Android Multi Tools Features v1 02b

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Features of Android Multi Tools FRP Unlock

There are some important features that are available in the photo form as wellas I further explain each feature. These main functionalities you will seewhile launch this tool, make sure you can do the activity after connectingyour Android device.

Hard reset

The name shows that you can hard reset your Android phone within a fewseconds.

Download Android Multi Tool

By pressing the button given below, you can download Android Multi Tool v1.02bon your PC.Dont miss – MSM Download Tool 2020 Latest Version

Uses of Android Multi Tool 2020

Given below are some of the highlighted uses of Android Multi Tool v1.02b. Itis recommended to have a look at them before you download or use the tool sothat you know what it has got to offer you. 1. With the Android Multi Tool v1.02b, you can reset the password or pattern or gesture lock of your device. 2. The tool gives you the ability to reset even a forgotten Gmail ID. 3. You can launch the Command Prompt 4. You can know the hardware and software info with the help of this tool. 5. With this tool, you can check the status of your device in the Fastboot mode or wipe the cache or data in the fastboot mode. You can also exit the fastboot mode in a single click. 6. You can check the device status. 7. Your device can be rebooted in just one click. 8. All the data of your device can be wiped out by one single click.> Also Read: Download Mi Account Unlock Tool and Download MI Flash Tool

How to Check device info using Android Multi tools?

By pressing 1, you can check the status of your device through which you canknow all the basic info regarding your device. This includes a Device ID,IMEI, and similar other things.

Reset Password or Pin Lock Using Android Multi tools

By pressing 2, you can reset a password or Pin Lock. You can follow theinstructions after pressing two and remove the pin or password of your device.And I am sure, the main motive you all are here is this great feature.

Reset Google ID with Android Multi tool software

When you press 4, you can reset the Google ID that is linked with your device.

Reboot your device with Android multitool

When you press 5, all the data on your device will be wiped out. By pressingthe option 6, you can reboot your device.

Android Multi Tools Features: (v1.02b)

The Android Multi Tool version 1.02b has a lot of amazing features for Androidusers: * It lets you effortlessly erase data on your Android device * It lets you reset face lock, PIN or Password on any Android device * It can show you your device’s Software and Hardware details and other relevant information regarding them * By using the Android Multi Tools, you can easily install appropriate device drivers * You can also bypass your Android Phone’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock * It also lets you perform the One-Click reset option * You can reset your device using the Android Multi Tools * It enables you to check your device in Fastboot mode * It also enables you to wipe data or cache memory while your device is in Fastboot mode * It lets you exit from the Fastboot mode * You can open the Command prompt by using this software * It also allows you to upgrade or downgrade the stock firmware on your Android mobile phone

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b:

Multi-Tools v1.02b Android | Download

What are Android Multi Tools?

The main aim of Android Multi Tools is to remove the Pattern or Pin Lock ofAndroid device which you forgot. With the help of this tool, you can unlockyour Pattern or Pin. This tool is very helpful to remove the pattern lock.Apart from this, there are many other uses of Android Multi Tools. There arelots of features and advantages of using Android Multi Tools v1.02b.

Things You Require to Download Android Multi Tools

If you want to use Android Multi Tools then you need a few things. Below wehave listed the requirements to Download Android Multi Tools. * You need to have a Windows Computer with Windows 2007, Windows 2008 or 10, Windows XP. * The internet connection should be good to download the Android Multi Tools for Computer. * To do this procedure, you will need one Computer. * Connect the phone via USB cable to a computer * With the help of Computer, try to unlock the device which is locked.

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