8 Best Text Animation Maker on Windows and Mac for Marketers

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8 Best Text Animation Maker on Windows and Mac for Marketers

Feb 05, 2021• Proven solutionsAll across the globe, the marketers have chosen the animated videos as theirsignature tools to narrate the stories and create effective campaigns fortheir future. Do you wish to create a video with some text animation in it ormaybe just want to add some text effects to your project?Text animation is an interesting way for small businesses to promote companyand product and there are several text animation makers online available onboth Mac and Windows for marketers.You may select the right text animation maker as per your skills and purposesof your project or video. In this article, you will learn 8 best textanimation maker on Windows and Mac.

Part 2:Text Animation Maker on Mac

A great tool for producing 2D animation, OpenToonz is free software that canbe used for both amateur and professional production. It can also help inschool education. OpenToonz is loaded with several unique functions like aplug-in effect for image processing, scanning tools specializing in animationand more. The features of OpenToonz are- * Automatically change picture styles by applying the deep learning technology * Efficient number scanning according to in-between animation numbers * Compatible with Twain standards * Save the scan setting and reproduce the processes when some cuts are rescanned * Compatible with 4 types of scanning – black-and-white, colored, with or without binarization Undoubtedly, the fastest text animation maker, DigiCel FlipBook is the easiesttool to use on Mac. It is a great FlipBook maker wherein you may add paintingtools, drawings, camera tools for zoom, blur, rotate, etc. and export tools.The features of DigiCel FlipBook are- * Draw directly into FlipBook with graphics * Draw on paper and shoot your rough drawings * Scan final drawings with a high-quality image * Add soundtrack, lip sync, pan, zoom, rotate, blur, dissolve * Paint one frame at one go or altogether Creating content with Houdini is a treat in itself. Whether games, TV, orfilms, you may create any content you like. Best for the technical directorsand visual effect artists, this text animation maker features include- * Superior performance and physically realistic dynamic simulation tools * Fast content creation to reduce timelines * Enhanced flexibility for all your creativity * Tools for effects like lighting, animation or procedural modeling * Create white water effects by using forces like surface viscosity, tension, and visco-elasticity * Finite Element solver to stress on an object then bends or breaks * Fast cloth and hair with Vellum effect The Adobe Animate is designed to create interactive and animated content. Itis vector-based software that allows you to created 2D animations and has anextensive line of animation making since earlier days. The features of AdobeAnimate are- * Bring cartoons and banner ads to life * Add infographics to action and tutorial * Quickly publish to multiple platforms * Use illustration and animation tools available to create interactive web-based content * Design screen and interfaces * Vector brushes allow you to draw more expressive characters with pressure- and tilt * Create a simple frame by frame animation and make your characters blink, talk, and walk * Export your animations to multiple platforms like HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and custom platforms like SVG * 130+ desktop fonts and 800+ web fonts

10.Plastic Animation Paper (PAP 4.0)

> Link To: animationpaper.com/The Plastic Animation Paper is compatible with Windows OS. It is basically anIndie project that is driven by very passionate individuals. PAP 4.0 is aperfect reminder of traditional light cable animation. It is packed withlayers, onion skinning and light set up options. You also have a set of blueand red pens for the easy drafting of scenes and poses before animation. Ifyou are so in love with traditional animation, you can try the applicationlayout. This option is packed with cool features, all tailored to particularanimation types. For newbies with no clue on how and where to start theirjourney into the fun world of animation, PAP 4.0 provides you with an onlinetutorial and guide. Find all the tips and techniques on how to make the mostout of PAP 4.0.The Plastic Animation Paper is feature-packed and beginners might require alittle bit more time to fully understand how it actually works. If you finallydo, you will come to appreciate the power that comes with the numerous smallicons lined-up all around the workspace. It has inbuilt intuitive shortcutsthat make operations like zooming, rotating, toggling very simple. It also hasa pressure sensitive Wacom pen for all your pre-animation sketches. You alsohave the erase mode option and other tools to help you along as you explorethe details of animation.The general design of this free animation software for beginners makes itideal for learners and teachers too. About its loading time, this software isfairly lightweight and loads super fast. You do not have to worry about itoverworking your computer and racking havoc in the processor.Key features of Plastic Animation Paper (PAP 4.0) * It is lightweight and loads super-fast. * PAP 4.0 comes with intuitive shortcuts that make amination very simple and enjoyable. * Compatible with Windows OS * Has a pressure sensitive Wacom pen * Has an online tutorial for guidance and direction on how every element and feature of PAP 4.0 works.* * *

8. The Pencil 2D

> Link To: pencil2d.org/The Pencil 2D is a very powerful animation software. It comes with absolutelyno price tag, making it a beginner’s favorite. It has some very classicfeatures that make it suited for bitmap as well as vector animation. It has apencil, pen and brush features that give all your compositions a unique twistof color.Its general layout is minimalistic and intuitive making it simple and easy tounderstand, the perfect animator for newbies. It comes with a very friendlyuser interface that is rich in features. It has layers and also features akey-frame manipulation system for easy control and image handling duringanimation.It has the onion skinning feature, colors, workspace toolbar, and a pressuresensitivity feature. All these make your animation process simple and easy. Italso has an uncluttered Pencil 2D timeline for easy addition of extra frameson different layers. If you want to work quickly and minimize fuss whileanimating, the Pencil 2D has the option of changing frame rates.Key features of The Pencil 2D * It has a minimal design that is lightweight and easy to use * Supports easy switching between vector and raster workflow. This makes it easy to make sketches, paint, and ink anywhere anytime. * Supports Windows OS, Linux, and Mac OSX * It is a freeware that can even be used commercially.* * *

6. Toon Boom Animate Pro 3

> Link To: toonboom.com/The Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 comes with a classic user interface. This is anEmmy-award winning animation software that is good for both beginners andprofessional users. Its interface is packed with very powerful features thatmake the whole process of animation fun and easy. Newbies may require a littlemore time to acquaint themselves with the different features of Toon BoomAnimate Pro.It has a rich cut-out rigging feature that makes the Toon Boom Animation Pro 3good for frame-by-frame animation. It also comes with a pressure-sensitivepencil for all your animation sketches. In addition to that, this animationsoftware has other cools features like texture brushes, Bone Deform, onionskinning tool among others.The Bone Deform is a new feature that helps with improving movements whileanimating. It does this by deforming bones for your cut-out figures. Thissoftware also works very well on smartphones and tablets. It has features andtools that work just like vector applications, thus making it very easy tomanipulate lines and image figures. It has touch-sensitive shortcuts forzooming and canvas rotation while you work on your new animation project.It is worth noting that the Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 is a relativelyheavyweight animator that requires substantial CPU memory and RAM for itssmooth operation. Otherwise, it is a good software for both novice and prousers.Key features ofToon Boom Animate Pro 3 * The Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 comes with a tool preset toolbar for easy cut-out animation. * It has a pressure sensitive true pencil that lets you draw and manipulate lines with much ease. You also have the option of incorporating line texture effects for improved image quality. * It comes with a bone-style deform feature that makes movements for your animations appear more realistic. * It has touch-sensitive shortcuts for easy zooming and rotation operations. This works best for tablet and smartphone users.* * *

3. Aurora 3D Animation Maker

> Link To: softonic.com/The Aurora 3D Animation Maker is one of the best free animation software forbeginners. It works best for text animation, though it also comes withfeatures for image and video animation. Among other stunning features, theAurora 3D Animation Maker lets you add effects like fireworks, flames and evensnow to images, texts, and videos. Unlike most other free animation softwarefor beginners, this one lets you convert your animations to videos, GIF oreven flash formats.The Aurora 3D Animation tool is very easy to use. It lets you choose fromamong its many project templates to begin your animation project. You alsohave access to a library of 200+ pre-made 3D elements to make your projecteven better.Key features of Aurora 3D Animation Maker * Supports key-frame animation * Supports 3000+ symbols and SVG importation * It is compatible with iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere, Photoshop, etc. * It supports professional project templates * It supports additional TrueType fonts* * *

4 Best Free 2D Animation Softwares and Cartoon Creator

April 7, 2015 by Chiranshu Monga Leave a CommentCreating 2D animation or cartoon with the softwares is not a difficult taskbut for this you should know about the basics of the software to use it andthen you can easily make best 2D animations with your own designing talent.Now the question arrives which are the best free 2D animation softwares tocreate some awesome animations.In this post I have shared some best 2d cartoon animation software which iseasy to use and are free of cost.

4 Free 2d Animation Softwares and Cartoon Animation Softwares

Pencil – A traditional 2d animation software download

Firstly I prefer to use 2d pencil animation software because it is totallyfree and easy to use. Both vector and bitmap graphics are featured in thissoftware. * Import background from image or draw background * Draw each frame manually * Add sound to your animation * Copy-Paste new frame with previous image. * Easy to export any project in .FLV formatPencil animation software is an open source, portable and cross-platform(available for MAC, Linux and other OS) software.Download Pencil

Synfig Studio – very advanced 2d animation creator

Synfig Studio animation software is basically knows as “SINFG”. This is anadvance tool for creating cartoons and 2d animations. This is an open sourceof 2D vector and timeline base animation software.It Supports filters, distortions, fractal, transformations, gradients & manymore large number of layers and various type of layers.…and totally suitable with vector imagesSynfig Studio is open source and cross-platform (available for Linux Os andMac) software.Download Synfig Studio

Tupi 2d animation software

Tupi a user friendly tool which is provided at free of cost. Tupi 2d magicanimation software provide some extra features to you for creating best 2Danimation.Tupi is the best new animation software for mac and have some similar featureslike pencil and it have some more extra features like :- * Easy to export animation project in any format Like AVI, MPEG, MOV etc. * Easy to Import SVG file into the animation * Easy to tween objects, you don’t have to draw manually. * Works fine with vectorTupi is only available for LinuxDownload Tupi

Scratch 2d animation software

Scratch have easy drag drop interface and with scratch you can create games,stories and animations. With scratch animation software it is easy to createimages and choose animation effects when mouse cursor hovers.…with the help of this software you can easily share your animations directlyto the web.Scratch is open source software that runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows.Download ScratchSo, guys these are the best free 2d animation softwares. Let us know whichsoftware is helpful for you. If you know any other best animation softwarethen share it with us via comment we will feature that software in this post.

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