8 Blender FREE professional 3D software

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2. Adobe Character Animator

Character Animator uses your expressions and movements to animate charactersin real time. It’s so fast, you can livestream while you work, to wowaudiences every step of the way. Turn any art into an animated character withyour webcam, powered by Adobe Sensei AI. Import art from Illustrator andPhotoshop, or start with built-in character templates. Control gestures likewaving with your keyboard or MIDI device. Movements can be saved as buttons,so they’re easier to remember than key commands. Also, check Adobe 2dAnimation Software

3. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate Design interactive animations for games, TV shows, and the web.Bring cartoons and banner ads to life. Create animated doodles and avatars.And add action to eLearning content and infographics. With Animate, you canquickly publish to multiple platforms in just about any format, and reachviewers on any screen. Reach your audience on desktop, mobile, and TV byexporting your animations to multiple platforms, including HTML5 Canvas,WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR, and custom platforms like SVG. You can include coderight inside your projects and even add actions without having to code.

6. Autodesk 2D Drawing and Drafting

2D drafting and drawing is the process of creating and editing technicaldrawings, as well as annotating designs. Drafters use computer-aided design(CAD) software to develop floor plans, building permit drawings, buildinginspection plans, and landscaping layouts.CAD software for 2D drafting can be used to draft designs more quickly andwith greater precision, without using stencils and technical drawinginstruments. 2D CAD software also allows users to document and annotatedrawings with text, dimensions, leaders, and tables.

14. Pencil 2D

Pencil2D uses a bitmap/vector drawing interface to produce simple 2D graphicsas well as animation. Pencil is written in C++ and is Qt-based, as well aslicensed under the GNU General Public License.

Designed for 2D and 3D CAD.

AutoCAD software designed for 2D and 3D CAD for anything and now with time-saving specialised toolsets, web and mobile apps or get the LT for thePrecision 2D drafting & documentation software which includes AutoCAD web andmobile apps.| AutoCAD | AutoCAD LT —|—|— | | | Design every detail with 2D and 3D CAD software. Now includes access toindustry-specific toolsets and improved workflows across desktop, web andmobile. | Create 2D drawings faster and with more precision. Enjoy improvedworkflows across desktop, web and mobile.

Interactive 3D and walkthroughs

Domus.Cad offers true interactive design capabilities. You can keep the 3Dwindow open while you design in plan and watch the model change in real timeas you draw. Domus.Cad also allows you to simulate different lightingconditions and do walkthroughs in real time, a definite plus for helping theclient understand 3D architectural space. You can directly edit the 3D modelelements in the 3D Window.

2D and 3D tools and parameters

Drawings can be rendered using fills and materials. Fills can be applied toboth 2D and 3D elements. Fill tiles can also be used, allowing you to createyour own fills. Each element may also be assigned a material containing colorand reflective properties. Expandable libraries offer the ability to addadditional interest.

3D modeling

Modeling features allow you to extrude and rotate 3D forms from any drawnpolygon, along a line, a 3D path or around any axes, making it easy to modelfurniture, building cornices, structural elements and any unusualarchitectural form.2D elements like segments and polygons can be quickly and easy transformed incomplex 3D object (ex. a 2D complex liberty drawing of a gate can betransformed in a 3D gate object).

The best professional 3D modeling software tool: criteria

Due to how wide the gaps in price between some of these tools, our 10 choicesare not in any kind of rank order. They were picked based on the followingcriteria: * Software feature depth: to be considered a top professional software you need a wide suite of tools to accomplish even the most technical needs. * Versatility: not only how versatile the 3D modeling software tool is, but how easy it is to work with other programs or file types. For example, can the tool create STL files for 3D printing in a 3D slicer. * Learning curve: even though you need a set of high-quality tools for professional 3D software, it doesn’t need to be unnecessarily difficult to learn.

8 – Blender – FREE professional 3D software

* Price: Free. * Company based: The Netherlands. * Accessibility: Download.Blender is an incredible tool; perfect for a wide variety of uses – anddespite being free, is still a fantastic professional 3D software tool.Though it’s definitely good enough to warrant a fee, Blender stays true to itsopensource roots, allowing users to create and modify anything they’d like to,exercising unlimited creativity. STL files can be created with ease, and ifyou’re struggling with the learning curve, there are an abundance ofinformative YouTube tutorials that will definitely help.As fans of the opensource movement, 3DSourced highly recommend Blender. It notonly has uses in 3D design for 3D printing, but also in film VFX, video gamedesign, and more. Overall, it’s a fantastic, free, and versatile professional3D software option.For a free tool, Blender is a fantastic professional 3D software choice.

ARCON 3D Architect Professional Software

2D to 3D Visualisation Software for Architects & Building ProfessionalsCAD applicationA powerful and extensive CAD package for all aspects of building design, ourArcon Visual Architect Edition is the most flexible design package we provide.The Architect Edition has been created following extensive research with ourexperienced users and architects to ensure that it easily fulfils the mostdemanding set of requirements.Complex customisation options, huge scope for complex multi-level buildingsand large scale developments means that this is the only CAD solution you willrequire.Fully scoped to allow for large scale projects as well as simple domesticdesigns, our Architect Edition building design software is ideal for quicklycreating designs to meet your clients brief. Additionally, the inclusion ofautomatically generated elevations and 3D models enables you to quickly meetthe requirements of the most demanding of clients.The speed and simplicity of making changes to plans means that as requirementsevolve, you can evolve plans to meet them, resulting in satisfaction for yourcustomers.• Powerful and quick to learn building design tools to suit your requirements • Compliments any existing CAD software or use standalone • Ideal introduction to CAD for first time users • AutoCAD® compatibility • Produce professional plans, elevations and cross sections. Amend plansquickly and easily • Generate 3D models in a single click • Examine exteriors and interiors using the 3D walk through feature • Produce exceptional quality 3D visualisations with ambient shadows, real-time shadows/reflections and Photoshop® Plug-ins • 3D Rendering service availableContact Eleco Software LtdWeb: www.3darchitect.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)1252 339132 Sales contact:tim.bates@eleco.comARCON Architectural visualisations / information from Eleco

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