8 Best Android Backup Software for PC You Can t Miss

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8 Best Android Backup Software for PC You Can’t Miss

Data loss is unpredictable and there are many reasons that could lead to dataloss, like getting stolen/lost, system malfunctions, accidentally deletion,physical damage, etc. That’s why it is very important to back up files on yourAndroid phone. Though cloud service apps like Google Drive and Dropbox makesthe backup process seamless and consistent, backing up data from Android phonelocally to PC is considered the most reliable way to keep your essential datasafe. To carry out this task, all you need is an efficient Android backupsoftware for PC. So here in this post, we list the 8 best Android backupsoftware for PC. Read on and pick out your favorite tool and start to back upyour Android.Here are the 8 best Android backup software for PC:1. Coolmuster Android Backup Manager – Free to Back up Android to PC 2. Coolmuster Android Assistant – Android Backup Software for Windows/Mac 3. SyncDroid 4. MobileGo 5. MOBILedit 6. MoboRobo 7. Mobogenie 8. Mobisynapse

1. Coolmuster Android Backup Manager – Free to Back up Android to PC

Coolmuster Android Backup Manager is the best Android backup software for PCyou should have a try. It is a professional backup software that enables usersto back up and restore Android files effortlessly. The biggest advantage ofthis tool is that it aims to provide a simplistic and fast solution forAndroid Backup and restore, so you won’t see other unwanted features insidethis tool.Key features of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager:> Back up and restore Android files with 1 click. > It supports contacts, messages, call logs, photos, music, videos, documents> and apps. > You can use it to create multiple backup files and selectively restore the> backups and the file type you want. > It allows you to restore backups to any Android phone you want, and the> restored files remain original quality. > This Android backup software for PC is very simple to use and the> transferring process is smooth and fast.Pros:* It’s completely free to back up Android phone data to PC. * As a 100% read-only application, it is secure and trusted. * The backup and restore speed is fast, no data loss happens during the process. * It is very simple to use, both backup and restore can be completed only with 1 click. * The interface is simple and clean. * It has high compatibility, almost all the Android phones are supported.Cons:* It doesn’t allow you to add or edit Android files from PC.It works well on most Android phones including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola,Huawei, and more. So you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issue.Feel free to download the version you need and have a try.A quick guide to back up Android to PC using Coolmuster Android BackupManager:Tip: If you are using Mac, here is an article about How to Back Up Android toMac? [Top 4 Ways Offered].Step 1: Launch the best Android backup software for PC, and then connect yourAndroid to PC with a USB cable.Step 2: After your Android is detected by the software, click the Backupoption.Step 3: Select the items you want to back up, and then customize the locationon PC to store the backups, after doing so, click Back Up.Tip: Do you want an Android backup app to perform Android backup and restoredirectly on your Android phone? Check this article: Android Backup App | 13Best Backup Apps for Android.

2. Coolmuster Android Assistant – Android Backup Software for Windows/Mac

Coolmuster Android Assistant is another best Android backup software forWindows and Mac. It is a comprehensive Android manager for PC that integratesmany useful features. The built-in backup & restore feature allows you toeasily back up and restore Android to/from computer. It also allows you topreview and export files selectively from Android to computer. Moreover, thistool offers many useful options for you to better manage your Android filesfrom PC.Key features of Coolmuster Android Assistant:> Back up and restore Android call logs, contacts, messages, music, photos,> videos, apps, books. > Breezily transfer files between Android phone and your computer. > Add, edit, delete contacts on PC. > Import and export Outlook contacts. > Install and uninstall apps directly from computer. > Forward, copy and send text messages with your keyboard.Pros:* It allows you to back up files from Android selectively or all in one click. * It enables you to breezily preview and manage files on Android from PC. * Files like call logs, SMS, contacts can be exported to PC in readable formats. * You can send SMS from your computer with the help of this tool. * It comes with Windows and Mac versions.Cons:* The free trial version doesn’t contain all the features.Download Coolmuster Android Assistant from below:

Is it possible to backup data from Android broken screen?

When your Android screen gets break then it’s a physical damage that lots ofusers come across. But what happens in actually is the touch function stopsworking or in some rare case, screen works on one side.When phone gets break harshly then maximum chance is the screen becomesunresponsive, entire screen becomes black and whatever data stored on thedevice becomes inaccessible.Hence, the result is you might lose those data from internal memory or theybecome completely inaccessible.But the answer is YES, when Android phone screen gets break then there is achance to back up all your crucial stuffs from phone, so you should work on itfurther.

Method 1: How to backup Android data with slightly broken screen

If you are lucky enough then even after falling your phone from a height, itsscreen might still work on one side from where you can access little bit ofthe device. At that moment, you should follow the below steps:Step 1: First, go to “Settings” and then choose “Backup and Reset”Step 2: If you have still not setup a Google account then you should do itimmediately. Only you have to click on Backup Account to add a Google accountStep 3: If you already have setup Google account the simply move to “Backup mydata”Step 4: Here with Google’s Backup service, all your data such as contacts,photos, emails, docs, system settings, purchased apps and Chrome historyStep 5: In your new Android device, only you need to add Google account to itand after which it will ask you to restore all data from Google account

Method 2: Backup Android broken screen data with ADB commands

When you don’t get any idea on how to backup Android data with a broken screenthen you can use ADB command, a tool made by Android. But before going throughthis method, ensure you have enough computer knowledge.Step 1: You have to install ADB but it requires “enable USB debugging”. So youhave to boot your device into ClockworkMod Recovery. Only you have to holdthree buttons together, Power + Volume Up + Volume Down, depends on your phonemodel.Step 2: After doing this successfully, you have to check connection with ADBStep 3: Now you have type: adb devices in command promptStep 4: At last, enter the command to back up all data from phone: adb pull /data / media / clockworkmod / backup~ / Desktop / Android-up

Method 3: Copy Android files using PC

Whenever you think to backup Android data with a broken screen then don’tforget that PC is also one of the best options to backup all your crucialstuffs from phone. When you backup data to PC then its easy to restore themalso.There is no difficulty in going through this process. So just follow thesteps: * First, connect your broken Android phone to computer just to know whether its detected or not * When connected, simply go to “My Computer” and double click on folder name under Portable DeviceHere you will see all the data and multimedia files saved on your phone. Allyour pictures clicked will be on DCIM folder and now you can select the datayou want to backup and keep them in PC. Just right click on particular dataand click on Copy option.Then paste them on the PC folder and now all your important files are saved oncomputer from Android broken screen and stored as a backup.Though this method is easy and quick to backup data from broken screen butsorry to say that your text messages, contacts, notes will not be backed upneither you can recover them. Also, the problem occurs when your PC don’trecognize your smartphone.

Method 5: Backup Android data from broken screen using third party tool

Apart from the above few methods, you have another best option to back up allyour valuable data from phone and that is by using Android Backup & RestoreTool. Yes, this is one of the best and most recommended tool that easilybackup Android data with a broken screen effectively.Whatever data you have stored on phone such as contacts, photos, videos, sms,documents, music files, notes, and several others are easily backed up. Itsupports every Android phone working on any OS and best part is, you don’tneed any technical knowledge. Even with the use of this powerful tool, you caneasily restore the deleted data from phone when they are lost or wiped awaydue to several reasons.So without wasting any time, you only have to Download Android Backup &Restore Tool and backup Android phone with a broken screen.Note: It is recommended that you download and use the software on your Desktopor Laptop. Recovery of phone data on the phone itself is risky as you may endup losing all your precious information because of data overwriting.

Step by step guide to backup Android data from Broken screen

With Toolkit for Android – Data Backup & Restore, you can easily backup yourAndroid data. This tool has make it quite easier to back up your Android datato computer and even selectively restore backed up data to your Androiddevice. Let us have a look how one can easily backup and restore their Androidphone.

Part I: Back up your Android Phone

Step 1: Connect your Android device to computerAt first, there is a need to launch Toolkit for Android on your computer andthen select Phone BackupAfter the above step, connect your Android phone to the computer with the useof a USB cable. But it is quite important to make sure that you have enabledUSB debugging mode on your Android phone. If your Android OS version is above4.2.2, then remember that there will be a pop-up message display on yourphone. Now simply tap on OK so that you can allow USB debugging on yourdevice.Click Backup to start the backup Android phone data.If you have already used this tool to back up your device in the past, thenyou can simply view your past backup by clicking on ‘View backup history’.Step 2: Select file types to back upWhen your Android phone gets connected, then you have to select the file typesyou want to backup. Remember one thing that Toolkit for Android has checkedall the file types for you by default. After this, simply click on Backup sothat you can begin the backup process.It will take a few minutes to complete the backup process. So, please do notdisconnect your Android phone and also do not use the device or delete anydata on the phone when the backup process is in progress.After the backup process gets over, you can then click on View the backupbutton to see what is there in the backup file.

Part II: Restore Backup To Android Phone

Step 1: Connect your Android device to computerHere, you are required to launch Toolkit for Android on your computer and thenselect ‘Phone Backup. Now simply connect your Android phone to the computerwith the use of a USB cable.Step 2: Select the backup file you would like to restoreAfter clicking on Restore button, by default, the program will display thefiles from the latest backup on computer. Here you need to select backup fileyou need and then tap on View next to it.Step 3: Preview and Restore Backup file to Android PhoneYou can have a preview here of each file in the backup. From here, you cancheck the files you need and then simply click on ‘Restore”.The overall process will take few minutes to complete. So, please do notdisconnect your Android phone or do not open any Android phone managementsoftware during the process

What are the few other things to backup Android data with a broken screen?

* One of the easiest and best ways to restore data from Android broken screen is by connecting your device to PC and see whether its detecting or not. If its showing then use a professional Android Data Extraction software to recover data from Android phone with broken screen and follow the steps carefully to recover all your important stuffs from broken Android phone. * Another way that might work for you is by taking help from your friend. If your friend is using the same Android phone and is working good then you can try to change your phone’s motherboard on that particular device and can create a backup of all your valuable data. * For Samsung users, the data from broken screen can be retrieved by using an application “Find My Phone”. Access your Samsung account by simply visiting its official website and login to it. By doing this, you will be easily access your phone data and also retrieve every data from phone to PC by connecting your device.

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