7 Check if Apple s server is down

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Solutions to fix iOS 14/13 App Store not working

If iOS 14/13 App Store not downloading or working, then you need to diagnosethe problem and come up with a fix. We recommend following these solutions.

1. Turn on the App Store access via Cellular Data

Chances are that your App Store access can be switched off for cellular data.It has been observed that by default, users can access App Store only whenconnected to Wifi. This prevents them from accessing App Store by usingcellular data and causes the iOS 14/13 App Store not working problem.1. To fix this issue, go to Settings on your device and visit its “MobileData” section.2. Look for the “App Store” option.3. If it is off, turn it on by sliding the toggle option.4. Restart your phone and try to access the App Store again.

2. Check if your device is outdated?

After completing the iOS upgrade, the date and time of a device can be set ina wrong way. This leads to the iOS 14/13 cannot connect to App Store problemfor many users. Luckily, it has an easy fix. You can set the date and time onyour device as automatically to resolve the iOS 14/13 App Store cannot connectissue.1. Unlock your device and visit its Settings > General option.2. You can access the “Date and Time” feature under General Settings.3. Turn on the “Set Automatically” option and exit.4. Try accessing the app store again.

4. Force refresh the App Store

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest and quickest fixes for the iOS 14/13App Store not working issue. Even though App Store refreshes automatically,you can forcefully do the same and make it work. In this way, you would beable to reload the App Store forcefully and access any app of your choice. Tofix the iOS 14/13 App Store cannot connect issue, follow these steps:1. Launch App Store on your device and allow it to load.2. Even if it won’t be able to load, you can still access its basicinterface.3. On the bottom, you can see various options (like Featured, Top Charts,Search, and more) at the navigation bar.4. Tap on the App Store navigation bar ten consecutive times.5. This will force refresh the App Store. You can view it reloading again andaccess it afterward without any trouble.

7. Check if Apple’s server is down

Even though the chances of this are pretty bleak, it can happen that Apple’sserver for App Store might have some issue. Before you take any added measure(like resetting your device), it is recommended to visit Apple’s SystemStatus page. It provides a real-time status of all the major Apple servers andservices. If there is a problem related to App Store from Apple’s end, thenyou can diagnose it from this page.Check Apple system status: https://www.apple.com/uk/support/systemstatus/The Best Horoscope Apps for Android and iOSThe ancients believed that we could chart the position of the celestial bodiesin the sky to foretell our fortunes, romantic prospects, and careertrajectories. Although the jury is still out on that one, astrology andhoroscopes remain valuable tools for revealing insights about one’s self.These days, however, there’s no need to look your horoscope up in the backpages of your local newspaper. Instead, you can use any of these apps to readyour horoscope directly on your smartphone.


iHoroscope allows you access to daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes.The app also allows you to chat with a psychic, and if you ask questions,you’ll receive your answers in mere minutes. Apple Watch integration is justan added plus.Android iOS

Astrolis Horoscopes and Tarot

This app uses the position of the planets to provide your horoscope, givingyou quick insights into your future career and love life. You can alsopersonalize the app so that it gives you your horoscope immediately uponlaunching, which saves you from having to navigate to the appropriate screen.The app provides tarot readings, too, which you can then share via Facebook,Twitter, and email.Android iOSAre you looking for more apps? Check out our picks for the best apps forAndroid and the best apps for iPhone.

🤔 iOS vs Android development: which one to choose?

By the beginning of 2017, iOS and Android share an unbelievable piece of themobile market – 96%, leaving all other operating systems far behind.Nevertheless, you have to choose out of this 2 variants anyway.> Interesting fact: Instagram, first launched on iOS in 2010, became available> for Android users only 4 years later, in 2014.“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” as the Chinesephilosopher Lao said. Of course, it seems better to build an app for the bothplatforms at the same time, but there are also some reasons not to do so: * It can be expensive. You will require a different equipment and different developers, which will cost you a tidy sum of money. * It’s risky. You never know whether your users are going to like your app or not, so it’s better to test it in one of the markets at first.“Ok,” you may reply, “so which one should I choose?”. We hope, our Android vsiOS comparison is the best answer for this question! Let’s take a complex lookat the both platforms and find out their strong and weak points.

💰 Business aspects of iOS vs Android development: don’t miss your piece of

pie!What do you want your app to be like? You want it to be profitable andpopular, sure. And believe it or not, it also depends on the platform you havechosen. How? Let’s have a closer look!

1. Market share and number of users

5 years back, in 2012, Android with its 21.5% share of the world’s mobilemarket would seem a looser comparing to iOS 61%. Now, over just a half of adecade, the situation has dramatically changed. In 2017 Android owes 64% ofthe world’s mobile market, which is twice higher than iOS does (32%). Numbersspeak for themselves.Of course, you should also consider other demographical stats, but have 2potential users instead of 1, isn’t it great? So in the first round of Androidvs iOS development one point goes to Android.


It may seem obvious that Android has more app downloads than iOS. “What doesit say to me?” you may ask. Maybe Android vs iOS apps revenue comparison looksmore attractive for you, but the point is that Android apps raise more moneyfrom ads. More downloads mean more users. More users mean more profit fromads. It’s as simple as that!

👩‍💻 Who are average iOS users?

If your users… * mostly live in North America and Western Europe; * prefer creative or entrepreneurial professions; * tend to spend more money on the internet and in mobile apps; * pay more attention to apps from Business, Education and Lifestyle categories; * more inclined to make in-app purchases…… you should think about app development on iOS platform.

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