6 Best Android os for PC in 2021

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6 Best Android os for PC in 2021

As this full of chaos year, 2020 is about to go, thus we have updated thisarticle for the upcoming 2021. In this article, we will talk about thefree/opensource & best Android OS ( operating systems) for PC for both 64 bit& 32-bit systems.

Android-x86 Project – Run Android on Your PC

When it comes to run the latest Android OS for pc then the Android-x86 is oneof the best open-source Android projects available for PC. Android-x86 OSproject offers compatible ISO images for both 64-bit 32-bit computer systems.If you are about to install the Android OS on some old PC then it isrecommended to download the 32-bit version… The latest Android OS they offerwhile writing this article was Android Oreo. The users can create a bootableUSB drive with the Android-x86 to run it directly from the boot.To get some feel like Windows OS, the user can Add the Taskbar which is alauncher that comes with OS to get the Start menu and recent apps tray inlandscape devices. Furthermore, as there are no sensors in our PC systems tosense the portrait mode or landscape, developers enabled theForceDefaultOrientation to run all portrait apps in landscape mode by default.It supports both 64-bit and 32-bit kernel and userspace, OpenGL ES 3.xhardware acceleration for Intel/AMD/Nvidia, VMware and QEMU, OpenGL ES 2.0 viaSwiftShader for software rendering on unsupported GPU devices, hardware-accelerated codecs on devices with Intel HD & G45 graphics family, securebooting from UEFI and installing to UEFI disk, Text-based GUI installer, Themesupport to GRUB-EFI, Multi-touch, Audio, Wifi, Bluetooth, Sensors, Camera andEthernet (DHCP only), Auto-mount external USB drive and sd card; Support armarch apps via the native bridge mechanism. (Settings -> Android-x86 options).This Android OS for PC is an open-source project licensed under GNU GeneralPublic License (GPL) 2.0 or later.Download: Android-x86 for PCSee: How to install Android-x86 for PC on Virtualbox or Vmware

Phoenix OS- Android OS for PC

It is another best Android-PC-based operating system with a much familiarinterface that is easy to use just like Windows 10. The Phoenix OS’s currentversion is based on Android 7.1. It supports the keyboard and mouse in thesame way as we use in the Windows, macOS, or Linux PCs. It also features a fewretro features such as desktop, multi-window, mouse, and keyboard operation,etc.Furthermore, Phoenix supports shortcut keys such as Ctrl+C, Win+D, Alt+Tab,and Alt+F4. Besides common peripheral devices support it also has the ethernetcompatibility to obtain an IP address automatically, manually configure IP,DNS, gateway, etc. You don’t need to download Parallel apps like applicationsto create dual instances of apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.It has an inbuilt function for that even a user can run identical apps inmultiple windows cumulatively. To save the processing power the Phoenix systemuses a strict management strategy. Phoenix Android OS for PC also imposesstrict restrictions on implicit broadcast and background wake-up mechanism,which can effectively prevent the application from self-starting or waking upthe device.It has a multi-browsing capability like PC and features the AD blocker tooincluding three different user interfaces. For productive tasks, this AndroidOS for PC comes with a pre-installed version of WPS offices suite, Ever noteand other applications to create documents, excel sheets, manage emails, andmore with large screen support…You can even play games like Pubg, Asphalt, Fortnite directly on the PC with akeyboard and mouse. The File management, Global search, built-in archiving andunarchiving support, LAN, and Drag and drop support are also there. ThePhoenix available in multiple formats one is for Desktop and the other fortablets. It can be downloaded in the form of an ISO image as well as a .exeexecutable file for Windows.See: Install Phoenix OS in Dual boot with Windows 10/7

OpenThos Android OS

OpenThos is the Android-based operating system that can provide a full-fledgedAndroid X86 experience on PC with additional apps and functions. It is basedon a free and open-source (Foss) Android OS called Android-X86, although thebase of both PC Android operating systems is the same, the look and feel arequite different. The OpenThos looks very professional with Windows 10 likeinterfaces such as Taskbar, My computer icon, and right side notificationpanel.Know more about it: How to install OpenThos and Review

Top 10 Android Emulator for Windows 10

Listing down the top 10 best Android Emulators for Windows 10 would accordingto performance and feature. As you can find an increasing number of Androidplayer for your PC.But it could be hard to find the better performing with packed features in it.And also, look out the well optimized Android Emulator for Windows 10, so thatyou can run seamlessly any Android apps or apk on your computer.So here is the one my list of best Android app player for Windows 10

1. NOX App Player (Best Android Emulator)

You will love it being minimalistic; no Android emulator is that super easy.This is not just good for Windows 10 but also the best optimised for otherWindows versions. This cool emulator for Android app has enough room for top-notch performance.You can run most of the Android app seamlessly with this app and thanks to itsbest rendering engine that enables better multitasking. Yes, with this youwill have enough power to run multiple apps. Hence, I have found this my mostfavourite Android emulator for Windows 10.Being a complete Android operating system for your Windows PC, you get a full-fledged Google Play Store with it. Hence, users are able to download any appfrom the Play Store and run it like a pro. Apk file also can installed withthis emulator so, it is now easier to download apk to your PC and install withNOX App Player. The positive thing is that it is free to download for Windows.Download

4. MEmu – Best Android Emulator

Though MEmu is based on Android Lollipop but you will love it because of itshigh-end performance. The emulator is compatible with most existing chipsetsuch as AMD, Intel and Nvidia powered Windows computer.With its built-in Play Store, you will be able to browse all the Play Storeavailable apps for your PC or MEmu. Also, it lets you installing apk filemanually, the app playing performance quite good with it.More of this, Screen Recording Mode, Screenshot, Kill Progress, Full ScreenPlaying Mode are very useful, and other feature makes it one of the bestAndroid app player for Windows 10.Download this Lollipop based emulator for your Windows for free. It is one ofthe capable emulators which I have tried.Download

6. GenyMotion – Android Emulator For Windows

Being an app developer, if you are thinking to have Android emulator for apptesting purpose, then it should be your first choice to download for Windows10. With GenyMotion emulator you get to run Android Studio, Eclipse, andAndroid SDK Tool.This runs well with the OpenGL graphics card, and thus it performs smoothAndroid app playing on your PC or Laptop. Opening multiple Android apps withGenyMotion is buttery smooth but sometimes with heavy intensive game taskbaris not working Windows 10 issue can be seen. Still, it is worth trying bestemulator for Windows 10 running Pc or laptop.GenyMotion is a paid Android emulator to use, but there is a free version ofit, which lack some important feature of the full version. The emulatorsupports the most platform that includes Windows, MacOS, Linux and goodlycould-baserunning also there.Download

8. Andyroid – Android Emulator For Windows

This is again one of the key players in the Android emulator market. Certainlytargeting the game lovers, this performs far better in gaming part comparingto the other existing emulators.If you are very hyped about game playing, then Andryoid should be your firstchoice. Not just game but other general apps also run very well with this.With one advanced feature like Android, device synchronization allows youdirect syncing to the Andryoid.Hence, you can use your Android device as a remote controller. Isn’t it a goodfeature to have that no any emulator has? This can be downloaded on bothWindows and MacOS and have fun installing it for free.Download

10. VirtualBox – Android Emulator For Windows

Technically VirtualBox is not an emulator for Android. Instead of that, thisis a software which can add guest OS to it. Once, installing the package, youwill be able to use this same as Android emulator on Windows 10.This software is compatible with AMD and Intel chipset powered PC. But theinstallation of this package makes a real sweat to a normal user. Here youwill need to install VirtualBox and Android iOS. You can follow some theonline terms to get it done with.Or if you find trouble installing or understanding the installation thenbetter you go with the other existing emulators or pick one from top 10 bestAndroid emulator for Windows 10.Download

Android Emulator for PC

There are various reasons why someone wants to run an Android emulator on aPC. App developer requires to test their application before shipping it out.It is possible to run an Android emulator on the PC, and we are going todiscuss the best Android emulator for PC.There are various Android emulators available for Android, we will discusssome of them:

Android Studio’s Emulator

Android Studio is the default development platform for Android application. Itcomes with collections of tools that help developers to make their apps andgames specifically for Android devices. It also provides a built-in emulatorwhich is used to test your app takes a few minutes to start. However,developers use this tool to and game. The setup of the Android Studio emulatoris quite complicated, and it test their apps. This also supports Kotlin andexcellent for developers.

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