Advantages of Agile Methodology

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3. Appoint a project manager

Agile project management is slightly different from traditional projectmanagement. Traditional projects follow a hierarchy where the team follows theroles and responsibilities assigned by the manager. However, Agile involvesactive participation of all team members in decision making andimplementation, while the manager acts more like a facilitator of the project.Appoint a manager who understands the nature of Agile well and would help theteam get through the project successfully.

Leverage agile at the corporate level

“Executive roles could also benefit from working in Agile teams,” Morales andVan de Wetering said, “By working agile, managers and leaders can learn fromother disciples and people by working on cross-functional teams; get to knowtheir customers first-hand by participating in customer sessions, and learnabout common challenges the organisation is facing and the way to overcomethem.”According to the consultant, tactical management tasks can also be enriched byan Agile approach. Senior executives should pay close attention to a business’most critical issues and try to eliminate the less value-adding activitiessuch as unnecessary reports. By coming together as an Agile team andprioritising management activities, they can accelerate their decision-makingprocess with stand-up meetings that consider the deliveries of the other scrumteams. “In this way, their activities can become clearer to the rest of theorganisation, as executives can share their progress on common boards visibleto everybody,” she said.

Questions for Your Agile Project Manager CV

1. How do you format an agile project manager CV?You can find a variety of CV designs that can work well to showcase yourqualifications. When selecting your design, keep in mind your goals ofprofessionalism and clarity. Our agile project manager CV sample uses asimple, streamlined design with elements such as lines and headers thatfacilitate visual flow from one section to another. Some applicants think using a creative font or flashy design elements willhelp their CV stand out. Unless you have done your research and have certainknowledge that this particular employer appreciates creative flourishes, letthe contents of your CV do the talking and keep your design unobtrusive.2. How do you describe achievements on your agile project manager CV?Professional accomplishments tell employers you get results. Includingspecific achievements can bolster your CV greatly. Most accomplishments youlist should have relevance to your career as an agile project manager.However, if you achieved particularly spectacular results in your hobby orduring your studies, you may mention that in the applicable section. If youchoose to include outside achievements, select those most people wouldrecognize as impressive. To give the reader an accurate idea of your achievement, provide specifics. Inaddition to stating you received a certain award, include some context such asoutstanding metrics.3. How should you structure your agile project manager CV?Begin your CV with a header that includes your name and contact information.Then continue with your professional summary, which introduces you andpresents the main reasons why you are a great candidate. Your next sectionshould feature a concise list of major skills, most of which should referencecomponents of the agile methodology. Your work experience section should listyour positions in reverse chronological order, as well as employers, dates ofemployment, and major responsibilities and accomplishments. Your last twosections contain information on your education and your hobbies. Not sure how to organize your information into these sections? Our agileproject manager CV sample shows one effective way of doing so. For more help,check out our step-by-step resume builder.4. How do you list schools in an agile project manager CV?Since you are at the point in your career where you have advanced to amanagement position, employers tend to see your experience as more importantthan your studies. This means you do not need to include a high amount ofdetail on your educational career. Generally, you should give your collegedegree, field of study, granting institution, and graduation year. As mostemployers require a bachelor’s or associate degree, include yours even ifobtained in a different field. On the other hand, omit further degrees orcertifications that do not pertain to your current career path.5. How do you list certifications on your agile project manager CV?If you have one or two certifications, include them in your education section.Multiple certifications can form a section of their own. Only mentioncertifications with relevance to your job. For example, the applicant in ouragile project manager CV sample lists a certification as a Scrum Master, whichenhances his performance as a project manager.

What Does an Agile Project Manager Do?

An agile project manager is tasked with the core responsibilities that anyproject manager must take on: overseeing progress, managing a budget, coachingteam members, and solving problems. The agile methodology guides completion ofthese tasks by emphasizing the interactivity and incremental nature ofmanaging such projects.As an agile project manager, therefore, you can expect to engage in exercisessuch as sprint planning, collaboration development, scrum stage completion,and project planning. Each of these contributes to the ultimate function ofthe position: to facilitate collaboration, encourage mindful work exercisesamong team members, complete tasks efficiently and completely, and workintuitively. In achieving these goals, the agile project manager hassuccessfully implemented agile methodologies in the project context. You candisplay your knowledge of these principles by consulting our agile projectmanager CV example and writing your CV in the same style.

Tips for Creating a Great Agile Project Manager CV

Your CV is an important part of the hiring process, and it is your firstopportunity to demonstrate just how qualified you are for the position youwant. When it comes to creating a great agile project manager CV, these tipsshould help: – Do mention familiarity with other management approaches, but focus primarilyon your application of agile methodologies. – Don’t be overly general when you are talking about prior experience withagile practices, as this can distract from your qualifications. – Do make it clear that your expertise has been successful in the past byciting specific instances of project success you have achieved. – Don’t neglect to highlight the importance of agile concepts in your work byoveremphasizing your project management skills.Agile vs Waterfall: Which methodology to use in your project?Agile vs. Waterfall is a long debate that has been going on in the globalmarket for quite some time now. Many marketers and agile enthusiasts arguethat the waterfall is dead. However, many traditional organizations claim touse it till the day. In fact, almost 51% of the organizations have found to beusing waterfall methodology, either often or always in software development.Whatever the scenario may be, the reality is that every software developmentproject has its needs and requirements, and that could be fulfilled with aspecific development approach. Today, we will be talking about agile vs.waterfall methodology and their pros and cons to help you choose the perfectdevelopment approach.Let’s get started!

The Waterfall Methodology

As the name suggests, the waterfall development methodology is a steppedapproach that includes all the vital processes needed for successful softwaredevelopment. It consists of a prescribed set of activities like informationgathering, designing, development, and testing required for successful productdevelopment.One cannot move to the next step unless the stakeholder approves the previouswork. Waterfall methodology is quite popular and beneficial for industrieswith sequential processes like the manufacturing, or supply chain industry.Here’s a peek into how the waterfall development methodology works.

3. Development Phase

The development of the product is the third and most crucial step in thewaterfall methodology. As suggested by the stakeholder, the development teamuses a particular language and technology platform to build the application.If any changes come, the project manager must move a step backward to reworkon the design as per the customer’s suggestions.

Advantages of Waterfall Methodology

Let us now discuss the advantages of the waterfall development methodology tounderstand why, even today, many companies are using the waterfall for theirproduct development.

Disadvantages of Waterfall Methodology

As every coin has two sides, so does the software development approach. Afterdiscussing the pros of waterfall methodology, let us now discuss why today’sglobal sector is moving away from the waterfall.

The Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is one of the best development approaches where therequirement and customizations evolve through iterations. The complete projectis divided into sprints that make it easy to incorporate changes during anydevelopment phase. Maybe, that’s the reason agile methodology is widelyaccepted today!Here’s a look at the working procedure of the agile methodology.

3. Development

During the development phase, the sprint is created based on the design andrequirements finalized by the stakeholder and project manager. Once the sprintor the initial product is created, it is sent for the testing.

Advantages of Agile Methodology

So that was how the agile methodology works during the software developmentlife cycle. Let us now look at some of the advantages of making agile the mostpopular method for the software development process in the global world.

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