list of our top picks for Free Antivirus Software: 1. Norton Antivirus 2. McAfee Free Antivirus 3. LifeLock 4. Avast Free Antivirus 5. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition 6. AVG AntiVirus FREE 7. Sophos Home 8. Kaspersky Cybersecurity Solution 9. Windows Defender AntiVirus 10. Avira AntiVirus 11. Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free

Best antivirus for Mac for 2021:

1. Avira – Best overall Mac antivirus 2. Norton 360 – Best premium antivirus protection 3. Intego – Best Mac exclusive antivirus 4. McAfee – Best online threat protection 5. TotalAV – Best lightweight antivirus

1.Avira – Best overall Mac antivirus

Price:| From $44.99/year —|— Free version:| Yes Customer support:| 24/7 live chat and community support The whole premise of Avira antivirus is that it’s a lightweight solution thatdoesn’t skimp on features. You might have heard such statements many times,but Avira is a very transparent provider. They don’t waste time to come upwith long lists of features to create artificial value. What you get is trulyone of the best suites, capable of adding a firm layer to your cybersecurity.For example, in lab tests, Avira consistently shines, blocking 99-100% of allprovided threats. Besides, they seem extremely proficient at excluding falsepositives. Recently, Avira was acquired by Norton, so you may expect theirmalware databases to merge and improve even further. You can even contributeby sending suspicious files to be analyzed to a protection cloud.Don’t think that you’ll only be using this service to scan your hard drive.What you will rely on daily is their real-time scan to analyze all files youuse or click. Detected suspicious items will be placed into quarantine, wherethey won’t be able to harm your device. There, you will be able to delete themsafely.Avira contributes to your safety not only with antivirus countermeasures.There’s a password generator – a feature usually found on password managersoftware, but nonetheless, it’s a welcome addition. And you also get a VPNwith a pretty severe data cap – only 500 MB a month. Lastly, there’s the junkremover – a tool that helps you to save space by deleting unwanted temporaryfiles.When it comes to price, there are a couple of nice surprises. There is a freeversion that is available for Mac and iOS, as well as other platforms. Thefirst paid tier, called Avira Antivirus Pro, costs $44.99 a year (or ~$3.75 amonth). It’s a bit on the expensive side, but considering that there is a freeoption, you can always test the service out. That way, you’ll know exactlywhat you’re getting out of your subscription.Pros * Great lab tests results * Superb free version * Not resource-intensive * Supports all popular platforms * VPN * Password generatorCons * Free version lacks web protection * Slow customer support

3.Intego – best Mac exclusive antivirus

Price:| From $39.99/year —|— Free version:| Yes Customer support:| guides, FAQs, email, live chat It’s quite common for popular Windows antivirus providers to branch out intoother fields. However, it’s much harder to find Mac-only cybersecurityproducts. This is why Intego is such an exceptional find.If you’re a Mac user, Intego should be a household name by now. They have beenproviding cybersecurity tools and utility software for a couple of decadesnow. So, they’re not new when it comes to malware protection.Intego’s VirusBarrier offers real-time protection scanning files and programsas they’re accessed. Plus, it doesn’t protect only you. There are measuresagainst PC-based malware so you wouldn’t spread it to your contacts byaccident.Intego protects your device just as well. There are several types of scans tochoose from. Only your first scan will be slower. Then, for each subsequentscan the program will use smart file-caching technology to check only therecently added or modified files. That way, it skips previously checked safefiles.Another area where Intego adds major value is the firewall. You can chooseyour location to modify NetBarrier settings to match the threat levelappropriately. For example, this includes blocking incoming Local Connections,making you safe from threats that lurk in public cafes.Naturally, Intego adds several more features to the list. There’s the WashingMachine, which removes accumulated junk and duplicate files, saving you space.You can even find their unique take on Mac’s Time Machine (called PersonalBackup) for most important personal files to be stored on external drives.Their product prices start at $39.99 a year or ~$3.34 a month when it comes topricing. Although the service is paid-only, it offers a free trial with allits plans.Pros * Truly Mac-centered option * Protects against PC-based malware, as well * File caching skips already scanned files to save time * Customizable NetBarrier * Free trialCons * No support for mobile or other platforms

4.McAfee – Best online threat protection

Price:| From $19.99/year —|— Free version:| Yes Customer support:| 24/7 live chat and community support Despite being one of the best, McAfee is often glossed over. This might havesomething to do with reputational harm that came with the Intel acquisition,as a result of which many Windows users got McAfee installed as bloatware.Since then, the company has regained its independence and cleaned up its act.From a safety standpoint, this means good protection against malware. McAfeedoesn’t disappoint there. With their real-time malware protection, every filethat you access will instantly be cross-checked with all malware entries intheir database. It means that you won’t have to rely on full system scans toweed out the nasty programs hiding deep within your hard drive.Undoubtedly, scanning is also there. You can perform Quick or Full systemscans at will or schedule them automatically. Once the scan is complete, youwill get a pretty detailed report on how it went and what potential threatswere found. McAfee removes suspicious files by default, so keep that in mind.McAfee takes care of the files that you might have and makes it much harderfor online threats to end up on your system. There’s a robust firewall thatisn’t difficult to set up even for novice users. Plus, it complements theincluded macOS tools. So, you should feel very safe when you’re logged intopublic networks.The web protection extends to areas like web phishing protection. McAfee usessmart web filters to detect and block potential phishing websites to ensurethat your payment information or credentials don’t end up in someone’s hands.If anonymity is just as important to you as safety from malware, there is alsoa VPN. Using it, you can connect to a fleet of private servers to bypass geo-blocking restrictions and the tracking of your Internet Service Provider.If you want to try the service, it’s free on iOS and Android devices. Desktopusers will either have to opt for their free trial option or cough up thecash. The price starts at $19.99 for a first-year (1 device). So, it’s one ofthe most budget-friendly options if you want to protect your Mac against agrowing number of online threats.Pros * Good protection against malware * Generous device limits * VPN * Solid firewall * Support for all major platformsCons * Some plans cost more, but add few extra features * More limited than Windows app

5.TotalAV – best lightweight antivirus

Price:| From $29.99/year —|— Free version:| Yes Customer support:| guides, FAQs, phone, online forms, live chat It’s always smart to be reluctant, especially when it comes to newercybersecurity products. More often than not, you get more by sticking toexperienced and reliable antivirus providers. Although TotalAV is truly thenew kid on the block, it’s one that you shouldn’t dismiss just because of itsage.Mac is just one of the platforms that this TotalAV caters to. With thisantivirus, macOS users get a nice blend of features that “patch up” the basespoorly guarded by the built-in tools.In terms of security, TotalAV has traditional malware scanners to detectmalicious software on your system. All of this is made possible with themalware scanner developed by Avira. However, with the news that Norton hasacquired Avira, it’s hard to say how its support will continue in the future.There are also several means to ward off threats without resorting to a fullsystem scan. Their real-time engine is more than capable of detecting variouskinds of threats when downloading or opening files. However, it’s less precisethan other options that we have on our lists. It tends to flag false-positives, so double-check what you’re deleting.TotalAV isn’t the flashiest option when it comes to the number of extrafeatures, but there are some notable mentions. For example, you’ll get robustoptimization tools to clean junk files and a VPN with an unlimited data plan.For the first year, it costs $29 or ~$2.42 a month for the first year.Considering that the service is on the lighter side with features, it’s onlynatural that it’s not charging as much. That doesn’t mean that you shouldavoid this service. It’s one of the best when you need a lightweight solutionwith all the essential features.Pros * Malware protection powered by Avira * Free version * Easily accessible customer support * Variety of optimization tools * VPN * Low priceCons * Can only protect a maximum of 6 devices * Frequent false-positives

How I tested the best antivirus software for Mac

Many antivirus service providers make Mac versions by porting their Windowsapplication to another system. The flaw of this method is that most of thetime, unique Mac traits get overlooked or don’t offer any better alternativethan the built-in tools.For this reason, I eliminated the services that don’t add additional benefitsthat could be useful to Mac users. Then, I installed the apps on our test Macdevice and ran some tests. This made it possible to rank every service interms of its features, malware removal capabilities (insights mostly based onindependent tests), and pricing. If a service has a free version, it wasalways considered as a bonus.

Free antivirus for Mac

If a premium subscription is a bit above your budget, using a free versionshouldn’t be out of the question. However, keep your expectations in check.Likely, the free version of a premium product will not have all the features.On the other hand, if an antivirus is entirely free, it might itself bemalware.The bottom line is, make sure that your chosen free version comes from areputable source. There are many antivirus service providers. However, when itcomes to the free versions, there are just a handful of options. This isespecially true for Mac devices because they are pretty limited when it comesto antivirus selection. In any case, you can visit our best free antivirusservices page to find all about the best free versions on the market.

11 Best Antivirus Software For Mac 2021:

With a rapid surge in unlawful cyber activities all across the globe,antivirus software has become the need of the hour. Without further ado, let’sjust go through the list of some of the best security software for Mac:

1. Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Image Credit: AviraAvira Antivirus for Mac is lightweight and faster as compared to others in themarket. The antivirus aims at keeping the system malware-free, with no networkscanning or other security extras. But the antivirus doesn’t lack inprotecting the Mac as it offers a real-time scanner that keeps the device freefrom any threat. The user can also schedule scans depending on the comfort andthe antivirus will start the work as per the schedule and keep the systemvirus free.In the past the antivirus has been tested and been proved to be effective onevery threat to the system, the user can trust the Avira Antivirus for Macprotection. The user can use this antivirus for free in three systems with onelicense and it also offers tech support to the users. The results andprotection approach of Avira antivirus makes it one of the best AntivirusSoftware for Mac.Read More: 12 Best Firewall Software For Windows 10/8/7

3. Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

Image Credit: BitdefenderThe next Mac antivirus software on our list is called Bitdefender. It is oneof the most popular virus protection suites, trusted by a wide spectrum of Macusers worldwide for flawless malware-detection and removal solutions.Real-time security, adware removal, time machine backups, and protectionagainst online fraudsters are some of its notable features.One of the most impressive features of this Mac security software which manyusers can find helpful is that it provides 200MB of fast VPN data daily tohelp you stay anonymous online.

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