Android Developer Salary in India Based on Location

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Average Android developer salary in the US

An Android developer specializes in developing mobile applications for theAndroid platform. Basically, the job revolves around designing and buildingadvanced apps and working closely with product development teams. This is donein order to define and develop specific features, troubleshoot, fix bugs, andwork with outside data sources and APIs.The specific tasks depend mostly on the level of experience, knowledge, andskills. These factors also affect the average Android developer salary.Currency: USD | Updated: 23 Apr 2019 | Individuals Reporting: 1,166According to PayScale, the average salary in the US is $81,948 per year (atthe time of the publication). The median hourly rate, on the other hand,equals $30.61.Currency: USD | Updated: 17 Apr 2019 | Individuals Reporting: 1,127Interestingly, the Android developer salary presented by Glassdoor is visiblyhigher: $97,445 per year.Currency: USD | Updated: 26 Apr 2019 | Individual data sources: 7,224Still, the highest salaries are reported by, with $126,851 per yearon average.Currency: USD | Updated: 22 Apr 2019 | Individual data sources: –As stated by ZipRecruiter, though, the average annual pay for an Androiddeveloper in the United States stands at $108,763.As can be seen, the average Android developer salary varies. The differencesstem from a number of factors, such as experience, location, core skills, andadditional skills.

Android developer salary in NYC, SF, and Boston

Apart from experience, location is also an important factor that influencesAndroid app developer salaries in the US. According to PayScale, Androiddevelopers in San Francisco are offered much higher salaries (they earn 45%more than the national average) than those living elsewhere. Boston andSeattle come second and third, with 8% and 9% respectively. Surprisingly, anAndroid app developer salary in NYC is much lower.By contrast, states that Android developer salary is as follows inthe following geographical locations: * The average Android app developer salary in SF amounts to $132,651 a year, * In Boston, Android developers earn $140,208 per year, * An Android developer salary in NYC, however, is $133,308/year on average.

iOS developer vs Android developer salary

Which platform requires higher compensation, then? It might be difficult tosay since the salaries vary. For example: * As reported by PayScale, the average iOS developer salary is $82,472, as opposed to $81,948 for Android developers, *, however, reports that an iOS developer earn $125,064 on average, whereas Android developers make $126,851 per year, * According to ZipRecruiter, though, the annual pay for iOS developers is $110,951 – contrary to the pay for Android developers, which amounts to $108,763, * Still, the difference between iOS developer vs Android developer salary is much more visible on Glassdoor – $106,557 and $97,445, respectively.When comparing average iOS developer vs Android developer salaries, it’s alsoworth taking into account that there are thousands of companies that makedevices for Android – and many of them offer much lower prices than Appledoes. This is one of the main reasons why Android apps are more popular, andwhy they are being developed more frequently.At the same time, iOS users spent twice as much on apps overall as Androidusers. This ensures that there is a healthy market for iOS developers.

Android Developer Salary in India

You may have done wonderfully well on your engineering examination, or you mayhave gathered experience in the field, but what is the salary that you canget? It would make you happy to know that a few factors will impact the salaryyou can ask for from a prospective company. In this blog post, we areproviding insights into the typical Android Developer salary in India. But,before we do that let us look at the rise in demand for these techspecialists.

The Median Salary for an Android Developer in India

The demand for Android Developer is high but companies require individuals tohave the correct skill sets. Additionally, the better the experience, thehigher is the salary. The median salary, according to Payscale, isapproximately Rs 4,00,000 per year, inclusive of bonuses and profit-sharing.SourceLet us look at the breakup of the salaryAs the chart below shows, the basic salary can range from Rs. 1,51,000 to Rs.9,41,000 per year. Starting bonus and profit-sharing are at Rs. 1,000 and Rs.12,000, respectively. The vast difference is based on many factors which arediscussed below.Source

Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Location

Though Covid-19 may reduce the impact of location on salaries in the future,currently, location plays a crucial factor in determining Android developersalary in India. The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore offers the highestsalaries, with Android Developers in the city earning approximately 35% morethan their counterparts in other cities. The comparison is done against thenational average. Hyderabad, the other city competing for the Silicon Valleytitle, offers salaries that are 2% less than the national average.Source

Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Experience

The more experience you have the higher your pay package will be. So, if youare a beginner and have only recently entered the industry, you will have tomoderate your hopes accordingly. So, let us break down android developersalary in India, depending on how many years of experience you have in yourbag –Let’s see how an android developer salary in India varies based on experience.

Entry-Level Android Developer Salary in India

The average entry-level android developer’s salary in India is ₹204,622.

Experienced Android Developer Salary in India

The average experienced android developer’s salary in India is ₹1,316,973A fresher can easily earn a starting salary of Rs. 1,90,000 per annum, whichis a great package to start a career in the field. As the Andriod Developerbuilds on his or her experience, the salary package increases exponentially.Gain a minimum experience of 3-4 years, a person can increase their salary toRs. 3,54,000 per annum. An Android Engineer with an experience of 5-9 yearscan hope to get approximately Rs. 8,19,516 per year. When they reach seniormanagement positions, an Android Developer can easily demand a salary of Rs,10,00,000.Source

Android Developer Salary in India: Based on Skills

Let’s discuss how android developer salary in India increases with skillset.As we mentioned earlier, you have to possess an impressive set of skills toacquire the best-paid jobs in the highly competitive market for androiddevelopers. Some skills get you a higher paycheque. So, try to invest in theseskills.Source

Android Developer Salary in Other Countries

Android developers salary in The US is $113,900SourceAndroid developers salary in The UK is £35,554.Source

How Android Developer Salary in India changes with experience?

Entry-level Android Developer earns around Rs. 204,622 per annum. When he goesto mid-level, the average Android Developer salary is Rs.820,884. per annum.Senior Android Developers earns more than Rs.1,316,973 per annum.

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