Add a Managed Google Play store app directly in the Intune console

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Managed Google Play app types

There are three types of apps that are available with Managed Google Play: * Managed Google Play store app – Public apps that are generally available in the Play Store. Manage these apps in Intune by browsing for the apps you want to manage, approving them, and then synchronizing them into Intune. * Managed Google Play private app – These are LOB apps published to Managed Google Play by Intune admins. These apps are private and are available only to your Intune tenant. This is how LOB apps are managed and deployed with Managed Google Play and Android Enterprise. * Managed Google Play web link – Web links with IT admin-defined icons that are deployable to Android Enterprise devices. These appear on devices in the device’s app list just like regular apps.

Managed Google Play store apps

There are two ways to browse and approve Managed Google Play store apps withIntune: 1. Directly in the Intune console – browse and approve store apps in a view hosted within Intune. This opens directly in the Intune console and does not require you to reauthenticate with a different account. 2. In Managed Google Play console – you can optionally open the Managed Google Play console directly and approve apps there. See Sync a Managed Google Play app with Intune for more information. This requires a separate login using the account you used to connect your Intune tenant to Managed Google Play.

Add a Managed Google Play store app directly in the Intune console

1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. 2. Select Apps > All apps > Add. 3. In the Select app type pane, under the available Store app types, select Managed Google Play app. 4. Click Select. The Managed Google Play app store is displayed. 5. Select an app to view the app details. 6. On the page that displays the app, click Approve. A window for the app opens asking you to give permissions for the app to perform various operations. 7. Select Approve to accept the app permissions and continue. 8. Select Keep approved when app requests new permissions in the Approval Settings tab and then click Done.ImportantIf you do not choose this option, you will need to manually approve any newpermissions if the app developer publishes an update. This will causeinstallations and updates of the app to stop until permissions are approved.For this reason, it is recommended to select the option to automaticallyapprove new permissions. 9. Click Select to select the app. 10. Click Sync at the top of the blade to sync the app with the Managed Google Play service. 11. Click Refresh to update the app list and display the newly added app.

Add a Managed Google Play store app in the Managed Google Play console

(Alternative)If you prefer to synchronize a Managed Google Play app with Intune rather thanadding it directly using Intune, use the following steps.ImportantThe information provided below is an alternative method to adding a ManagedGoogle Play app using Intune as described above. 1. Go to the Managed Google Play store. Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android Enterprise. 2. Search the store and select the app you want to assign by using Intune. 3. On the page that displays the app, click Approve. In the following example, the Microsoft Excel app has been chosen.A window for the app opens asking you to give permissions for the app toperform various operations. 4. Select Approve to accept the app permissions and continue. 5. Select an option for handling new app permission requests, and then select Save.The app is approved, and it is displayed in your IT admin console. Next, youcan Sync a Managed Google Play app with Intune.

Sync a Managed Google Play app with Intune

If you have approved an app from the store and don’t see it in the Appsworkload, force an immediate sync as follows: 1. Sign in to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. 2. Select Tenant administration > Connectors and tokens > Managed Google Play. 3. In the Managed Google Play pane, choose Sync. The page updates the time and status of the last sync. 4. In the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center select Apps > All apps. The newly available Managed Google Play app is displayed.

Assign a Managed Google Play app to Android Enterprise personally-owned and

corporate-owned work profile devicesWhen the app is displayed in the App licenses node of the Apps workload pane,you can assign it just as you would assign any other app by assigning the appto groups of users.After you assign the app, it is installed (or available for install) on thedevices of the users that you’ve targeted. The user of the device is not askedto approve the installation. For more information about Android Enterprisepersonally-owned work profile devices, see Set up enrollment of AndroidEnterprise personally-owned work profile devices.NoteOnly apps that have been assigned will show up in the Managed Google Playstore for an end user. As such, this is a key step for the admin to take whensetting up apps with Managed Google Play.

Assign a Managed Google Play app to Android Enterprise fully managed

devicesAndroid Enterprise fully managed devices are corporate-owned devicesassociated with a single user and used exclusively for work and not personaluse. Users on fully managed devices can get their available company apps fromthe managed Google Play app on their device.By default, an Android Enterprise fully managed device will not allowemployees to install any apps that are not approved by the organization. Also,employees will not be able to remove any installed apps against policy. If youwish to allow users to access the full Google Play store to install appsrather than only having access to the approved apps in Managed Google Playstore, you can set the Allow access to all apps in Google Play store to Allow.With this setting, the user can access all the apps in the Google Play storeusing their corporate account, however purchases may limited. You can removethe limited purchases restriction by allowing users to add new accounts to thedevice. Doing so will enable end users to have the ability to purchase appsfrom the Google Play store using personal accounts, as well as conduct in-apppurchases. For more information, see Android Enterprise device settings toallow or restrict features using Intune.NoteThe Microsoft Intune app, the Microsoft Authenticator app, and the CompanyPortal app will be installed as required apps onto all fully managed devicesduring onboarding. Having these apps automatically installed providesConditional Access support, and Microsoft Intune app users can see and resolvecompliance issues.

Manage Android Enterprise app permissions

Android Enterprise requires you to approve apps in the managed Google Play webconsole before you sync them with Intune and assign them to your users.Because Android Enterprise allows you to silently and automatically push theapps to users’ devices, you must accept the app permissions on behalf of allyour users. Users don’t see any app permissions when they install the apps, soit’s important that you understand the permissions.When an app developer updates permissions with a new version of the app, thepermissions are not automatically accepted even if you approved the previouspermissions. Devices that run the previous version of the app can still useit. However, the app is not upgraded until the new permissions are approved.Devices without the app installed do not install the app until you approve theapp’s new permissions.

Additional Managed Google Play app reporting for Android Enterprise

personally-owned work profile devicesFor Managed Google Play apps deployed to Android Enterprise personally-ownedwork profile devices, you can view the status and version number of the appinstalled on a device using Intune.

Delete Managed Google Play apps

When necessary, you can delete managed Google Play apps from Microsoft Intune.To delete a managed Google Play app, open Microsoft Intune in the Azure portaland select Apps > All apps. From the app list, select the ellipses (…) tothe right of the managed Google Play app, then select Delete from thedisplayed list. When you delete a managed Google Play app from the app list,the managed Google Play app is automatically unapproved.NoteIf an app is unapproved or deleted from the managed Google Play store, it willnot be removed from the Intune client apps list. This allows you to stilltarget an uninstall policy to users even if the app is unapproved.To turn off Android Enterprise enrollment and management, see Disconnect yourAndroid Enterprise administrative account.

Android Enterprise system apps

You can enable an Android Enterprise system app for Android Enterprisededicated devices or fully managed devices. For more information about addingan Android Enterprise system app, see Add Android Enterprise system apps toMicrosoft Intune.

Installing apps from the Google Play Store

1. Launch BlueStacks and go to the My Games.2. Click on the icon for the Google Play Store.3. The Google Play Store will now open up.4. Here, type the name of the app you want in the search bar and click oninstall when you find it in the search results. Let’s take the app Facebook asan example.The app will now install on BlueStacks. You can access it from the My gamestab.* * *

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